How Much is the Senior Discount at Golden Corral?


Buffet restaurants can be a lifesaver if you don’t feel like cooking. They’re often pretty cheap, so they’re a great way to save money, too.

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Golden Corral buffet restaurant doesn’t disappoint — you’ll find a great bargain through its Golden Corral senior discount. 

Golden Corrals’ Senior Discount Explained

Golden Corral doesn’t have a standard senior discount policy across all of its restaurants since it’s such a huge franchise. But that does mean that each location is a little different for the franchises that do offer it. You must be 55 or older to get a discount at Golden Corral. Some locations might take you at your word and others will require you to show identification. 

Call ahead to find out for sure. The standard senior discount policy is 10% off. That means any dinners or entrees you purchase will be discounted by that amount — but each location varies.

If your nearest Golden Corral doesn’t offer any kind of discount, there are other perks that might interest you. Golden Corral’s website is in the process of being redesigned so you can read it more clearly if you have impaired vision. 

Many Golden Corrals are easily accessible and disability-friendly. 

3 Quick Tips for Saving More Money at Golden Corral

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If you’re still on the hunt for new ways to save money if you can't use your senior discount, try these ideas. 

Early bird dinner and brunch 

Do you want to go out on a weeknight? Or take in a leisurely weekend brunch? Early-bird prices are a great deal at Golden Corral no matter when you go. Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., an entire buffet-style meal costs $7.59, including drinks.

If you’re not legally a senior, you might miss out on this one! Golden Corral’s early bird policy is reserved for people 60 years old and older. 

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Take advantage of your birthday 

Your birthday might be one of the happiest days of the year. It’s a great chance for friends and family members to get together — and what better place to celebrate than Golden Corral? Buffets are a perfect way to hold inexpensive celebrations. 

The best way to save money is to let Golden Corral know it’s your birthday. Golden Corral offers free meals and special treats to birthday members. The franchise isn’t terribly picky about the date, just in case you want to go out a few days before or after your birthday. As long as you go within a week, you get a free meal.

Join the Good as Gold Club

Club savings are often recommended in retirement magazines. You can get exclusive offers, birthday fun, and keep up on all the latest news. Want to know when a hot new entree hits your local Golden Corral? You’ll be the first to know! 

First, you’ll need to sign up. You can do it online, provide all your information and choose the demographic you fit into. Provide your name, email, and address. You’ll also need to pick your favorite Golden Corral location. This way, Golden Corral can target emails specifically to you.

You can pick between seniors, families with children, military, and more. You’ll be sure to get birthday savings and exclusive offers.

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Aging Gracefully

You might not want to get the senior discount because you don’t want anyone to think you’re “old.” Why not think of aging as something you look forward to? There are other perks besides  Golden Corral discounts. Get into the spirit by reading books on aging and even end-of-life planning — growing old has lots of advantages!


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