10 Types of Golf-Themed Cremation Urns


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Was your loved one an avid golfer? If a loved one spent a lot of time on the links, you might consider purchasing a golf-themed cremation urn

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End-of-life services are more personalized than ever before. Celebrate what made your loved one special by purchasing an urn that genuinely reflects his or her interests and hobbies. If golf was your loved one’s favorite sport, we have you covered.

We’ll tell you what golf-themed urns are, discuss how much they cost, give you ideas on different types, and tell you where to buy one. 

Tip: If you're looking for something very unique, you can custom order an urn from a store like Foreverence. You submit a design idea or sketch, then the company designs and 3D prints your urn, so you get a 100% unique container.

What’s a Golf-Themed Urn?

A cremation urn holds the cremated remains of an individual. A golf-themed urn is decorated with golf clubs, balls, tees, or figures of golfers. Some golf-themed urns are gender-specific, while others use images of the equipment instead of the golfers. 

Many of the urns can be personalized with your loved one’s name, birth and death dates, and a quote. Some of these urns can also be personalized with the image of your golfing loved one.

The urn may be used temporarily. In fact, you may use it to hold your loved one’s cremains during a funeral service and then scatter the cremains days, months, or years after the service to their permanent resting place.

The urn can also hold your loved one’s cremains for eternity. The urn full of ashes may be buried in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium niche. 

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How Much Do They Usually Cost?

A golf-themed cremation urn ranges from $75 to $250. You can purchase a smaller, less expensive urn if you only have a portion of your loved one’s cremains to store. You can also purchase more expensive custom-made urns from artists and high-end urn designers.

There are other reasons for the varying prices of urns. Read more about it in “Here’s How Much an Urn Will Cost You.” 

Main Types of Golf Urns

Think about the urn’s final resting place before choosing one for your loved one. If the urn will go into a columbarium niche, make sure it meets the size requirements to fit. If you plan to bury it, consider purchasing one that does not need an additional urn vault.

Look for these main types of golf urns that are available in the online marketplace. 

1. Golf companion urn

If spouses are avid golfers, you might want to purchase a golf-themed urn large enough to hold the cremains of two people.

This type of urn is called a companion urn.

2. Small golf urns 

You can find plenty of small golf urns on the marketplace. There could be several reasons why someone would need a smaller urn than the usual size.

If your family has decided to divide your loved one’s cremains so that every family member gets to keep a portion, you may only need to buy a small urn to hold your part of the cremains.

You may also find that there are lesser cremains to store if some of them are used to make cremation jewelry or glasswork. 

Smaller golf urns are less expensive than standard-size urns.

3. Engravable vase-like cremation urn

Urns come in a variety of shapes. If you prefer the classic vase-shaped urn, you can purchase a golf-themed option. You can find some available through online marketplaces made with an aluminum alloy with a threaded, screw-top lid.

The image on the side can be of a male or female golfer or can depict golf equipment. You can also personalize it with your loved one’s name, important dates, a poignant message, or even golf scores. 

4. Painted vase-like cremation urn

You may want your loved one’s cremation urn painted in a variety of colors.

If this is the case, look for a golf urn that has the image of a golfer teeing off with a bright blue sky in the background. 

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5. Wood box cremation urn with engravable metal plate

If you plan to keep the cremation urn tucked safely in a bookcase or another shelf, you may consider purchasing one shaped like a simple, classic wood box.

Personalize the urn with your loved one’s name engraved on a metal plate attached to the side. How does this qualify as a golf-themed urn? The plate’s background can depict a generic photo of a golfer or golf clubs.

6. Book silhouette cremation urn

Perhaps you want your loved one’s cremation urn to rest in a bookcase with other treasured items. Consider purchasing a golf-themed cremation urn that looks like a book.

This is a good option for someone who chooses to store a loved one’s cremation remains discreetly. A personalized plate attached to the front of the urn can celebrate many different hobbies, sports, or interests. 

7. Golf sculpture cremation urn

Some cremation urns aren’t shaped like a traditional vase. Instead, you can also purchase a golf-themed urn that looks similar to a trophy.

A sculpture of a gopher or golf equipment sits at the top of the box that holds the cremains. A metal plaque on the side can be personalized with your loved one’s biographical information.

8. Cremation silver cube

Not every cremation urn has to look like a vase, wooden box, or trophy.

If you would like a more modern-looking cremation urn, you can choose a sleek, silver cube that can be personalized with an etched image on the side. Of course, you can use any golf-related picture.

9. Golf cremation jewelry

Even though cremation jewelry isn’t technically a type of urn, you may be interested in carrying a portion of your loved one wherever you go. If this is your desire, you can purchase a small pendant that looks like a golf bag.

Inside, you can store a small portion of cremains. This would be an excellent choice for a survivor who shared a love of golf with the deceased. 

Tip: Memorial diamonds are created from the ashes of loved ones, and are another beautiful option for keeping someone's memory alive. Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.

10. Photo display cremation urn

The best way to personalize a cremation urn is to add your loved one’s photographs to it.

Look for cremation urns that have the dual purpose of acting as a frame and an urn. Use pictures of your loved one enjoying his or her favorite hobby.

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Where Can You Buy Golf-Themed Urns?

Buying personalized items is easier now than ever before. Here are some places to purchase golf-themed urns. 

Your local funeral home or crematorium

Sometimes buying such items from a business you are already interacting with is easier than finding another source.

Even if your local funeral home may not have a golf-themed cremation urn sitting on the shelf, they probably have plenty of resources available to be able to order one. Allow them to research to find one, so you can focus on your family during this difficult time.

Pro shop

Check your local pro shop or country club to see if they sell a golf-themed urn.

You may be able to find an urn that is specific to a particular course or club. Again, even if it doesn’t have one sitting on display to sell, it may have a plethora of resources to help you find a source.

Online retailers

Plenty of online retailers sell golf-themed urns. Even America’s largest online retailer sells urns.

If you buy one from an online retailer, make sure that it will arrive in plenty of time for your loved one’s service. 


Cemeteries sometimes sell headstones and other end-of-life products. If you plan to bury your loved one’s remains in a golf-themed urn, check this resource as well.

The cemetery would be a useful resource — it would know the size of the urn vaults that the urn must sit inside.

Other Ways to Personalize Your Loved One’s Funeral

You want your loved one’s service to be as unique as he or she was. Personalize as many aspects of the service to make this happen. 

Choose music that your family member loved and ask talented family members to perform solos at the service. Take care in writing the eulogy and obituary and add details that capture the essence of the deceased. Choose flower displays with care and which have special meaning to the family. Select a poem to be read at the service or printed in the funeral program that reminds you of your loved one.

Of course, to make sure your funeral is as meaningful as possible, do your own planning. Your family members will appreciate that you went to the trouble to take care of some of those details. 

If you're looking for more ways to personalize your funeral, read our guides on the best funeral poems and celebration of life party ideas.


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