20+ Small Good Luck Charm Gifts to Send Loved Ones


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Whether or not you believe that things actually bring good luck, it’s nice to give friends and loved ones small tokens periodically to say, “I wish you the best.” Offering someone best wishes when they move, get married, or start a relationship is a kind thing to do. You may also consider giving someone a small gift if they are ill or have recently encountered a tragedy.

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You may choose to give your friend or family member an item that certain societies perceive as bringing good luck, even if you don’t believe in such a gift’s effectiveness. Many times these gifts are based on tradition, and they make people feel good. 

Here are some good luck gifts to give to a loved one who is facing uncertain times. 

Good Luck Charm Gifts for a New Home, Partner, or Family

Are you looking for a good luck charm for a couple starting a new life together? Here are some to consider. Some of these gifts are traditionally given when someone first moves into a new home and others promise a successful relationship. 

1. Bread

Giving bread to a new homeowner says that you wish that they never will know hunger. Consider getting an artisan loaf from a local baker instead of arriving with a $1.29 loaf of white sandwich bread from the nearest big box store. Better yet, bake your own.

2. Horseshoe

Horseshoes have long been considered good luck items, but only if they are displayed a particular way. A horseshoe should always be hung so it looks like the letter “U.” Hanging them the other way will make all of the luck run out of the item. You can give the person a horseshoe decoration to hang on the wall or a pendant with a horseshoe for someone to wear. 

We like this Engraved Horseshoe, Customized Western Decor, 6th or 11th Anniversary Gift.

3. Candlesticks

Giving a new couple candlesticks is supposed to ensure that they will never be without light in their home. Whether or not the new couple understands the significance of the gift, everyone needs a nice set of crystal candlesticks.

We like these Glass Candlesticks, Crystal Candle Holder, Vintage Clear Glass, Cut Glass Candleholders, Sold Individually, Found by Foo Foo La La.

4. Salt

While it would be odd to give someone a container of salt, it would not be strange to purchase a beautiful salt and pepper shaker set for a new couple. Salt is said to give the new relationship flavor. 

We like this Salt and Pepper Shakers Set - High Grade Stainless Steel with Glass Bottom and 4' Stand - 4" x 6" x 2," 4 oz.

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Good Luck Charm Gifts for Her

Is your friend leaving for college, starting a new job, or making a big move? Here are some good luck charm gifts to wish her well.

Consider writing an encouraging quote on the card to make the gift extra special. With luck and well wishes behind her, your friend is sure to have a positive experience.

5. Four leaf clover charm

Four-leaf clovers have long been symbols of good luck for the Irish. Even if your friend has never been to the Emerald Isle, she will understand the significance of your thoughtful gift. Four-leaf clover gifts come in a wide variety of styles. The charm can be made of silver or it can be a real clover pressed between glass. 

We like this Four Leaf Lucky Clover Necklace 14K Gold Dipped, Lucky Clover Necklace 24K White Gold Tiny Small Four Leaf Lucky Clover Necklace Tiny Clover.

6. Elephant charm 

Elephants have often been used as symbols of protection and good fortune. White elephants are particularly auspicious. Besides, elephant charms or pendants are fantastic gifts for any animal lover.

We like these 25mm Tiny Enamel Elephant Charms Blue White Elephant Necklace Pendant in Gold Filled for Necklace Charm with CZ Stone Cubic Animal Charm.

7. Celtic knot pendant

It’s not any wonder that this is the second Irish symbol to appear on this list. The Irish are big believers in luck and they have created many symbols to celebrate it. Purchase a Celtic knot pendant for your friend who is starting a new job or relationship.

We like this Trinity Necklace, Sterling Silver Triquetra Necklace, Celtic Knot Charm Pendant, Celtic Jewelry, Celtic Trinity Knot, Irish Jewelry.

8. Birthstone necklace

Wearing your birthstone is supposed to bring luck. Whether your friend’s birthstone is peridot, aquamarine, or ruby, purchase something that celebrates her birth month. Save your money for a good luck gift for someone who was born in April — which is a diamond birthstone. 

We like this Raw Gemstone Necklace / Gem Necklace / Raw Birthstone Gem / Birthstone Necklace / Gift for Her / Birthday Gift / Birthstone / Gemstone GMS.

9. Ladybug charm

While you probably don’t want to gift your friend with a living ladybug, she may appreciate a charm or figurine that depicts this well-loved insect.

We like this Ladybug Silver Tone Charm SC6788.

Good Luck Charm Gifts for Him

Are you looking for a good luck charm for a guy? Here are some ideas. Even though most people love getting presents of any type, you may consider a digital gift (or downloadable gift) for the man in your life. Here are some less techy ideas as well. 

10. Bamboo plant

Bamboo plants are known for bringing good luck to their owners. Bamboo is supposed to enhance the flow of positive energy in a space. Plus, they look really cool as well.

11. Pocket token

Some people carry small tokens, or chips, with them for good luck or to act as a reminder of something. Consider gifting the man in your life with a small chip that he can carry around with him. You could also have the token engraved with a specific message.

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12. Lucky rock

While you could probably find someone selling a lucky rock somewhere on the internet, you may consider choosing a lucky rock for your friend at a significant time and place. The lucky rock may be a particularly smooth stone that you see while fishing with your friend, or one that you found on the night you met.

13. Lucky penny

We all know the rhyme: “Find a penny; pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.” Instead of keeping all the luck for yourself, give it to a friend who needs it.

14. Saint medal

If your friend is Catholic, consider getting him a medal of a particular saint. Saint Andrew is supposed to offer luck and safety.

We like this Saint Andrew Medal Necklace. St Andrew Necklace. Catholic Necklace. Patron Saint Necklace. Saint Medal Necklace. Catholic Jewelry.

Good Luck Charm Gifts for a Sick Friend

Even though sick friends need proper medical care and rest more than anything, you may consider getting a good luck gift for those who need an extra boost. 

15. Goldfish

A bowl of goldfish is supposed to promise good luck. Although some friends will appreciate the luck that supposedly comes with this gift, others may be annoyed with caring for a new pet while feeling under the weather. 

16. Crystal

Some people believe in the healing power of crystals. Others think that crystals offer good luck. Research which type of crystal would be most effective for your friend’s specific situation.

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17. Acorn

An acorn is supposed to keep one from getting sick, but it is also supposed to speed up the recovery process for someone already ill. While you can give someone a real acorn, you can also find gifts with the image of the acorn on them. 

18. Morning glory flowers

Morning glory seeds under one’s pillow are supposed to encourage restful sleep. Some cultures make tea from the leaves, which is supposed to cure headaches and indigestion. 

Good Luck Charm Gifts for Someone Overcoming a Tragedy or Death

Are you looking for a gift that promotes serenity for someone who recently experienced a tragedy? Here are some gift ideas.

19. Peace lily

As the name suggests, a peace lily promotes tranquility in the home. This is a traditional gift for someone grieving the loss of a loved one. 

20. Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp is said to purify indoor spaces naturally. They are also beautiful items and may give the recipient a sense of peace.

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21. Tea

While tea isn’t necessarily considered a good luck charm, it can promote good health and healing. Some teas are known for their calming effects. 

We like these Organic Chamomile Tea Bags | 100 Tea Bags | Eco-Conscious Tea Bags in Kraft Bag | Raw from Egypt | by FGO.

22. Essential oils

Different cultures have used aromatherapy for centuries. In particular, lavender is known for its calming effects.

23. Evil eye talisman

Even though the name of this charm does not sound as if it would offer much luck, an evil eye is said to look out for signs of trouble. 

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Do You Believe in Good Luck Charms?

Whether or not you believe that objects can bring luck to a person, giving someone a good luck charm is a thoughtful gift. It says to the recipient: “I know you are facing the unknown. I know you may be nervous. I am thinking about you.”

While any of these gifts would be appropriate for someone facing a change, you may also consider more traditional gifts. Show someone you care by making them a meal, bringing them flowers or a plant, or purchasing a favorite beverage. 

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