21 Short & Sweet Granddaughter Poems to Share


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Is your granddaughter the apple of your eye? Your pride and joy?

Whether you have one or ten special granddaughters, you are probably looking for a way to tell them how much they mean to you. Why not share one of these poems? Use the verse to say happy birthday to the special girls in your life, or text one of the poems to them just to say that you care. 

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You might also be looking for poems to read at a funeral or offer support to grieving family members. If a grandparent, or grandchild, recently passed away, this list might help. We also recommend checking out our post-loss checklist for help with the entire process of losing a loved one.  

Below are some samples of poems to consider. Many of them are about grandchildren instead of explicitly being about granddaughters — just change a word or two to suit your needs.

Granddaughter Poems from Grandma

What do you want to teach your granddaughters about life? What took you years to learn that you wish you could have figured out in your teens or twenties? 

You may wish to teach your granddaughters the meaning of life or share a sweet poem in a graduation card or a thank you note. Here are some verses to share with your favorite granddaughters.

1. “Grandchild” by Maxine Kumin

Although this is not like the typical verse that you’d find in a greeting card, this poem is a beautifully written account of a grandmother connecting with her six-day-old grandchild in the middle of the night.

Although the two are unfamiliar with each other, you can feel the excitement of the grandmother, who ends the poem by looking for calming tea in her daughter’s kitchen cabinet.

2. “For a Favorite Granddaughter” by Dorothy Parker

The speaker in this poem is a grandmother who wishes to pass along dating advice to her favorite granddaughter. Even though the grandmother tells what type of men to avoid, she admits, “should you heed my words, my dear, you are no brood of mine.”

3 “First Granddaughter” by Beate E. Verterano

This sweet, rhyming poem is about the birth of a first granddaughter. The child was born in the winter and is described as “sweetness that goes unequaled by the handiwork of man.”

4. “Little Granddaughter” by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Like many poems about infant grandchildren, this one describes how amazing it feels to hold a granddaughter for the first time. This poem is written by a Christian grandparent who knows that the precious child is “Full of the holy spirit — leading her through life and guiding her according to God’s love.”

5. “Present for a Granddaughter” by Sheena Blackhall

Does your granddaughter love fantasy and have a vivid imagination? This poet describes gifting her granddaughter with a unicorn as well as “golden gowns with velvet slippers and gloves of lace.”

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Granddaughter Poems from Grandpa

It’s not just grandmothers who dote on their young granddaughters. Grandpas love them as well. Here are some poems, mostly written by male poets, that we assume are true-life accounts about their experiences with having a granddaughter.

6. “Upon Meeting My Granddaughter for the First Time” by David McLansky

Although some poems tell fictitious stories, others are real-life accounts of a poet’s experiences. The poem “Upon Meeting My Granddaughter for the First Time” was certainly written about the poet’s feelings about holding his infant granddaughter. 

7. “For a Granddaughter” by John F. McCullagh

This poem is written as a tribute to a granddaughter named Julia. Although your granddaughter probably has a different name, you can use this poem to inspire you to write your own.

8. “When Your Granddaughter Asks You to Dance” by Jim Yerman

This sweet poem describes a grandfather dancing with a young granddaughter. Even though he hadn’t danced for years and the physical activity took its toll on the elderly man’s body, he wouldn’t have missed this moment for the world.

9. “Learning From Granddaughter” by Asit Kumar Sanyal

One of the best ways to connect with your grandchildren is to learn more about the world they experience. The grandfather in this poem is open to new ideas and technology and is learning both from his granddaughter.

10. “Unconditional Love” by Frederic Parker

This sweet poem is about a grandparent listening to a beautiful granddaughter as she plays her clarinet as the “monarchs flutter and dance in the rising sun.” 

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Granddaughter Poems for a Birthday, Congrats, or Celebration

Are you bursting with pride as your granddaughter celebrates a birthday, finishes a significant accomplishment, or graduates from school? Remember the occasion with a handcrafted gift and heartfelt message. Here are some poems to share with the wonderful girl you are proud to call your own.

11. “Idealized Love” by Joyce Johnson

The speaker in this poem watches as her granddaughter says her marriage vows to the man she loves. This poem can be used to send well wishes to a newly married granddaughter, or it could also be used as a prayer that the new couple has a long and happy marriage.

12. “A Granddad’s Love” by Robert Wilson

Let your granddaughter know as she heads off to college or moves far away that your love will continue forever. It’s hard to say goodbye to young people as they begin their new adult lives. Let them know that you can be counted on for support and encouragement, no matter what.

13. “Her Wedding Day” by Joyce Johnson

A grandmother reflects upon the beauty of her granddaughter in this poem called “Her Wedding Day.” As she watches the man who has won her granddaughter’s heart, the speaker asks herself, “I wonder if he knows the worth of the girl he’s taking for his wife?”

14. “Another Year” by Joanna Fuchs

Some people feel awkward as they share their personal feelings. That’s why many people choose to send greeting cards instead of writing their own congratulations or well wishes. 

Consider sending this poem if you want to tell your granddaughter how much she means to you.

15. “A Granddaughter is Like a Sweet Melody” by Unknown

This poem is full of musical imagery, and it sends a “happy birthday” message to a granddaughter. This is the perfect poem to share with a talented granddaughter on her special day.

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Granddaughter Poems for Illness, Death, or Getting Through Hard Times

If you are old enough to be a grandparent, you know that life is full of good times and bad. You may want to protect your granddaughter from illness and hard times, but this is impossible. Instead, you can share messages of encouragement and strength in the form of beautiful poetry. A home-cooked meal or care package will likely be much appreciated as well.

Here are some examples of poems to send. 

16. “My Granddaughters are Combing Out Their Long Hair” by Colleen Thibaudeau

This unique and beautiful poem’s setting is Venezuela. A grandmother watches as her granddaughters, even though they live with unspeakable hardships, continue to live happy lives. “They are burnt out as falling stars but they laugh and keep on singing them old songs.”

17. “Ode to the Hotel Near the Children’s Hospital” by Kevin Young

We love it when poets find beauty even in the darkest of circumstances. If your granddaughter has a sick child, she may relate to the words of this rather strange poem.

18. “Strength” by Eda Lou Walton

When your granddaughter is going through tough times, you may need to help her put life into perspective. This poem is about the continuity of the natural world and reminds us that no matter how difficult today is, happiness will come again.

19. “‘Hope’ is the Thing With Feathers” by Emily Dickinson

You can always count on Emily Dickinson to help us find a poem on almost every subject. She uses the imagery of a bird to describe the feeling of hope that resides in our souls. This may help your granddaughter if she’s going through a tough time.

20. “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman

Has your granddaughter had to make a new beginning after a failed relationship or extended illness? Encourage her to embrace her new life with this hopeful poem by Walt Whitman.

21. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou

One of America’s favorite poets wrote this inspiring verse about overcoming the difficulties of life. One of the stanzas reads: 

“Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.”

What Are Your Favorite Poems?

If you are a lover of poetry, share your favorites with your granddaughter, even if they aren’t mainly about the grandparent/grandchild relationship. What are your favorite poems and poets?

Remember, poetry can be used for any occasion. Some poems offer get well wishes and other poetry celebrates Earth. Of course, you can also find funeral poems to help you sort through the complicated emotions that come with grief.

Instead of assuming that you don’t like poetry, take the time to read verses in a variety of styles. You’re sure to find some granddaughter poems that you enjoy!


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