15+ Short Poems to Share on Grandparents Day


Grandparents Day happens every year on September 13. It’s a time to honor the eldest members of your family. It’s also a time for grandparents to share their love for their children’s children. Most importantly, Grandparents Day is an opportunity to help our youngest generations learn about the strength and wisdom older people have to offer. 

So how can you recognize and celebrate Grandparents Day? If you want to do something special for the grandparents in your life, you can send them a letter or a card containing a Grandparents Day poem. A poem can also be a perfect way to honor grandparents who have passed away. 

Below, we’ll share with you some short poems and poem excerpts that are perfect for sharing on Grandparents Day. 

1. "Grandma’s Wings" by Ricky R. Hernandez

Grandma, I wonder
where you keep your wings.
Are they hung in your closet
with the rest of your things?

“Grandma’s Wings” is perfect for a letter to a beloved grandmother on Grandparents Day. The author describes his grandmother as an angel, which is exactly how grandmas seem to many of us. 

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2. "My Granddaddy, My Best Friend" by Lauren E. Garner

You've always been my hero.
You've always been my pride.
You've always given so much love
And shown what's deep inside.

If you send the poem above to your grandmother, you might send this poem to your grandfather. In this touching poem, the author describes her grandfather as a best friend, a guide, and a hero. She finishes the poem by thanking God for sending her grandfather to her. 

3.  "Number One Grandparents" by Unknown

Who gave us love and guidance?
Who showed us wrong from right?
Who was there when we needed confidence?
Who tucked us in at night?

This poem by an unknown author depicts the various roles a grandparent might play in a child’s life: a helping hand, your biggest fan, and someone who inspires confidence. 

4. “On Aging” by Maya Angelou

When you see me sitting quietly,
Like a sack left on the shelf,
Don’t think I need your chattering.
I’m listening to myself.

This contemplative poem by Maya Angelou could be a perfect Grandparents Day message from an adult child with children to his or her parents. It acknowledges, from the point of view of the grandparent or elderly person, that growing old isn’t something to be pitied or feared.

5. "A Grandparent" by Unknown

Someone you can always call, 
Will pick you up if you should fall.
Always give a loving hug, 
The ones that feel so warm and snug.

This short poem about “a grandparent” goes on to describe how a grandparent is there to teach you wrong from right and remind you to be polite. 

6. "A Grandchild’s Hand" by Unknown

The promise for tomorrow
And the hopes of dreams come true
A reminder of the childhood
That’s still a part of you.

This poem is perfect for sending from a young child to a grandparent on Grandparents Day. It can be used together with handprint arts and crafts that your child creates for the occasion. 

7. "The Little Boy and the Old Man” by Shel Silverstein

Said the little boy, sometimes I drop my spoon.
Said the little old man, I do that too.

This poem by famous poet Shel Silverstein shares the similarities between a young child and an elderly man, eventually expressing that adults don’t seem to pay attention to either of them. 

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8. “Walking with Grandma” by Unknown

I like walking with Grandma, 
Her steps are short like mine. 
She doesn’t say, “Now hurry up,” 
She always takes her time. 

This poem has a similar theme to the one above, but it describes a child’s experience with his or her grandmother, instead. It shares the similarities between how a child and a grandmother might experience the world. 

9. "Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Love" by Unknown 

A Grandmother’s Love is the caring thought,
the tender touch and gentle guidance
that we never seem to outgrow.
A Grandfather’s Love is the beacon of hope
through stormy seas and sunny skies
as we travel through uncharted waters.

The author of this poem might be unknown, but its message is clear: a grandmother or grandfather’s love is something to be treasured. This poem provides visuals that represent what a grandparent’s caring guidance might mean to you.

10. "Grandparents" by Unknown

Grandparents have ears that really listen,
Arms that always hug and hold, 
Love that’s never-ending, 
And a heart that’s made of gold. 

This very short poem (shared in its entirety) is perfect for sending on a card or with flowers. It depicts how much your grandparents mean to you in just a few short lines. 

11. "Memories of My Grandparents’ Place" by Marilyn Loft

Yes, although things won’t be the same
I have recollections that will stay with me
Grandpa and Grandma are gone
But my memories will never flee.

This poem by Marilyn Loft depicts treasured memories of times spent at “my grandparents’ place.” 

The excerpt above is the end of the poem, wrapping up what it’s like to have grandparents whose memory lasts forever. 

12. "The Greatest Parents on Earth" by Ron Tranmer

If you could look into my heart, 
How quickly you would see, 
The special place you hold there, 
And how much you mean to me.

Before they were grandparents, they were parents. “The Greatest Parents on Earth” recognizes a grandparent’s role as a parent, as well as their role in their grandchildren’s lives. It’s perfect for sending to a parent who you want to appreciate on Grandparents Day. 

13. "Success" by Bessie Anderson Stanley

He has achieved success who has lived well, 
laughed often, 
and loved much.

This quote by author Bessie A. Stanley isn’t a poem, but it is poetic. It comes from a larger piece of prose that the author submitted to a literary journal. As a quote, it’s often misattributed to Emerson. 

This quote is perfect for Grandparents Day because it represents the qualities of success that many grandparents have achieved. 

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14. "Grandparents" by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Grandparents are very special people.
They need to know you care about them as 
much as they care about you.

This very short poem about grandparents goes on to talk about how the life of a grandparent can be lonely at times. 

So it’s important to reach out and share your love for them. This poem could help you remind your friends and family of the meaning and importance of Grandparents Day.

15. “Grandparents’ House” by Jacqueline C. Nash

The front of the house looks different,
the door and windows all replaced.
This was the house where I was born.
This was my Grandparents' house.

This melancholy poem is another example that reflects on what it can feel like to lose your grandparents. 

For so many of us, our grandparents’ house is a place full of memories that last a lifetime — even after another family buys and moves into the home. This poem perfectly expresses those difficult emotions. 

16. “Grandparents” by Ron Brown

A storytime, 
A nursery rhyme,
The time you spend with me, 
Fills me up with happiness,
You’re everything to me.

This is just the beginning of a six-stanza poem about grandparents from the perspective of a grandchild. If you have a child, this poem might help them express their feelings of love for their grandparents. 

17. “Grandparents” by Unknown

Grandmas and grandpas 
Are everything nice.
Like presents and candy 
And raspberry ice. 

Like the poem above, this poem goes on to describe how a child feels about his or her grandparents. But it’s written from the perspective of a younger child. So if you have a young toddler (particularly one with a sweet tooth), this poem might appeal to them as a way to express their love on Grandparents Day. 

More Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

If you’re looking for more ways to honor grandparents on Grandparents Day, there are plenty of ways to do so. 

Grandparents Day has an official flower: the forget-me-not. So a floral arrangement including the delicate flower would make a perfect gift. 

And the holiday even has an official song: “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” sung by Johnny Prill. You could learn a verse or two and sing it to your grandparents on Grandparents Day as a special surprise. And there are more songs for grandparents, in addition to the “official” song, to add to your repertoire, too. 

And of course, the best way to celebrate Grandparents Day is by spending time — in person or over the phone or Zoom — with your family’s eldest generations. 


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