What Colors Do Granite Headstones Come In? 6 Colors


Choosing a headstone is an experience many of us will encounter in life. Sometimes, we may have to choose headstones for loved ones who’ve passed on. Others may wish to choose their own headstone during end-of-life planning.

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Regardless, if you’ve ever been through this process, you know there are many different types of grave markers from which to choose. Deciding which is right for your needs and tastes can seem overwhelming.

Don’t worry if you feel this way. If you’re not sure which type of headstone to choose, consider granite. Granite headstones are durable and timeless.

They also come in a range of colors. This guide will describe some of the more common granite headstone colors, helping you better understand which type of grave marker you might want to choose.

Neutral Granite Headstone or Grave Marker Colors

There are many reasons granite is among the best stones for a headstone. One of the most noteworthy is the fact that it comes in several different neutral colors.

You want a headstone’s design to seem ageless. That’s why many people choose neutral granite colors when purchasing headstones. Year after year, they will always look appropriate for their settings.

Here are a few specific neutral granite headstone colors you may want to keep in mind.

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1. Gray

Gray may be the most common granite headstone color. This is partially because it’s a very neutral color and thus blends in naturally in just about any setting. On top of that, gray tends to be the most affordable granite headstone color, as it’s the most widely available. Keep that in mind if you’re on a relatively tight budget and are worried about how much a headstone costs.

Like many granite headstone colors, there isn’t a single universal variety of gray you may choose. Some popular options include:

  • Georgia Gray: This is perhaps the most recognizable color for granite headstones, and therefore may be the ideal choice if you’re interested in a color that will fit in perfectly at virtually any cemetery.
  • Coral Gray: This color often gives kitchen countertops their distinctive look, and thus is more likely to stand out.
  • Moonlight Gray: Some might argue that Moonlight Gray granite is actually a white granite, with dark veins of black running through it. 
  • St. Cloud Gray: St. Cloud Gray is similar to Georgia Gray in some ways, but is noticeably darker.

2. Black

Black is another popular granite headstone color. That said, because black granite is less abundant than gray granite, a black granite headstone will typically cost slightly more.

That’s a general rule of thumb that applies to all granite headstone colors. The rarer the granite, the more expensive the grave marker.

Common black granite headstone shades include:

  • India Black: As the name suggests, this type of granite comes from Indian quarries, so shipping costs will affect its price. However, its stark blackness makes it an option worth considering if you’d like the engravings and any images you include on a headstone to truly pop out. The contrast between the darkness of the headstone and the lightness of the engravings ensures they will.
  • Academy Black: Academy Black granite is more speckled than India Black. Some would say it verges on being more gray than black.
  • Black Galaxy: White speckles dot this dark black granite. The result is a granite color that resembles the night sky.

3. Brown

Brown is yet another relatively neutral granite headstone color. As with black granite, it’s usually a little pricier than gray granite, but it has a warm quality that justifies the cost for many people.

Brown granite headstone colors you might consider using include:

  • Dakota Mahogany: Dakota Mahogany may be the most dynamic type of brown granite on this list. It actually features striations of various colors, including shades of brown, red, and black. This gives some the impression of ancient molten stone. You might choose it if you want a headstone to stand out to some degree, but not as much as it would if you were to choose one of the non-traditional granite headstone colors the next section of this blog will describe.
  • Colonial Rose: Like Dakota Mahogany, Colonial Rose granite boasts striations of many colors. That said, it features more pink than red, giving it a lighter, slightly less intense appearance.
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Non-Traditional Granite Headstone or Grave Marker Colors

While a neutral granite is the best choice for some, choosing a headstone is a personal decision. You may understandably prefer a color that’s more likely to make a bold statement.

If so, these are a few colors to look into.

4. Pink

Pink headstones tend to be more noticeable than headstones featuring the neutral colors listed above. Because many people naturally associate the color pink with the idea of romantic love, you might choose pink granite for a spouse or partner’s headstone, but it’s a perfectly fine choice for anyone’s grave marker.

It’s also worth noting that pink’s delicate quality makes some people (whether consciously or unconsciously) assume that pink granite isn’t as durable as other types. That’s not the case. Pink granite is just as durable as any other variety on this list. That said, because it’s less common than neutral granite colors, it’s typically going to be more expensive.

The following are some specific types of pink granite you might choose for a headstone:

  • Salisbury Pink: Salisbury Pink is very light, with dark blackish-gray speckles and striations. It’s a very gentle color that many often use when choosing headstones for loved ones they felt much affection for when they were alive. 
  • Morning Rose: Morning Rose is a slightly more uniform color than Salisbury Pink. It’s also somewhat darker. Thus, some find it’s more neutral. While this is certainly a popular granite headstone color, and won’t cost too much in the US due to Canada being home to most Morning Rose quarries, you should know that you typically can’t laser-etch it. If headstone designs featuring laser etchings appeal to you, consider another option.
  • China Pink: China Pink is popular due to its richness, along with the black and white specks which consistently cover the distinct pink background.

5. Red

Red granite is worth considering if you want a headstone that will easily capture the attention of anyone who sees it. Again, red granite is often harder to find than neutral granite headstone colors, so you have to account for that when setting your budget. But it’s certainly eye-catching.

Popular red granite colors for headstones include:

  • India Red: Featuring speckles of various colors, India Red granite is almost pinkish. However, it’s much bolder than the pinks the previous entry of this blog described.
  • Mountain Red: Mountain Red granite is somewhat darker. You might find it immediately makes you think of a sunset or the Western US.
  • Wausau Red: Wausau Red’s gorgeous shine makes it a popular option for countertops. That said, many also feel it’s the perfect choice for a regal headstone that will draw the eye for years. Wausau Red quarries are also Wisconsin-based, so you may not have to spend more than you can afford for it if you live in the US. Keep in mind, though, this is another granite headstone color that usually doesn’t allow for laser-etchings.
  • Sunset Red: If you’re familiar with Texas icons, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Sunset Red granite before, as the Texas State Capitol building features it prominently. Its quarries are also Texas-based. That said, you should be aware that although Sunset Red granite is beautiful, it doesn’t carve as evenly as other types of granite. You also can’t laser-etch it, and many notice that text can sometimes be difficult to read on Sunset Red granite headstones.
  • Cat’s Eye Red Granite: You can probably guess why this granite is named Cat’s Eye Red. Like a cat’s eyes, it’s also very dynamic, making Cat’s Eye Red granite headstones unmissable. If you appreciate the patterns of Cat’s Eye Red but want something a little more modest, you might also consider Cat’s Eye Brown.
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6. Blue

Blue granite colors are almost neutral (depending on the variety) but are usually noticeable enough to qualify as non-traditional. Options for blue granite headstones include:

  • Butterfly Blue: Butterfly Blue is dark, featuring a contrast of blue and brown hues that’s ideal for carving.
  • Blue Pearl: Blue Pearl granite looks almost grayish at times. However, it features sparkling blue and silver crystals that give it a unique appearance.
  • Bahama Blue: As with many types of blue granite, Bahama Blue enhances the timeless qualities of neutral gray headstones thanks to a range of blending colors. That said, because India is home to its quarries, depending on where you live, you may have to spend more on this type of blue than for other granite colors.

Granite Headstone Colors: A Variety of Options

As this list makes clear, when purchasing a granite headstone, you have plenty of color options. Again, none are “superior” to any others. The best granite headstone color is the one that speaks to you.


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