21 Popular Podcasts About Gratitude & Being Thankful


You’ve heard the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out.” Although it was initially used to describe a computer programming problem, it can also explain other life scenarios. 

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For example, have you carefully considered the media you consume each day and how it may be affecting your mental well-being? Is this another example of “garbage in, garbage out?”

If you have recently reconsidered the media you are consuming and wish to improve your mindset by ingesting less garbage, consider finding a podcast that discusses gratitude and thankfulness. Let us help. Here are some of the most popular gratitude-related podcasts available today.

Popular Gratitude Podcasts for Beginners

Seeing the world through thankful eyes may be new to you. If you wish to continue the practice, consider reading books about gratitude or talking with a minister, counselor, or life coach. Additionally, here are some popular gratitude podcasts to consider. 

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1. The Gratitude Podcast by Georgian Benta

This podcaster interviews successful people and asks them to share stories about how gratitude has helped them achieve success. The synopsis of this podcast states, “I believe Thanksgiving is a habit, not just a day.”

This podcast has been active since 2016, and there are currently over 100 episodes available on Apple Music.

2. Gratitude Blooming by Belinda Liu and Omar Brownson

Gratitude Blooming is a company that features a deck of hand-drawn cards that feature affirmations and mindful prompts with themes such as Joy & Presence, Forgiveness, Growth, and Infinite Possibility. To coincide with these life-affirming gratitude cards, you might consider listening to Gratitude Blooming’s podcast. 

The podcast offers a reminder that you are not alone in your feelings. Each week, the hosts discuss “the realness of feeling joy and fearless gratitude.” Currently, there are 29 episodes available.

3. The Positive Psychology Podcast by Kristen Truempy

The Positive Psychology Podcast can be found in the “Education” category of Apple podcasts, as one of its goals is to bring the “science of the good life to your earbuds.” The podcast’s description states that it is about the “appreciation of beauty, gratitude, positive emotions, relationships and well, love.” The Positive Psychology Podcast is for academics and everyone else interested in how positivity affects behavior.

4. Wake Up With Gratitude by Julie Boyer

The host of this podcast, Julie Boyer, interviews entrepreneurs who share how self-love and daily gratitude have helped them get through their struggles and help them achieve their goals.

Boyer also has a website where you can purchase her book, gratitude cards, calendars, and prints. 

5. A Cup of Gratitude by Amanda Schaefer

This podcast is found under the “Religion and Spirituality” category. A Cup of Gratitude currently has 52 episodes and is described as “an honest look at how gratitude can change absolutely everything.”

Everyday people share their stories of finding gratitude, even in the midst of life’s difficulties. 

6. Lifesaving Gratitude by Bunny Terry

The host of this podcast, Bunny Terry, says that “gratitude is a superpower. It can transform—and even save—your life.” Terry survived stage IV colon cancer and speaks about how gratitude was an essential part of her journey. During her podcast, she interviews many guests who have also used the art and science of gratitude to survive and thrive.

This podcast is for anyone who has faced a difficult time, including those with relationship problems, financial issues, or health concerns. 

7. Grind and Gratitude by Danny Stone

Danny Stone is a coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Stone grew up in low-income housing, surrounded by drugs, crime, and violence. According to the podcast synopsis, his mission is “to help you quiet that inner critic and bring out your inner champion to make a greater impact and create the life of your dreams.”

Consider listening to Grind and Gratitude to help you achieve your business and relationship goals.

Popular Gratitude Podcasts for Young Adults

Podcasts appeal to people in a wide range of age groups. Here are some more positive-minded podcasts that might appeal to young adults.

8. Happier by Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin’s podcast gives ideas on how to live a happier life. She is the author of The Four Tendencies and The Happiness Project and has authored courses and a blog. 

9. The Good Life Project by Jonathan and Stephanie Fields

Jonathan and Stephanie Fields talk about living life to the fullest and with a sense of meaning. Their organization, The Good Life Project, offers a “real world approach and tends to steer away from a lot of the pop-psychology proverbs that make you feel good for a hot minute, but don’t lead to lasting change.”

The Good Life Project has received much press and acclaim. Check out their website to learn more about this organization.

10. The Science of Happiness by Dacher Keltner 

This podcast features interviews and discussions about research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life. According to the podcast description, the discussion draws on the “science of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, and awe.” 

Currently, there are 112 episodes available of The Science of Happiness.  

11. The Daily Boost by Scott Smith

The Daily Boost podcast is described as fun, upbeat, and straight-talking. It is “for people who want more in their life and know daily actions are how they make that happen.”

The podcast is perfect for the busy, young professional, as the nine-minute podcast is updated every Monday. 

12. Leading with Gratitude by Chester Elton

Chester Elton is a prolific business writer who also has a podcast called Leading with Gratitude. This business-focused podcast is about transforming your workplace. It’s for leaders, bosses, and managers who want to learn how to lead with gratitude, which improves employee productivity. 

13. Gratitude 1st – Manifestation, Business, Mindset by Erika T. McCarthy

Gratitude 1st is another business podcast that focuses on how changing your mindset can manifest into an abundant life and thriving business. Besides gratitude, other positive practices are encouraged in this podcast, which include visualization and creating great habits.

Gratitude 1st is a company that offers mindset and performance business strategy. According to the company website, The Gratitude 1st Garden was designed “to help you plant positive seeds in your mind and watch your Gratitude Garden grow in the form of a successful business!”

14. Radio Headspace

This health and fitness podcast is described as short and to the point. A new episode is released each weekday morning, encouraging listeners to “step out of the internal chatter and external noise.”

The podcast’s goal is to reflect on the shared human condition and reflect how humans can live a life that best reflects limitless potential.  

15. Grief, Gratitude, and Greatness by Sarah Shaoul

Since we are a blog that focuses mainly on end-of-life issues, we would like to highlight this podcast that explores the different ways people grieve. Additionally, the host talks about how gratitude “allows us to keep going.”

Host Sarah Shaoul (an essayist and coach) interviews guests who share compelling stories about loss and the lessons associated with their experiences. As you can tell by the title, gratitude is one focus of this podcast. 

New episodes are released every two weeks.

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16. The Happiness Lab by Dr. Laurie Santos

In The Happiness Lab, Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos explains the latest scientific research about happiness. Santos also offers stories about how people have bettered their lives that may inspire you to make changes in your own life. 

17. The Daily Refresh by John Lee Dumas

Included in the description of this podcast are these words: quotes, gratitude, breathing. This podcast is offered seven days a week. The podcaster, John Lee Duman, also hosts another podcast called Entrepreneurs on Fire, where he interviews entrepreneurs “who will guide you to financial, location and lifestyle freedom.”

18. Starting With Gratitude by Jocelyn

Each conversation on the Starting With Gratitude podcast starts with gratitude. The host of the podcast, Jocelyn, describes herself as a “spirit-led entrepreneur, multimedia storyteller, and intuitive guide.”

Jocelyn talks about the human experience, with topics including spirituality, mental health and wellness, self-realization, transformation, relationships, and emotions. New episodes are available each Tuesday. 

19. Sober Gratitudes

This podcast is focused on the subject of sobriety. The host knows a lot about the issue and spends time sharing her success story as well as interviewing guests who are experiencing long-term sobriety.  

Popular Gratitude Podcast for Children

Please understand that we have not listened to these podcasts designed for children. With that said, parents should practice caution when introducing these or any other podcasts to their children. 

20. Be Grateful Anyway by Brent Bass

Brent Bass is a health teacher, Director of Athletics, and author in Washington, D.C. This podcast designed for adults and youth is based on his book called BASSketball Lessons. In it, he shares the wisdom he’s received from his relationship with God and sports. 

The description of this podcast states, “Brent’s hope is to inspire you to conquer self-defeating mindsets and to live with gratitude while on the road to reaching your goals and dreams. Brent knows it takes discipline to defeat and reset alterable mental settings like worry, anxiety, and other habits we’ve learned.”

Be Grateful Anyway is set to upbeat jazz music and encourages and inspires listeners to persevere through everyday stresses and struggles. 

21. It’s Good to Be Grateful 

This podcast is hosted by three sisters whose goal is to help kids appreciate the world around them. Each week, It’s Good to Be Grateful covers a topic that some take for granted.

What Media Inspires You?

Even if none of these podcasts speak to you, we hope that this list causes you to think carefully about the media you consume. Remember – “garbage in, garbage out” isn’t just a lesson for computer programmers. 

If you are trying to find something inspiring to listen to or read, consider books about spirituality. Of course, if you have questions about God, you can also always reach out to a minister from a local congregation.

If you recently lost a loved one and are interested in learning how meditation might help you with your grief, learn how to start meditating. There are plenty of online videos about meditation for grief available for free.


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