[FREE] Gratitude Tree Templates for Kids & Adults


A gratitude tree is a way to express gratitude in your daily life. Perfect for special holidays or just because, a free gratitude tree template is one of the best ways to show gratitude. Learning how to pause, stay mindful in the moment, and reflect isn’t always easy. We all lead busier lives than ever before. This is why it’s important to have a strategy for taking stock of your own blessings. 

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No matter who you are, there are things you should be grateful for. This is a practice everyone can take part in no matter their age. For kids, this is a strong practice that leads to healthy habits and mindsets throughout one’s life. For adults, this is an opportunity to become more optimistic and positive no matter what challenges life throws your way. 

You don’t have to create a gratitude tree from scratch. In this guide, we share a free gratitude template for both kids and adults. Pair this with your gratitude journal for a powerful activity that turns your life around.

What Is a Gratitude Tree?

First, what even is a gratitude tree? If you’re new to gratitude journal prompts or other gratitude activities, you might not know what to make of this. A gratitude tree is a type of craft that encourages us to pause and reflect on what we’re grateful for. It literally is in the shape of a tree, the branches creating a strong foundation for who we are. From there, each leaf represents something special that we’re grateful for. 

This isn’t just an activity for kids. Though kids can certainly benefit from creating a gratitude tree, even adults need to pause and reflect from time to time. How often do you consider the specific things you’re grateful for? This isn’t always easy, especially with our schedules getting increasingly busy. By focusing on mindfulness and gratitude, you train your mind to look for happiness and positivity. 

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What Do You Put on a Gratitude Tree?

With that in mind, what should you put on a gratitude tree? Each “leaf” of the tree represents something you’re grateful for. If you’re just getting started with your gratitude practice, you might not know where to even begin. It’s normal to take some time to warm up your brain for this type of reflective thinking. 

Here are some ideas for things you might put on a gratitude tree:

  • Favorite memories
  • People who are special to you
  • Acts of kindness
  • Physical things you’re thankful for
  • Plans you’re looking forward to
  • Small moments that make you happy
  • Your favorite foods
  • Beautiful parts of nature

There are no rules. It’s helpful to create multiple gratitude trees, perhaps including this as part of your journaling routine. You can create a new theme for each tree or add to your existing tree as you think of new things. If you can, be more specific. While it’s okay to start with basic things (ie “family, friends, pizza”), consider how you can continue to dive deeper. 

How to Make a Gratitude Tree

Next, it’s time to make your gratitude tree. This is an easy craft you can do in your home. You can use our free gratitude tree template below, or you can create your own tree if you’d prefer to put your own spin on it. 

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Supplies for your gratitude tree

Before you begin, make sure you have these basic supplies:

  • Tree template (see below)
  • Cardstock in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers or pen
  • Glitter or paint (optional)

You can choose to store your gratitude tree as-is, in an art journal, or somewhere special. This might be something you want to look back on in years to come. How has what you’re thankful for changed over time, if at all?

Directions for creating your gratitude tree

Once you’ve downloaded your gratitude tree template below, you can print it to cardstock of your choice. From there, print the leaves included in the free gratitude tree template. Alternatively, cut leaves yourself with different colored or textured cardstock. This is a chance to get creative! We included some examples on some of the leaves, but don’t limit yourself to these. 

Next, use a pen or marker to write things on each leaf that you or your child feel grateful for. Cut each leaf out into the right shape and collect them all somewhere safe. When you’re ready, glue the leaves to each branch on the tree, creating a beautiful work of art. That’s it! You’re ready to display your tree on a bulletin board, fridge, or on your wall. 

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How to Download and Edit Your Gratitude Tree Templates

If you want to use a gratitude tree template vs. creating your own tree, use the download below. Click the link to download the version for adults or children. From there, adjust the sizing of the PDF to match your specific printer and paper requirements. 

When ready, print all pages on the right colored paper or on printer paper. The template is downloadable in color, but you can adjust it to grayscale depending on your wishes. Similarly, you can also use this as a tracing guide if you’d like to add this gratitude tree to your own gratitude journal, craft book, or canvas. It’s entirely up to you! 

[Download for adults]

[Download for kid activity]

Create a Gratitude Practice

Ultimately, crafting is a great way to bring your gratitude practice for life. Whether you’re creating this yourself or working with a child, it’s important to remember what you’re grateful for every day. This craft is perfect for holidays like Thanksgiving, but you can also do it anytime you need extra reminders about what matters to you. 

Did you know there’s a strong connection between grief and gratitude? The more you consider what you’re thankful for, the easier it is to be present at the moment. Your emotions are always valid and important. Taking inventory of them as they pass makes all the difference. How do you honor the things you’re grateful for every day?


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