When Is Great Clips' Senior Day?


Don't you feel great after getting your hair trimmed? Why is it that a few snips with a pair of scissors make you feel like you can take on the world? But often the upkeep of haircuts starts to take a toll on your budget. Especially if you have a high maintenance hairstyle. Is it possible to keep look sharp and save money too? The short answer is yes! 

Chances are, there is a Great Clips near you. There are over 4,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, so you probably don't have to travel too far to find one. If there is a Great Clips in a convenient location for you, maybe you’re wondering if they have a senior citizens discount.

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Keep reading to learn about Great Clips' senior discount policy. You will also learn a few tips for saving money on your hair cuts. 

Great Clips Senior Day and Senior Discount Policy

Great Clips' senior discount policy is not on their website. When looking at the list of services, "Haircuts for Seniors" is on the list, but no price is listed. In the fine print, the website states that pricing depends upon the location

The best option is to call your local Great Clips. They’ll be able to tell you the price of a haircut for a senior citizen.

Regardless of the price of a haircut, you may be happy to know that Great Clips has an accessibility policy. So, if you have trouble accessing the information on the Great Clips website, you can call or email the company. 

The bad news is that Great Clips' official accessibility policy only refers to the use of its website. The company does not state whether their locations are wheelchair accessible. Call your local Great Clips to find out if you can maneuver a wheelchair in their space.

Great Clips offers one service that seniors may appreciate. You can check-in for your haircut online and the process is pretty simple. 

Go to the Great Clips website. Type your zip code into the location finder. Click on your desired location, and you will be given the opportunity to check-in for a haircut. You’ll need to include your name, phone number, and the number of people needing a haircut. You will be able to see how many people are in front of you in line. You will also be given an estimated wait time. 

Checking in through the website (or on your smartphone), can help minimize your wait time.

6 Quick Tips for Saving Money on a Haircut

Whether you are a senior citizen or not, you probably enjoy saving money. Here are some tips on how to save money on haircuts and other salon services. 

Search your local papers or online for a Great Clips coupon

Every once in a while, Great Clips offers coupons for their services. Look through your local newspaper ads to see if one is available.

You can also do a quick Google search for an online coupon. Some coupons may only be used at specific locations. 

Get a haircut at a local beauty school

If you have an easy hairstyle, and no crazy cowlicks or whirls, you could visit a local beauty college.

Search for a cosmetology school near you. You’ll have your haircut by a stylist in training. They’ll get the opportunity to practice their skills on your hair. The beauty school near you may even offer senior rates. 

Go for the shaggy look

If you don’t want to get your haircut every two months, get it cut in a style that does not need constant maintenance. Consider growing out your bangs, so they don't need constant trimming. Long, straight hair can be appealing on anyone, as long as it’s taken care of. You may be able to go months or years without a haircut if you have a simple style. 

There are plenty of hairstyles that need minimal upkeep. Look in retirement magazines for longer hairstyles that may complement the shape of your face.

Stretch the time between haircuts

If you usually get your hair every eight weeks, consider stretching the time between cuts to 10 weeks.

You could reduce your number of haircuts each year by one, and save some money. Not only will you save on the cost of a cut, but you will save on the tip and travel costs.

Limit your tip to twenty percent

Many of us develop close relationships with our stylists. If you get regular haircuts, you see your stylist once every six weeks, or even more often. You may speak with your stylist more than you talk with some of your extended family members.

If you have a close relationship with the person who cuts your hair, you may be tempted to tip more than 20%. While this is a nice thing to do, this article is about how you can save money on haircuts. To save money, limit your tip to 20 percent of the price of the cut. This is an appropriate tip amount. 

Finding an Affordable Haircut

It might seem like a small thing but reducing how much you pay for a haircut can make a difference in your budget. You don’t have to sacrifice style to save money. A great haircut can be affordable. And you’ll appreciate having a few more dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. 


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