10 Popular Grief Support Chat Rooms


When someone you love dies, you may find yourself needing the support of your friends, family, or therapist in the middle of the night or on the weekend when no one’s around.

Your grief reactions may be at their worst during off-hours, making it impossible to get the help and support you need. Worse yet, none of the people you associate closely with seem all that comfortable talking to you about death and grieving. You feel lonely and isolated in your suffering as you exhaust all of your grief resources.

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Fortunately, online grief support groups make it convenient for you to access the help you need when you need it. The internet provides you with everything from free grief counseling to thousands of other greeting individuals who’ve experienced a similar loss and can help you regain your footing when your grief overtakes you.

What Can You Expect From a Grief Chat Room?

The prospect of finding a grief chat room that meets your needs can be frightening at first, especially for those who lean more toward the introverted side and find it challenging meeting and talking to new people. 

Sharing your pain and suffering and other vulnerabilities with strangers may seem daunting. But once you find your online grief tribe, opening up about what you're going through becomes easier as you join in the discussions and get to know the group members.

Grief chat rooms come in different varieties, and you can search them by the type of loss suffered and the stage of grief you're in. There are chat rooms for the newly bereaved and for grieving individuals who experienced their loss years ago. There's lots of valuable information to gain from joining a chat room that fits your particular needs. 

Depending on where you are in your grieving process, you'll benefit most from finding a chat room where everyone is at or near the same stage in their healing. Whichever group you fall in with, you can expect to meet others who've experienced similar losses, learn about death and bereavement, and find new ways to cope with your pain and suffering. 

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Popular Free Grief Support Chat Rooms

The internet is brimming with grief support chat rooms. Finding the right one for you can seem overwhelming when first getting started. If all the choices you have are causing you to want to give up your search, don't do so just yet.

We've compiled a list of the most popular and free online grief chat rooms for you to consider when seeking out your grief tribe. Take a look at the following popular grief forums to see if any appeal to you:

1. The Compassionate Friends

TheCompassionateFriends.org has one of the most organized and comprehensive lists of free grief support chat rooms available online today for individuals and families dealing with the death of a child at any age. 

Their mission is to connect parents, grandparents, and siblings who've suffered the loss of a child or sibling to offer encouragement, support, and community needed to cope with this type of grief.

Although their moderators aren't professional grief counselors, you'll benefit from the support and experience of other participants dealing with the same kind of loss. The Compassionate Friends makes it easy for you to find and receive the help you need when dealing with the death of a child.

2. Grief Anonymous 

GriefAnonymous.com and the Grief Anonymous Facebook Group are both open to the public. Individuals suffering from loss can find valuable resources on their website and through their Facebook group.

The leading Facebook group of over 10,000 members is open to those suffering from grief in general, while their sub-groups focus on different types of loss. Here, you can access free online grief support any time, as well as tap into their free grief resources.

3. Grief Hope Network

Griefhopenetwork.com offers free online grief and bereavement member services to anyone who joins their network.

They provide access to several chat rooms for almost every type of loss, although they require you to first join as a member to access any of them. In addition to access to online grief support, their website provides much-needed post-loss financial, legal, and other services affecting those coping with the death of a loved one.

4. Heal Grief

Healgrief.org is an excellent source of information and support for individuals coping with grief. They make it easy to find and access grief support resources for anyone needing help getting through their loss once the condolences stop coming.

They’ve developed and made available a grief support app that makes it easy and convenient to connect with your online grief tribe. The cost is free to join and access the grief forums online.

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Popular Low-Cost or Paid Grief Support Chat Rooms

Not every online grief support is free to join, but there are some excellent low-cost or paid alternatives for individuals who can afford it and don’t mind paying. Although it’s entirely unnecessary to pay for participation in online grief support chat rooms, you might run across one that you find it worthwhile to support. You can try the following popular groups to see if they pique your interest.

5. Grief in Common

Grief in Common is a popular low-cost grief support chat room available to individuals and families grieving any loss. Their website offers two immediate solutions for people needing support. They provide an opportunity to share your story of love and loss by posting it for others to read, share, and comment on. And they also offer immediate access to grief support chat rooms for you to connect with people with shared experiences. 

The website provides a combination of free grief resources and low-cost access to their live chat feature. The fee is $0.99 per month for live chat or $9.99 for the entire year. Grief in Common offers fee waivers to individuals who can't meet this financial obligation.

6. Healthful Chat

Healthfulchat.org is technically a free-to-join online grief support chat room. However, the organization appeals to its members to consider the high costs of operating a website and welcomes donations. Access to the chat room is available all day, every day, and anyone can join in on the conversation quickly and easily. 

No one monitors the chat rooms, and the website organizers strongly urge you to choose a nickname before entering the conversation. There isn’t a choice given in the type of grief you can chat about, either. The channel is a general bereavement lounge open to every discussion on grief and loss. 

Popular Pet Grief Chat Rooms

The death of a special furry friend is difficult to endure and can sometimes be as painful as losing a human loved one. You may find yourself needing the additional support of others who know and understand the profound sorrow attached to the death of a beloved pet and animal companion. The following chat rooms cater specifically to grieving individuals dealing with pet loss.

7. The Anti-Cruelty Society 

The Anti-Cruelty Society is a long-standing animal welfare organization committed to the safety and welfare of animals. They offer educational classes to would-be pet owners and the general public interested in furthering their mission of caring for animals as pets and companions. Their pet-loss grief support outreach offers a monthly pet grief support and education class. 

A licensed professional counselor with personal experience with pet loss leads the class. However, they don't offer an interactive way to connect with other individuals suffering through loss outside of their monthly meetings.

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8. Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Support Room offers moderated pet loss support groups each week. Here you can connect with other bereaved individuals who've suffered the death of their beloved pets. They offer a pet loss forum, chat rooms, and additional information to help those struggling through a pet's illness or death. 

Each Monday, they hold a virtual candle-lighting ceremony to honor the memories of all pets who've died. Anyone is welcome to participate and can ask to have their pet's name included in the ceremony. There's also an opportunity to meet and chat with other participants virtually. 

9. PetLoss.com

Petloss.com aims to bring together bereaved individuals struggling with grief-related symptoms resulting from the death of their pets. They give access to their very own pet loss chat room where you can meet others and share in your grief. They also have a Monday evening Pet Loss Candle Ceremony where they honor pets who’ve passed on. 

The ceremony is online in real time through their chat room for those interested in participating live, but you don’t have to. Anyone can join in the ceremony at any time in the privacy of their home. 

10. The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement 

APLB.org not only has a beautiful website that evokes the beauty and emotion of the love shared between pets and their humans, but it also provides valuable resources and insight. Their online grief support chat room is available in the standard text-chat version or video chat for those wanting a more personalized connection to other bereaved individuals. 

Although the video chat options are only available for paying members, there are different membership tiers to choose from. There are many additional perks to becoming a paid member. You can find a comprehensive list of benefits on their website.  

Online Grief Support Groups

The death of a loved one can cause profound feelings of grief and sorrow that can prove too challenging to handle alone. Getting the help you need to overcome your sadness can sometimes be difficult, especially when you feel at your worst late at night.

Online grief support chat rooms are an excellent way to connect with others who understand what you're going through. There's always someone online who understands your pain and is willing to lend an ear and offer you support.

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