10 Best Places to Find Free Yoga for Grief Videos


Grief yoga is a powerful tool to help you deal with sorrow following a loved one's death or any other type of significant setback. It addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of grief after a loss. Yoga for grief explores easy and gentle movement practices to help process the overwhelming emotions associated with loss and bereavement.

There are many free and easy-to-find online resources where you can explore grief healing through movement. One of the purposes of yoga for grief is to relieve some acute physical and emotional pain that follows loss.

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When done right, yoga can help you cope with your sorrow as well as help release some of the internal blockages keeping you from moving past the experiences of a traumatic event. You don't have to be a current practitioner of yoga to gain valuable benefits.

YouTube Channels With Free Grief Yoga Videos

YouTube is a widespread online video-sharing platform where almost anyone can upload original and shared video content on just about any topic imaginable. You can find many valuable and informative videos to watch on various topics ranging from entertaining to life-saving.

There are several YouTube channels dedicated to helping you cope with different types of grief and loss. Among those are videos covering topics from grief counseling, bereavement leave, and yoga for grief. The following are some of the best places to find this type of content.

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1. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a popular YouTube channel with over nine million subscribers. Adriene has built up a vast following for her free yoga videos and healing-based content.

Through her videos, you can explore guided yoga practices, meditation, and educational videos. Adriene also provides explainers for people of all experience levels in her videos. She dedicates a portion of her work to help others through their grief healing journey. Yoga with Adriene is highly regarded as the best yoga channel on YouTube after acquiring a subscriber base that far exceeds other content creators in the same field. 

Recommended videos:

2. Yoga with Kassandra

Yoga with Kassandra offers a free online Vinyasa and Yin Yoga resource for people at all experience levels of yoga. Vinyasa Yoga is characterized by doing a sequence of postures strung together to help you move seamlessly and quickly from one to another using your breath. Vinyasa Yoga is also known as "flow" yoga. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced yoga style where you hold your poses for more extended periods than other yoga forms. 

Kassandra offers weekly yoga classes and a free library of over five hundred courses, all made available to you for free. She has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2008. She teaches grief-healing methods that focus on helping you move through your sadness and emotions and releasing any pent-up feelings brought on by pain and suffering. 

Recommended videos:

3. Yogaventures

Although this isn’t a channel dedicated to grief healing yoga, Yoga For Grief and Loss: Healing The Heart w/ Emma Ceolin helps those who are grieving process their grief and loss through yoga's healing movement. This how-to video is a forty-minute guided meditation and yoga journey to help you heal and release your pain and sorrow.

Yogaventures online community provides both free and subscription-based access to yoga for healing through YouTube and their website www.yogaventures.com.au. You’ll find plenty of informational and educational resources to help you as you learn to navigate through your grief. 

4. Boho Beautiful Yoga

Boho Beautiful Yoga is a husband and wife team that brings you grief-healing yoga and meditations set in some of the most stunning backdrops. The location shoots add a unique flair to this YouTube channel and set it apart.

You not only get to escape to a beautiful tropical location or enjoy relaxing yoga by a stunning swimming pool, but you get the added benefit of feeling like you've traveled somewhere foreign and exotic. 

Boho Beautiful is close to having two million followers, which certainly helps it rank right up there as one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube. This channel boasts hundreds of yoga videos from beginner to intermediate levels. Their content is easy to find and navigate, and their content is all on brand, making it easy to recognize the same quality content video after video. 

Recommended video: 

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5. Sarah Beth Yoga

Sara Beth Yoga Channel is all about getting you to heal from your grief and loss through a stretch-based yoga practice. Her YouTube videos typically run from forty-five to ninety minutes long and are geared toward beginners. She has a very soothing and calming voice that will help you come down from grief-related anxiety or panic episodes.

She has over one million followers and a vast array of yoga videos for you to choose from. Her channel is arranged in a way that makes it easy to find the exact type of yoga routine you’re looking for based on what you need to work on in your grief healing journey. 

6. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is one of the best yoga for beginners channels on YouTube. It's filled with lots of yoga for beginners videos and those who are more experienced in their practice. Yoga Journal has been a go-to resource for yoga enthusiasts and practitioners for over 35 years. 

Here you can search from their vast library of yoga for healing, loss, and anxiety. They also make available a host of other information and resources to help you through your grief journey. You'll be able to connect with others through their Facebook group, live online classes, podcasts, and tips on healing through meditation and yoga.

Recommended video:

Other Websites With Free Grief Yoga Videos

Learning to cope with a loved one's death takes time and healing, as does dealing with other significant losses in life. Grief yoga is one way to tackle the bereavement process as you move forward in your grief journey. You learn ways of dealing with pain and sorrow by going through firsthand experiences, reading books about grief and loss, and learning from others.

For the times when you need a little extra help getting by, there's grief counseling and other resources aimed at helping you push through the pain. The following free online resources offer quality helpful information and techniques to help you in your healing process. 

7. Griefyoga.com

Yoga instructor Paul Denniston created Grief Yoga to train therapists, health care workers, and laypersons how to heal from grief and loss through yoga's healing practice. His methods combine different yoga types to release grief reactions that typically accompany loss and have built up within the body, mind, and soul.

He has studied directly under yoga masters and with one of the leading grief experts, David Kessler, to make specific grief-healing techniques more accessible. He offers a few simple grief yoga tutorials for free and access to paid online grief workshops and in-person retreats. 

Recommended videos:

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8. Yogajournal.com

Yoga journal gives you access to lots of free online information on the practice of yoga and meditation. Their website is clean and easy to read and follow. Here, you'll find access to blogs, meditations, videos, workshops, and classes linking you with some of the best practitioners in the field of yoga for healing.

There's a paid membership option that extends your online experience to unlimited access to all of their published material on their website. They don't force you to join or purchase a membership to reap the benefits of some of the blogs and videos offered. 

Recommended video:

9. Yogaanytime.com

This website offers a free 15-day trial that will help you explore yoga for grief and healing techniques specific to this type of grief work. There are almost three thousand online videos accessible to you online to explore yoga's healing power after a loss or any other kind of healing you may need.

The website also gives you free access to their blog to learn more about how grief affects your overall wellbeing and the how-tos of some basic to advanced grief-healing techniques. 

Recommended videos:

10. Mayoclinichealthsystem.org

The Mayo Clinic offers a free six-week virtual yoga class to help relieve the many symptoms of grief following a loved one's death. The course is free for anyone to join. However, class size is limited online through Zoom.

The six-week program uses tried and tested grief-support group methods of education, peer support, connectedness, and yoga for self-care to guide you toward healing grief gently. The class is open to everyone and doesn't focus on yoga's physical exercise aspect but breathing practices, gentle movements, and meditation techniques.

Recommended video:

Healing Grief With Yoga

Yoga is healing, whether practiced alone or in the presence of others hoping to heal from their pain and loss. This self-care practice is a great way to help you relieve some of the body’s stored pain and suffering that often accompanies a traumatic life event. Deepening your yoga practice in the months following a loss can help restore your mind, body, and soul.


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