25 Heartfelt ‘Happy Birthday, Brother’ Messages for Texts, DMs & Cards


Brothers can be our best friends or the banes of our existence. Often they can occupy both roles at the same time! Regardless, brothers are important figures in our lives. So when your brother’s birthday rolls around, you obviously want to communicate just what he means to you. 

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There are many ways you can reach out to send a happy birthday message to a loved one. You can send a traditional birthday card, or you can send messages via text or social media. Depending on your medium, you may communicate that message a little differently. Here, we share some happy birthday messages you can send for a variety of situations.  

How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Your Little Brother

Little brothers are often portrayed as pests in pop culture. But people who have little brothers often feel fond and protective of them. These happy birthday messages to a little brother avoid those stereotypes and focus on the bond you share. 

1. “It’s hard to believe you’re my little brother because of how tall you’ve gotten! Happy birthday to the biggest little brother I know.”

If your younger brother has gone through a growth spurt lately, you can play on the concept of being a not-so-little brother. This can be a good sentiment for a young teenager who’s starting to grow up. 

2. “I’m not going to lie, I really liked being an only child. But getting you as a brother was the best present I could have ever gotten.”

Not every older sibling welcomes the arrival of a little brother. If you’ve come to appreciate yours, it’s nice to spell that out for him. 

3. “Happy birthday, little brother! I may only be 2 minutes older, but I’m much wiser.”

Twins who were born first often like to tease the second-born twins for being younger. A birthday card is a great place to keep that ongoing joke running.  

4. “Not everyone gets along with their little brothers. I’m lucky to have the coolest younger brother in the world. Happy birthday!”

A birthday message provides the perfect occasion for you to wear your heart on your sleeve. No one can tease you for being too sappy when you send an earnest birthday message, after all.  

5. “I always wanted a little brother. When our parents got married, I finally got one! Thanks for making my wish come true.”

Blending families can be challenging, but also so beautiful. If you’re happy to have a younger stepbrother in your life, tell him how much you value him.

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Your Big Brother

Big brothers have a reputation for being protective. At the end of the day, a lot of that comes from a good place. Here are some messages that help you show appreciation for your big brother.  

6. “Thank you for not being the kind of big brother who threatens to beat up my boyfriends. I appreciate that you let me handle things myself. Happy birthday!”

There’s a big distinction between big brothers that are protective compared to big brothers that are overbearing. If your brother gives you room to fight your own battles, let him know what it means to you. 

7. “You’re more than just my big brother. You’re my best friend. Happy birthday!”

Sometimes the simplest messages can mean the most. This message is short but super sweet. 

8. “After dad died, you really stepped up to help take care of the family. I know how much you held us together. Thank you for going above and beyond for us.”

Sometimes older siblings take on additional roles to help support the family. If your big brother was one of them, acknowledge that. It’s never too late to show some appreciation. 

9. “Whenever mom and dad didn’t seem to understand me, you always had my back. Thanks for helping me feel so supported.”

Sometimes older siblings can relate to us better than our parents can. If your big brother ran interference for you back in the day, let him know you’re grateful. 

10. “Most people like their own birthdays. I like your birthday best because it gives me a chance to take care of you for once.”

If your big brother has cast himself in a protective role, he might not let you take responsibility for him. Use his birthday as an opportunity to spoil him a little. 

Funny ‘Happy Birthday, Brother’ WIshes

Siblings often shy away from overt shows of emotion. We’re often more comfortable expressing ourselves through humor. Here are some funny birthday wishes to share with your brother:  

11. “Happy birthday to my favorite brother! I know you’re my only brother. But if I had others you’d probably still be my favorite.”

If you have multiple brothers, you definitely shouldn’t put it in writing that one is your favorite. But if you only have one, it’s fair game. 

12. “I couldn’t decide what to get you for your birthday. So all I got you was this card. I hope you enjoy it!”

This joke works best if you actually did get a gift to accompany your card. But it can sure make for a fun fakeout. 

13. “Happy birthday to the coolest, smartest, most interesting person in the family. Oh wait, that’s me! But you’re okay, too.”

If your brother has plenty of self-esteem, this tongue-in-cheek message might help take him down a peg. 

14. “Happy 30th birthday! (Yes, I know you’re older than that, but if I’m going to start lying about my age, you have to as well.”

Jokes at other people’s expense are risky, especially on their birthday. Poking fun at yourself is always a safer option in a humorous birthday message. 

15. “I found this large-print card so you wouldn’t get eyestrain reading it. Happy birthday, old man!” 

Old age jokes on birthday cards are kind of an old trope. You can subvert the expectations by giving a card like this to a young person. 

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a Friend Who’s Practically a Brother

There’s a saying that goes, “friends are the family you choose”. If you have a friend in your life who may as well be a brother, let him know. Letting him know just how much value him can be better than any physical or digital gift.  

16. “Growing up as an only child to a single parent was lonely. When I met you, you didn’t just become my friend. You became the brother I never had.”

If your friend has brought an element of family to your life that you were missing, tell him thank you. 

17. “Even though you’re my cousin. You have always felt like more of a brother to me. Thanks for always being there for me.”

Some people are very close to members of their extended families. A close cousin or a young uncle can take on more of a brotherly role. This birthday message captures that.

18. “Your friendship has meant so much to me over the years. I’m closer to you than I am to some of my own family members. You’re not just my bro—you’re my brother.”

When it’s someone’s birthday, we can let ourselves be a little more vulnerable than we usually would. Open up to a brotherly figure in your life. 

19. “When my own family wasn’t there for me, you took me in and shared your family with me. You’re truly my brother.”

Not everyone is blessed with a supportive family. If someone saved you from a bad family situation, use a birthday message to express your gratitude. 

20. “You’re like the brother I never had (and never really wanted). I really do love you, though.”

Sometimes friends cast themselves in the role of a protector, even if we don’t ask them to. This sly message expresses thanks while still poking fun. 

‘Happy Birthday’ Brother Post Ideas for Facebook or Instagram

A birthday card is a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them on their birthday. But sometimes we want to let the whole world know just how special our brother is. These messages are good examples of what you could share on social media about your brother. Obviously, you should personalize them and make them more specific to you. 

21. “I know you’re having a great birthday away from the computer. But when you log back in, I wanted you to enjoy some good birthday wishes!”

Even if your brother won’t see your birthday message right away, you can still post it on his Facebook or social media page.

22. “Most of you know Ben as a great teacher and community leader. What you might not know is that he’s the best brother a person could ever ask for. Happy birthday, big brother!”

In a birthday message on social media, you can praise your brother’s accomplishments beyond your own relationship. 

23. “Mark isn’t someone who usually asks for attention. But on his birthday, I thought we should show him some love. Comment here with something you appreciate about him!”

You can emphasize the “social” part of “social media” by soliciting other birthday messages via their platform of choice.

24. “Look at this cute little guy! Hard to believe he grew up to be my brother. He still has the same smile, though.”

Social media birthday posts provide a great opportunity to show off nostalgic family photos. 

25. “Today we were lucky enough to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday. It was so nice to have the whole family together for the occasion. Happy birthday, Tyrone!”

Social media posts are also a good place to post photos of family get-togethers happening in the present time. In the years to come, they will become treasured memories. 

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Make Your Brother’s Birthday Better With Thoughtful Messages

Brothers can be exasperating and overbearing. They can also be sweet, kind, and your biggest cheerleader. On their birthday, show them how much you mean to them. Whether you send a card or take to social media, he’ll appreciate knowing you care. 

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