20 ‘Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle’ Messages


Just because a beloved uncle passed away, it doesn’t mean you can’t wish him a happy birthday. Commemorating your uncle’s birthday gives you a great way to honor him, remember his place in your life, and feel a little closer to him. 

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The messages, poems, and quotes in this article offer you several ways to wish your uncle a happy birthday when he’s celebrating up in heaven. 

How Can You Wish a Happy Birthday to a Deceased Uncle?

Choose one or two ways to celebrate your uncle's special day by saying "Happy birthday in heaven, Uncle."

Share a poem on social media

Sharing a birthday poem in honor of your uncle helps you celebrate and memorialize him. When you post a birthday poem in his honor, invite your friends and relatives to celebrate his life with you. Ask them to share in remembering what a wonderful person he was by commenting on the post with stories, anecdotes, and pictures.

Say a prayer

Many people pray and ask God to pass on their message to their loved ones in heaven. They might also pray directly to their loved ones. Either way, consider praying and wishing your uncle a happy birthday. Thank him for the good influence he was in your life and tell him what you miss about him. Speaking a message like this out loud can make you feel healed, soothed, and comforted as you think about your uncle and you celebrate his life.

Write him a letter, note, or birthday card

Similar to journaling, consider writing your uncle a letter, note, or even a birthday card. Share how thankful you are to have known him. Tell him anything you wish you could say if he were still alive, then seal it up. You can keep it in a keepsake box or even give it to his spouse to provide encouragement and show his spouse that you're thinking of him.

Visit his grave

Visiting your uncle's grave on the anniversary of his death or on special dates such as birthdays can help you reflect on special moments you shared. You may also want to clean the area and leave his favorite plant or flowers.

Do something in his memory

Doing something in your uncle’s honor offers another way to celebrate his special day and commemorate his life. His legacy continues as you do something special in his honor such as running a 5K, volunteering for his favorite charity, or planting a tree in his memory.

Hold a memorial birthday party

Would your relatives and friends love an opportunity to celebrate your uncle? Consider holding a memorial birthday party in his honor. Ask your loved ones to come with a special story or pictures to share.

‘Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle’ Messages to Share With His Loved Ones

Whether you’re sending a text to your uncle’s spouse, sharing a message on social media, or talking with loved ones in person, you can share several messages to commemorate your uncle's special day in heaven.

1. "Here’s wishing Uncle Joe a fantastic day of celebrating his birthday in heaven."

You can send this simple message in a text, email, or instant message to let the family know you’re thinking of your uncle.

2. "I bet Uncle Steve is having the biggest birthday party ever up in heaven today!"

Use this as a celebratory message to remember your uncle’s birthday when talking with family members.

3. "I know you miss Uncle Bob as much as I do. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of him on his special day."

Send a message like this to your uncle’s spouse or significant other. Let your loved one know he or she is not alone in missing your uncle.

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4. "Celebrating beloved Uncle Steven today. Let’s all share a memory or two!"

Use this message to send to multiple family members in a group chat on your uncle’s birthday.

5. "It’s hard to believe Uncle Tim would be 83 today. I’m going to plant a tree in his honor and celebrate his life today."

Planning to do something special to commemorate your uncle’s life? Let one of his close family members know. Your relative will feel thankful for your thoughtfulness.

‘Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle’ Messages to Share on Social Media

Social media gives you the perfect place to celebrate and remember your uncle. Use one of these messages below and invite friends and family to celebrate with you.

6. "Happy birthday in heaven to my Uncle Dan!"

This simple and straightforward message offers a “shout out” to your uncle.

7. "Today, my uncle would be [number] years old. I look forward to celebrating in heaven with him someday. Happy birthday, Uncle!"

Share how old your uncle would be and let people know that you look forward to celebrating with him one day.

8. "Celebrating my uncle today. He officially turned [number] years old up in heaven."

Let people know that you’re celebrating your uncle’s birthday. A post like this will encourage others to celebrate with you.

9. "For those of you who knew my uncle, you know he’s living it up and dancing on the streets of heaven today. I raise a toast to him on his birthday!"

Incorporate aspects of your uncle’s personality into your social media post. Did he love to celebrate his birthday with a specific tradition? Remind people about the fun-loving nature of your uncle with a post like this.

10. "Missing my uncle, especially today on his birthday. I'm crying and smiling as I remember him. Happy birthday, Uncle Aaron."

It’s natural to feel grief on special occasions like your uncle’s birthday. Post a message like this to let people know how you feel on your uncle's special day.

‘Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle’ Poems to Reflect On

Poems can provide the perfect outlet for reminiscing, remembering, and celebrating those we love. These poems should provide opportunities to think about the life of your uncle as you celebrate his birthday. Funeral poems can also provide plenty of reflection.

11. “On His Eightieth Birthday” by Walter Savage Landor

This poem talks about a birthday after the man’s spouse has already passed away. Though sad, the author describes wanting to be with his wife in heaven. If your uncle is with the one he loves in heaven, this poem can feel like a source of comfort.

12. “A Birthday Song: To S.G.” by Sidney Lanier

The lines of this poem reflect on life and death and speak of the excitement one experiences upon reaching heaven after a life well-lived.

13. “Birthday” by Robert William Service

Service describes all the things in life he enjoys, such as playing golf and enjoying birthdays. This poem helps those remember the kind of uncle who displayed a zest for life and enjoyed living it to the fullest.

14. “Stella's Birthday March 13, 1727” by Jonathan Swift

This birthday poem speaks rather humorously of old age. The writer admonishes the reader to forget the “approaching ills, spectacles, and pills” that accompany aging and simply enjoy the birthday at hand.

15. “To the Memory of Mrs. Lefroy Who Died December 16 — My Birthday” by Jane Austen

Austen writes about the difficulty of celebrating a special occasion because the day is overshadowed by death. Though this speaks about a friend of Austen’s, if you struggle with the emotions of pain and loss on your uncle’s birthday, this poem will likely bring you comfort.

‘Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle’ Quotes to Use

Whether you’re looking for a quote to post on social media, write a message to a family member, or share in a letter to your uncle, one of the quotes below should fit the occasion.

16. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” — Irish Proverb

Special days such as birthdays can remind us of the heartache of losing someone we love. But they can also provide us with an opportunity to remember the good times and memories enjoyed with that person.

17. “What is lovely never dies, but passes into another loveliness, star-dust or sea-foam, flower or winged air.” — Thomas Bailey Aldrich

This quote helps you focus on the fact that your loved one is in a better place and that a dear uncle has passed into the loveliness of heaven.

18. “I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought, and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories.” — Leo Buscaglia

This quote can be comforting if you had a particularly close relationship with your uncle. Your uncle’s influence continues on and you are now a part of his legacy.

19. “Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.” — Hebrew Proverb

Holidays and birthdays can remind us all too acutely that the person we loved isn’t with us anymore. Try and use this occasion to be thankful for the time and memories you had with your uncle and celebrate the life you shared together.

20. “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” — Helen Keller

Your uncle’s legacy and influence will continue on long after death. His stories, wit, hobbies, and memories you share become a part of you. Hold onto the memories you have with your uncle and let his legacy live on through you.

Remembering Your Uncle’s Special Day

Whether you take some time to privately commemorate your uncle’s birthday or share well wishes for him on a social media post, celebrating his special day can be deeply healing. Take this opportunity to stay connected to the person you loved by choosing to honor him on his birthday.


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