20+ ‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cousin’ Messages + Quotes


Cousins are unique members of the family that are part sibling, part best friend. Some of your earliest memories probably involve laughter, fun, and shenanigans with your cousins. When they pass away, a bit of your childhood, your identity, and yourself goes with them.

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One way to keep their presence and memory close is by celebrating their birthday. They may not be with you, but you can remember them by reading quotes and sharing messages about the unique and special relationship you shared.

‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cousin’ Quotes to Share

Special days such as holidays and loved one’s birthdays can be challenging when they’re no longer there to celebrate. Consider sharing these quotes to honor the life and memory of your cousin. Whether you choose passages that talk about the special bond you shared or “Rest in Peace, cousin” quotes, you can’t go wrong.

1. “Cousins are more than cousins; They are best friends that are there for us through it all.” - Heather Mills

Did you and your cousin have a close relationship? Share a quote like this to remember the bond you shared.

2. “Cousins are friends that will love you forever.” - Constance Richards

Your cousin may no longer be with you, but you can always carry the love they had for you. Nothing can take that away.

3. “We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” - Winnie The Pooh

This quote is especially true of the fun times cousins share. From holiday celebrations to summer vacations, the fun you shared with your cousin is a memory you’ll have with you forever.

4. “Cousins are people that are ready-made friends.” - Courtney Cox

You don’t have to be best friends with your cousin to enjoy spending time with each other or to miss their presence when they’re gone. Consider sharing this quote if you enjoyed spending time with your cousin and shared memories just like you would with friends.

5. “If you’re lucky, a cousin is there from the beginning.” - Susan Bolch

Cousins are often contemporaries, if not there from the very beginning. Did you grow up side-by-side with your cousin? Did they become more like a brother or sister than a cousin or friend? If so, consider sharing this quote in their honor.

‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cousin’ Poems to Share

If you enjoy poetry, consider sharing one of these poems to commemorate your cousin’s special day. You could also try to write your own poem to say happy birthday in heaven.

6. “Missing You On Your Birthday” - Anonymous

Some of the best grief poetry is written by unknown authors. This is one such poem: 

“As I visit your resting place
Upon this special day
Once more I feel the sadness
That will never go away.

For, ever since you’ve gone,
Life has never been the same
Yet, it comforts me to know
That one day we’ll meet again.”

7. “Happy Birthday in Heaven” - Unknown

This poem is written to wish a deceased loved one a happy birthday. The message comes from their family who miss them. Here are the first several lines:

“Birthday wishes sent to Heaven
From your family below
We miss and love you dearly
And we wanted you to know

Your birthday is not forgotten
And your memory lives on
We celebrate the life you had
Even though you’re gone.”

8. “Remembering You” - Unknown

This poem is short and sweet, sharing the message that even though someone is gone, they will never be forgotten. It goes like this:

“Time slips by and life goes on, 
But from our hearts you’re never gone,
We think about you always,
We talk about you, too,
We have so many memories
But we wish we still had you.”

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Personalized ‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cousin’ Messages to Share on Social Media

Social media is a perfect place to share a quote, poem, or message in your cousin’s honor for their birthday. Invite others to share memories with you, post happy birthday messages of their own, or upload pictures of times they spent with your cousin.

9. “Happy Birthday in Heaven, cousin. I know I’ll shed a few tears because you’re no longer here, but I’m going to celebrate your memory today.”

Are you planning on celebrating your cousin’s special day? Share it on social media and you might inspire others to do the same.

10. “My cousin would have been 35 today. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone. Here’s to my cousin, my business partner, and my best friend. Happy Birthday in Heaven.”

Remembering extra special birthdays can help you keep your cousin’s memory close. Consider sharing what your cousin meant to you in a message like this.

11. “To my childhood playmate, my teenage friend, and my adult confidant, I hope you have a wonderful birthday up in Heaven today.”

Did you have a special relationship with your cousin that started in childhood and continued as you both grew older? Honor that special friendship with a message like this on their birthday.

12. “Happy Birthday in Heaven to one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. By birth, you were my cousin. By choice, you were my friend.”

Was your cousin someone you looked up to, admired, or inspired you to be a better person? Honor them with a message like this if they were.

13. “Here’s me wishing my cousin a Happy Birthday in Heaven on his special day.”

Pair this simple message with a picture of you doing something in their honor. You could take a picture of yourself doing something as simple as lighting a memorial candle or eating a piece of cake, all the way to volunteering in their honor.

Personalized ‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Baby or Little Cousin’ Messages to Share on Social Media

Even though you might grow up into adulthood together, you’ll always see the youngest of your cousins in a special light. They’re a bit like your youngest sibling and special friend wrapped into one. Losing this member of your tribe can be especially difficult. Here are several messages to inspire you to share one of your own.

14. “Happy Birthday in Heaven to my baby cousin. You were always the one who could make us all laugh, get us into trouble, and make us do things we’d never do otherwise. Thanks for always bringing the fun and adventure.”

Did your cousin have a fun-loving personality that made cousin gatherings all the better? Share what made them special with a message like this.

15. “Happy Birthday to my little cousin who would have turned 25 today. Even though we were separated by seven years, we were as close as brothers. I miss you every day.”

Sharing how old your cousin would have been can help mark the passage of time and keep them close on special days like their birthday.

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16. “Baby cousin, today is your 48th birthday and you’re celebrating it up in Heaven. I suppose I shouldn’t keep calling you my baby cousin, but you’ll always be that little kid I went fishing with and taught guitar to. Miss you especially today.”

Do you have special memories with your baby cousin? Share them in a message like this to celebrate the life you enjoyed together.

17. “Little cousin, we all miss your sweet presence, laughter, and fun-loving spirit. Today is your birthday and the world is a little sadder down here. But that just means that Heaven is a whole lot happier. Hope you’re celebrating in style today.”

Do you want to share a message on behalf of all the cousins? Share a few lines like this, if you do. A tribute of this type can also be written or printed and included with birthday grave decorations if you plan on decorating their headstone.

18. “Today I’m running a 5K for cancer research in honor of my baby cousin’s birthday in Heaven. She would have been 20 today and cancer took her way too soon.”

If you plan on doing something special in your cousin’s honor, share what you plan to do. You might inspire others to join you.

Personalized ‘Happy Heavenly Birthday, Older or Big Cousin’ Messages to Share on Social Media

From teaching a new skill to providing sage advice, relationships between younger and older cousins are unique. Older cousins tend to treat younger cousins like younger siblings, without the squabbling and all the perks of being a friend. Celebrate that relationship by sharing a message like these.

19. “Cousin, you were always like a big brother to me. I still can’t believe you’re gone and I find it so hard not being able to text you. I hope you’re celebrating your birthday up in Heaven today.”

If you had a special relationship with your older cousin, share about it with a message like this.

20. “I’m celebrating my older cousin’s birthday today by running a 5K. She always inspired me to live my best life and getting fit was one of those things she encouraged me to do. Here’s to her!”

Did you and your cousin do special things together like running, hiking, or shopping? Consider participating in that activity on their birthday as a way to honor the special relationship you had together.

21. “Happy Birthday up in Heaven, cousin. When I was little, I thought you’d be around forever. Now that I’m grown up, I know you will. Your spirit, presence, and legacy are with me every day. Until we see each other again, Happy Birthday.”

There are many ways to honor a deceased loved one on their birthday. You can make this even more personal by sharing something specific you learned from them or how their life impacted you. A message like this is one way to affirm their lasting influence and legacy in your life.

Honoring a Cousin on Their Birthday

Cousins hold a special place in our hearts and lives, which stays true long after they are no longer with us. Honor their life and celebrate their memory by sharing a quote, poem, or special message on social media so others can celebrate them with you. Whether you do something in their honor or simply share a memory, you’ll keep their spirit alive by celebrating who they were.

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