25+ ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma’ Messages


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your mom and the maternal figures in your life. This is a special occasion just for them. Our lives are busy, and we might not always take the time we should to honor their actions and care throughout the years. The right Mother’s Day messages make all the difference. 

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It’s not always easy to know how to capture your feelings and gratitude into words. Whether you’re trying to honor your Grandma or another maternal figure, don’t be afraid to be honest. Wearing your heart on your sleeve lets her know you appreciate her being there for you. 

This year, make sure your mom has a heartfelt, meaningful message to make her heart soar. Luckily, we did the hard work with you to share thoughtful messages that resonate with the women in your life. Don’t worry about saying the “perfect” thing. The right message is anything that comes from the heart. 

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma’ Messages for a Card

First, don’t leave your Grandma out this mother’s day. A tribute to Grandma shows that you value this special relationship, no matter how near or far your grandma is now. For inspiration, use these messages below. 

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1. “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma! I’m so thankful you’re in my life.” 

This message might be short and sweet, but it’s packed with love. Expressing gratitude for having someone in your life shows them how much you care. 

2. “Happy Mother’s Day to my dear grandma. You’re so special to me.” 

It’s not always possible to share how much someone means to you. If you have a special, important relationship with your grandma, make sure she knows how much of a role this plays in your life. 

3. “Happy Mother’s Day, Nana. No matter the distance, I miss you every day. You’re always close to my heart.” 

This “Happy Mother’s Day” message is ideal if you’re separated by distance from your Grandma. We can’t always be physically close to those we love, but we can still show them we care in other ways. 

4. “You mean the world to me, Grandma! Thank you for making me the person I am today.” 

Sometimes our grandparents play a key role in our upbringing. If your grandma shaped you into the person you are, let her know that she is one of the most important people in your life. 

5. “Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so lucky to have such a loving, caring grandma in my life.”

Not everyone is blessed with a wonderful relationship with their grandparents. Taking the time to notice that this is a special gift highlights how important she is to you. You don’t take her for granted, and she knows how much that matters. 

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma’ Messages for a Text

Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to connect with those you love. Let your grandma know you’re thinking of her this Mother’s Day with one of these text message ideas. 

6. “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma. I love you to the moon and back.” 

Though simple, this message carries a lot of weight. It’s not always possible to put into words just how much you love someone, but you can certainly try.

7. “May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you bring me!” 

If your grandma was always there to bring joy to your childhood, wish her this same kindness on her special day. She’ll be glad to know you’re thinking of her. 

8. “Because of you, I’m me. Thank you, Grandma.” 

Grandmothers can play a leading role in our upbringings, often shaping us into the adults we become. Remind your grandma that her legacy lives on forever through you and those she impacts. 

9. “Grandma, thank you for always believing in me.” 

Our grandmas can be our biggest supporters. Even when our parents aren’t there, our grandparents might step in to become our biggest cheerleaders. This is something you’ll never forget. 

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10. “Happy Mother’s Day from your favorite grandchild!”

This laugh-out-loud message might be poking fun, but it still highlights the special relationship you share with your grandma. If you’re her so-called favorite (or only) grandchild, this is for you.

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma’ Messages to Share on Social Media

If you want to show off how amazing your grandma is on social media, there are so many ways to do so. A quick message seems small, but it also encourages others to reach out to their own grandparents on this special day. 

11. “To my beloved grandma, thank you for being the best role model. I love you forever!”

First, honor your grandma for being such an amazing role model. When we have healthy, respectful figures in our lives, we build a legacy on this compassion. 

12. “Wishing all the best to my grandma on Mother’s Day.” 

Though simple, this message is still a reminder to honor all grandparents on Mother’s Day. These maternal figures are just as big of an influence as mothers, and they play a huge role in family dynamics. 

13. “For my grandma, Happy Mother’s Day. I treasure your love every day.” 

A grandma’s love is worth everything. Make sure she feels heard and admired on this special day. 

14. “Thank you for always being there for me, Grandma. Happy Mother’s Day!”

If you're sharing messages of kindness on Mother’s Day, let everyone in your social circle know how much your grandma did for you. Even the small acts of kindness add up to a big impact. 

15. “Grandma, you make the world more beautiful because you’re in it.” 

Finally, share this special message on social media to recognize that the world is a different place because of your grandma. Without her, what would you do?

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma’ Quotes to Share

The right quotes about grandparents honor the person they were in your life growing up, as well as their long-term impact. Borrow these words of wisdom from the experts to honor your grandma this Mother’s Day. 

16. “Every house needs a grandmother in it.” (Louisa May Alcott)

The author of Little Women said it best. A house just isn’t a home without a grandmother’s touch. This is a special message perfect for Mother’s Day or any day. 

17. “Grandmother-grandchildren relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and strong on love.” (Janet Lanese)

Relationships with parents are often complicated, but the opposite is true with grandmothers. These are people who are there just to love you no matter what. 

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18. “A grandmother is a combination of warmth and kindness, love and laughter.” 

There’s a special brightness to grandmothers. They shine everywhere they go, and this type of affection is truly contagious. 

19. “A grandma remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes.” (Barbara Cage)

Grandmas have the sweetest memories. Even though you might not be perfect (no one is), they love you all the same. They bring out the best in us. 

20. “Grandmothers are voices of the past and role models of the present. Grandmothers open the door to the future.” (Helen Ketchum)

Last but not least, grandmothers play a key role in creating the people who lead the world today. They use their wisdom from the past to set a strong precedent for the future, but they also encourage you to always embrace who you are. 

‘Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Grandma’ Messages

Finally, how do you honor a grandma who is no longer with you on earth? If you’ve said goodbye to your grandma, you can still make sure her memory is alive and well no matter the time of year. These “Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven” messages put everything in perspective. 

21. “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma. Today and every day, I celebrate you and the legacy you leave behind.” 

Everyone leaves a legacy when they’re no longer here. Grandmothers imprint upon the lives of their children and grandchildren, and that’s something you honor every day. 

22. “To my grandma in Heaven, thank you for all of the memories. I cherish them every day.” 

Thinking of the memories you have with your special grandma can bring joy in times of grief. Though it’s normal to miss your loved one, you can still reflect on the happiness you shared. 

23. “Grandma, your wisdom, compassion, and joy still live on every day. Thank you for everything.” 

Again, honoring your grandma for her best qualities is one of the many ways to keep her legacy alive. Her brightness rubbed off on all those who knew her, and that’s worth sharing again and again. 

24. “Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma in Heaven. Thank you for showing me what it looks like to be a strong woman.” 

If your grandma was the definition of a strong woman, let the world know. We all need role models to set these standards for who we’ll become. Even if she’s gone, she’ll never be forgotten. 

25. “Dear Grandma, I miss you every day.” 

Finally, don’t be afraid to express your emotions when saying “Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Grandma.” Though it can be intimidating to put these feelings out there, you’re never alone. Your grandma’s memory is closer than you think, and we can all relate to the experience of losing someone important. 

Honor Your Grandma on Mother’s Day

Ultimately, Mother’s Day is a chance to honor the women in your life who were there for you. While this day is usually about mothers, it’s also an opportunity to thank your Grandma for all she’s done for you. Even if you’re separated by distance or Heaven, she’s still a part of you. These relationships are what build us into the people we become. They’re also a part of the legacies we leave behind. 

How do you honor the special people in your life? Taking the time to let others know how we feel is one of the best ways to live without regrets. We all have a limited time on this earth. Make the most of each chance to speak your truth. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that you’ll never know when your time is up. If your grandma meant the world to you, make sure she knows how much you value her in your life. She truly is a blessing.

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