30+ 'Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven' Messages


Holidays and special dates on the calendar can prove especially challenging after we’ve lost someone we love. Even when we know they are in a better place, their presence can be especially missed on these days. 

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Remembering loved ones on the holidays can be a helpful way to keep them close. Use these messages to pay tribute to your loved one by wishing them a happy Valentine's Day in Heaven.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven Quotes to Share

Example of a "Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven" quote over an image of roses

Quotes can provide a meaningful way to communicate your love for a loved one in Heaven. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day after a death or your 10th, use these quotes to share how you feel.

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1. “No matter how much time and space may come between us, I still feel you.” by  Ken Poirot

Your loved one may no longer be on Earth, but even the distance between Earth and Heaven doesn’t have to diminish your love for each other.

2. “Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone—we find it with another.” by Thomas Merton

Did you find meaning in life when you met the one you loved? This quote is for you.

3. “In a world full of temporary things, you are a perpetual feeling.” by Sanober Khan

Even though you may be separated by death, the feeling of love can endure forever.

4. “I was always afraid to love too much—now I fear that I loved you too little.” by Laura Chouette

This serves as a good reminder to love those in your life as fully and completely as possible.

5. “As a flower can't bloom without sunshine so a life can't flourish without love.” by Debasish Mridha, MD

Read this quote as a tribute to your loved one who helped your life flourish like a flower.

6. “A true love is just an untouched feeling toward a beloved one.” by Arbab J. Edhi

Even death can’t touch the feeling of love. No matter how long they’ve been gone, love can endure. If this speaks to you, consider placing this message on a card or other mementos to leave at a grave on Valentine’s Day.

7. “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” by Judy Garland

Love goes far beyond the physical and impresses itself on our hearts and souls.

Happy Valentines Day in Heaven Messages for a Parent

Would you like to remember your parent by sharing a message on their memorialized social media page or by placing a note on their grave? Use one of these messages below.

8. “Mom, it’s been two Valentine’s Days that you haven’t been here now. I’m keeping your love close today and always.”

Marking the years since your loved one has been gone can provide perspective and help keep them close.

9. “Happy Valentine's Day, Dad. You were my first love, my first dance, and the first guy I ever looked up to. Missing you especially today.”

Did your dad take you on your first father/daughter date and teach you to dance before homecoming? Share this message with him on Valentine’s Day.

10. “Mom, you showed me what love really looked like. Thanks for loving us kids through thick and thin.”

Thank your mom for showing you what sacrificial love looked like.

11. “Stepdad, thank you for loving our family from day one. You may not be here, but you’ll always be my Dad.”

Thank your dad for stepping in and loving your family.

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12. “Mom-in-Law, we miss you like crazy today. We’ll be making your special heart-shaped cookies that you made every year. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Did your mother-in-law make all the holidays special and include you in them? Honor her by continuing one of her Valentine’s traditions.

13. “Mom, it’s hard to imagine you’re not here decorating the entire house to celebrate the holidays like today. Maybe I’ll decorate in your honor. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Do something in your mom’s honor to remember her in a special way on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day in Heaven Messages for a Partner or Spouse

Example of a "Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven" message for a partner over an image of hearts

Share these messages with your partner or spouse to remember them on the special day you shared.

14. “My wonderful husband, today I think of your smile, your hugs, your laughter, and most of all, your love. I miss you. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Recount your favorite things about your spouse with a message like this.

16. “My dear wife, I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day by looking at pictures of our wedding day. I wish you were here to look at them with me. You are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Remembering the beauty of your wedding day can be a special way to remember your spouse on a date like Valentine’s Day.

16. “Do you know what I miss the most about this day? The way you’d sarcastically roll your eyes at the grocery aisles filled with boxed chocolates, candy, and fake roses. Happy Valentine's Day, Jerry.”

Did your spouse or partner strongly dislike Valentine’s Day? Did they think it was a holiday created by Hallmark? Remember them with a message like this.

17. “Stacy, Valentine’s Day is especially hard without you here. I loved the way your eyes sparkled when you looked at me, how your hand felt in mine, everything about you. I miss you, heart and soul.”

What did you love the most about your spouse or partner? Include those things in your message.

18. “My dear, I can’t express how much I miss you today. I think I’ll go to our favorite restaurant just to keep you close. Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven. I’m thinking of you down here.”

Did you and your spouse or partner do something special every Valentine’s Day? Consider returning to a favorite place or restaurant to honor them and keep them close.

19. “Valentine's Day just isn’t the same without your laughter and hugs. I don’t know if I can celebrate until we meet again. Here’s to that day. Happy Valentine’s.”

It’s OK if you’re struggling with holidays like Valentine’s Day. It’s also OK if you wait to celebrate again until you meet in Heaven.

20. “Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven, sweetheart! I’m thinking of you especially today on one of your favorite days of the year.”

Did your spouse or partner love celebrating Valentine’s Day? Remember their enthusiasm for the special day in a message like this.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven Messages for a Sibling

Remember your sibling on Valentine’s Day with one of these messages to send their way.

22. “Happy Valentine’s Day, big brother. Thanks for always being there for me and taking me out on brother/sister dates when I didn’t have a date of my own. You were the best.”

Was your brother the protective, fun-loving kind that took you out on dates when you didn’t have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Remember the things he used to do for you with a message like this.

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23. “Sis, I know how much you loved this day, so I’m going to celebrate in your honor. I’ll be paying it forward at the drive-thru line today, just like you did every year.”

If your sibling used Valentine’s Day to pay it forward, carry on the tradition to honor them. This is a creative way to honor a loved one or memorialize someone you loved.

24. “Amy, Valentine’s Day just isn’t the same without you. I miss making cookies and getting dressed up fancy and going on a sister date. I’m thinking of you today.”

Did you and your sister share special traditions? Remembering fun times you shared can help keep them close.

25. “Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven to the best twin sister a girl could ever ask for. Miss you today!”

Death may part you from a beloved sister, but thinking of them can help keep their memory alive.

26. “Happy Valentine's Day in Heaven, Sis. We all wish you were here.”

This is simply stated, but the short message is deeply meaningful.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Heaven Messages for a Friend

Example of a "Happy Valentine's Day in heaven" message for a friend with an image of a flower bouquet

Valentine's Day is a holiday that we share with friends starting in the early days of childhood. Continue this tradition even though they’re no longer present with messages like these.

27. “Thank you for showing me what true and lasting friendship looked like. You were the best. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Did you have a friend that unconditionally loved you through the ups and downs of life? Thank them on Valentine’s Day with a message like this.

28. “I miss you a ton today, Sandy. You were the best friend a girl could have. Thank you for your years of friendship. Happy Valentine's Day.”

If you lost your best friend, send them a little love on Valentine’s Day with this message.

29. “Royce, I’m thinking of you and celebrating Valentine’s Day in your honor. Thank you for always being there for me and being someone I could count on. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Was your friend the kind that would always show up when you needed a helping hand? Remember them on Valentine’s Day.

30. “When you went to Heaven, a little spark of brightness left the world. I’m going to light a candle at church in your honor today to represent the brightness of your life. Love you, friend. Happy Valentine's Day.”

Do something special to honor the life of your friend and tell them about it in a message like this.

31. “Happy Valentine's Day to the gal who inspired me to love those around me and do good to everyone.”

Was your friend the kind that could always make you laugh, make you feel special, or inspire you to become a better person? Remember them with a message like this on Valentine’s Day.

Remembering Your Loved Ones On the Holidays

Holidays can be difficult after the death of a loved one. Sharing messages on social media or writing a card and placing it on their grave can help keep their memory alive and their love close. 

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