Headstone Epitaph Ideas for Fathers & Grandfathers


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Most of us don’t give much thought to what we want on our gravestone after we die, though this forms a vital part of our legacy for years to come. After you purchase your headstone, all you need is a quick stroll through your local cemetery to see endless tributes by which someone is remembered, also known as an epitaph. 

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The phrase written on a gravestone in memory of someone who died does more than just list their name and important dates. It’s a window into their life, giving all family members and those who pass by a way to learn something about this person. Whether it was that the deceased was a beloved father or always knew what to say, an epitaph is one of the best ways to pay tribute to a loved one. 

While losing a father or a grandfather is never easy, you can honor their memory in many ways, whether it's with a cremation diamond, an online memorial page, or with a heartwarming epitaph. Create a tribute that lasts beyond the grave with one of these 21 epitaphs for a father or grandfather. 

Tip: If you've lost a father or grandfather, writing an epitaph might be just one of your post-loss responsibilities. Our post-loss checklist can help you sort through it all. 

Headstone Epitaph Ideas for Fathers

How do you sum up someone who played such a large role in your life? Your father’s epitaph might be limited by cost, space, and family member’s opinion. Luckily, these ideas above are a good fit for most situations. 

1. He was beloved in life. 

For those that were loved by all, this simple message is a great way to dedicate something in loving memory of who they were. 

2. He had kind words for everyone. 

Some fathers are kind, gentle souls. If your father always had something nice to say, honor this legacy with a nod to his giving life. Kindness is always worth celebrating. 

3. To those who loved him, his memory never grows old. 

Death does little to separate us from the ones we love. Though your dad may no longer be with your family, his memory is something that will never age. 

4. A loving father and husband.

Though simple, don’t underestimate the weight of this message. For a family man, being a loving, memorable father and husband is the greatest honor one can receive in life—what a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived. 

5. The world is a better place because he was here. 

While it’s hard to see the positives when someone you love is no longer here, consider what an impact someone made during their life. Time is fleeting, and we’re all given limited time with those we love. Using the epitaph to honor this short time together is a touching goodbye. 

6. The world’s loss was Heaven’s gain. 

For those who believe in Heaven and Hell, knowing that your loved one is in a better place is a source of great comfort. Honor this passage into the afterlife with a nod to his presence in Heaven. 

7. His true wealth was in his kind heart. 

Everyone carries different gifts in their heart, and some carry kindness around like their own personal brand of wealth. Honor your father’s memory by remembering who they were and how they’ll be remembered. 

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Headstone Epitaph Ideas for Grandfathers

Grandfathers might be with us for a short time, but they’re an honored connection to our lineage. They bridge the gaps between old and young, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to give to all family members. Honor your grandfather with these epitaphs. 

8. Once met, never forgotten.

Some people make a unique impression on everyone they meet. These rare souls are hard to forget, so honor your grandfather by reminding the world he was here. 

9. He was loved and remembered. 

Sometimes, short and simple is best. Less really is more when it comes to an epitaph, and this message is a simple reminder that your grandfather is remembered by his loving family. 

10. He led a long life well-lived. 

Losing a grandparent is never easy. Nothing eases this pain completely, but it helps to look back on just how fulfilling their life was. Your grandfather had a lifetime of experience and excitement, and this is worth everything. 

11. He followed his dreams. 

There are few things more inspiring in life than following one’s dreams. If your grandfather chased his dreams, acknowledge this great feat in his epitaph. 

12. To unpathed waters, undreamed shores. 

This quote from William Shakespeare is the perfect fit for the grandfather who was unafraid of anything. Death truly is one of life’s great adventures, and this doesn’t have to be a scary uncertainty. 

13. To find peace is to know nature. 

For the nature lover, returning to the Earth is a way to find peace. Honor your grandfather’s passion for the great outdoors with a tribute to Mother Nature. 

14. A very special man.

Sometimes it’s not easy to sum someone up into words, especially when he’s a complex person with a wealth of experience. Honor their unique soul with this epitaph idea. 

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Funny Headstone Epitaph Ideas for Dads

Dads are notorious for their puns, so why not turn their legacy into a pun? Death puns are the ultimate dad joke. This is the best way to make sure they have the last laugh!

15. I know something you don’t.

One of life’s greatest mysteries is what happens after death. This subtle sign of humor pokes fun at the fact that your father now knows the answer to this great mystery, and he’s taunting everyone from the grave. 

16. Finally has the best parking spot. 

For the dad who’s always complaining about parking, the grave is its own form of permanent parking. That’s one way to get a premium spot! 

17. Finally some peace and quiet. 

Some dads just want to be left to rest. Death is eternal peace and quiet, and that might be a blessing in itself. 

18. He loved whiskey and his family. 

No matter your dad’s favorite beverage, honor his true love (and his other love — his family) with a funny joke from beyond the grave. 

19. Maybe the kids will stop arguing now. 

For a dad with multiple kids, he knows just how frustrating the bickering can be. Poking fun at this family feuding from beyond the grave gives him the upper hand for the rest of eternity. 

20. Shit happens. 

This simple message is a nod to the things in life out of our control. This epitaph might not be the sweetest, but it sure is short and easy to remember!

21. Who turned off the lights?

It might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. This joke pokes fun at the idea that it’s dark down there 6 feet under.

Honor Their Legacy with a Message

It’s hard to say goodbye to those we love. It’s even harder to write that goodbye on a permanent headstone that’s designed to stand the test of time. How do you put into words a lifetime of memories and experiences? While it’s not possible to give a full picture of your father or grandfather, you can use your epitaph as a final farewell. 

What words will you leave with those you love? How do you want to be remembered? Whether you’re choosing an epitaph for yourself or a loved one, make sure you’re crafting the narrative you want to tell. We are all authors of our own legacy, but we’re also the contributors to the stories of those we love. 

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