67 Ideas for Short Headstone Sayings & Quotes for Mothers


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Moms help us find the right path, travel the right road, and learn from our mistakes. So it’s essential to dedicate the best words to them. Before choosing a quote or buying a headstone you should consider their occupations, religious devotions, and surviving family. 

Remember that timeless sayings can be more impactful or resonant, but you should choose something that is appropriate for your mother and the person she was. Lyrics and poems may lend some inspiration for this inscription, too.

If choosing a headstone quote is just part of your responsibilities after your mother's death, our post-loss checklist can help you understand what comes next. 

1. A Mother is a Mother Still; The Holiest Thing Alive

This shows that even after death a mother, her influence is never gone. 

2. A Mother’s Love Like and Imperishable Sun Can Not Go Out

The love of a mother is ever-present.

3. Nothing is so Painful to The Human Mind as a Great and Sudden Change

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley lost her mother at an early age, so her words can convey what you feel during your loss.

4. Mom-Just a Closer Walk with Thee

You’re lucky if you can call your mom a friend.

5. An Inspiration to All

Some mothers are known as neighbors and friends—their love echoes through their tireless commitment to their intimate community.

6. A Mother’s Love Grows by Giving

Motherhood is the most profound job ever chosen.  

7. When She Had Passed, It Seemed Like the Ceasing of Music

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The end of the music that was a mom’s love can make the world seem like a dreary place.

8. A Woman of Grace and Dignity

Your mother always walked tall and showed respect and love to all. You want to celebrate that part of her. 

9. Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister

Although used often, this quote speaks to the roles she played in the greater landscape of  family and life.

10. Devoted Wife, Loving Mother

Women can easily navigate being a strong companion to their partner, as well as a devoted parent to their children. 

11. Greatly Loved and Sadly Missed

Forever in your heart, and internally in your soul.

12. An Angel Visited the Green Earth and Took a Flower Away

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In the same way that every flower is unique, every mother is too. 

13. Gardening in Heaven

For the mom who worked tirelessly in her garden before her death, and now will eternally plant flowers in Heaven.

14. Love on Earth, May the Heavens Open Its Arms to You

After creating such a loving space on Earth, mom will now be greeted with loving arms in Heaven.

16. Teacher

Mothers can be teachers by profession, but also a teacher in life.

17. Doctor

The heard-earned years it took to become a doctor is to be commended.

18. Mother

A simple epitaph is a perfect option.

19. Friend

When the relationship you have with your mom moves beyond the parent child boundary, and you want to honor that.

20. Artist

If she was a skilled painter, poet, songbird, or potter, then your mom’s art held great importance in life.

21. The End and the Reward of Toil is Rest 

This saying by James Beattie recognized the arduous work that women go through to make life happen. 

22. There is No Parting in Heaven

When the end has come, you can rest comfortably knowing you will see her again.

23. To Live in the Hearts of Others is Not to Die

When their spirit lives ever-present in your life, they still exist.

24. We Know God is Taking Care of You Now

You can find solace in death when you know that God is there to take care of your mom.

25. What a Wonderful Life!

To summarize an Irish blessing—the road has risen to meet her, the wind has always been at her back, the sun has often shone brightly, and regardless of any avarice, your mom has succeeded in health, life, and love.

26. My Wife, [Name]

Honoring the role your mother played in the life of her partner. 

27. You are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Helping you remember that your mom always brought light and laughter to your life.

28. May God Grant You Eternal Rest, Dear Mother

You are honoring everything your mother did during her life, and hoping that she will rest peacefully in Heaven. 

29. She Loved People and Laughter

The wisest women know to appreciate the little things that give us the most significant amounts of joy, the most solid friendships, and the best avenues for release. 

30. Resting with Those She Loved

Recall your mom’s thoughts about family, pets, or friends who have passed, and honor that she is with them now.

31. She Walked in Beauty

Mothers can affect their surroundings with just their presence, and bring beauty into the most basic things. 

32. To Know Her Was to Love Her

Some moms resonate love and acceptance without words.

33. There Goes the Neighborhood

Having a sense of humor about the finality of death can be a powerful attribute.

34. Nobody’s Perfect

She even understood all of your problems before you and better than you. Nobody is perfect.

35. She Never Voted for Republicans and Had Little to Do with Them 

If your mom had been a die-hard Democrat, she would appreciate this epitaph. You can adjust it depending on her political affiliation.

36. I Miss You

True in every respect.

37. I am Grateful for You

When words are too much for a simple headstone, maybe they need to be too much for a simple thought.

38. I Will Wait for You Tonight

Be it a sunrise or sunset, life and death meet at a crossroads. Your mom will meet you there.

39. She Asked for So Little but Gave So Much

For the woman who was devoted to everyone and everything she loved but expected so little in return.

40. No One Spread More Love in One Lifetime

Mothers spread their love to their children and family, but some mothers can make the whole world feel like they’re under her wing.

41. Generous of Heart

This term of endearment is a shorter version of the previous epitaph. The thoughts equally regard mom for being able to care for all who crossed her path.

42. Our Family’s Heart

The matriarch of the family is the most influential, most indelible figure in a family and carries with her the weight of everyone’s truth.

43. She Loved Three Things—a Glass of Wine, a Good Joke, and a Handsome Man

Some women are sassy, exuberant, but filled with delight. Celebrating this will honor your mom for her personality.

44. Her Friends Were Her World

Bingo, cards, book club, martinis, or tea. If your mom filled her spare time with girls night out as often as possible or traveled the world with her friends, she would appreciate this commemoration. 

45. Heaven Awaits This Mother 

The perfect epitaph for a mom who was devoted to God and also deserving of His love.

46. Selfless Love

Moms often give more than they receive but don’t demand much in return.

47. Loving Mother

A consensus of feeling from all of her children.

48. She Inspired Us All

This inscription makes the passersby stop and wonder who this notable person was in life.

49. And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

Trumpets and wings will guide your mom to rest in the garden of heaven.

50. No One Spread More Love in a Lifetime

Your mom always shared her love with those around her.

51. There Was Grace in Her Steps, Love in Every Gesture

Sweet ladies become sweet mothers, who in turn, speak and act with kindness to all around them.

52. She Touched Everyone with Special Love and Kindness

For the mom who had that certain way about her unlike anyone else you have witnessed or heard.

53. Earth has No Sorrow that Heaven Cannot Heal

Your family has lost a beautiful and treasured soul, but have comfort knowing she will be in Heaven waiting for you.

54. Peace is Thine and Sweet Remembrance is Ours

An inscription to reassure your mom that you would carry on her legacy in your heart.

55. The Acts of This Life are the Destiny of the Next

This Eastern proverb is perfect for the compassionate woman who knew that her actions mattered most to her children, but also to everyone or everything she touched.

56. When You are Sorrowful, Look Again

Lebanese-American poet and philosopher Gibran Khalil Gibran's words assure you that with time, your sorrow will lessen and you will begin to remember only the good parts.

57. From Joy All Beings Have Come and Unto Joy They All Return

We are born from stardust, and we will return to the stars.

58. People Living Deeply Have No Fear of Death

If your mom was not one to neglect the small things and to consider all things, then she certainly lived her best life.

59. She is Not Far Away

Memories will always keep your mom most near to your heart.

60. Too Well Loved Ever to be Forgotten

When a matriarch in the community passes away, friends, family, and acquaintances will keep your mom in their collective thoughts.

61. Resting with Those She Loved

Your mom had a mother and father, brothers, and sisters, and they will all be happy to see her again.

62. To Know Her Was to Love Her

A beautiful quote to convey just how easily your mom gained the love of everyone she met.

63. Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed

The perfect epitaph for the mother who was a guiding presence in all her children’s lives. 

64. God Called Her from Among Us to a Home of Eternal Rest

Sometimes moms are taken too quickly from us, but we hope that she will find everlasting peace.

65. A Woman of Rare Understanding and Generous Heart

A woman with the gift of insight is a woman of great compassion.

66. Beloved Mother, Our Guide, and Our Counselor

A mother whose courage to travel slowly and beside her children is a mom who knows that true wisdom is a journey, not a race.

67. Life is Not Forever, Love is

Death is the same for all of us. But for those of us who are truly lucky, we are made exclusive by the love of a beautiful mother.

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