30+ Get Well Wishes for After a Heart Attack


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They don’t say “serious as a heart attack” for no reason. If someone in your life has suffered a heart attack, it’s hard to find the words for get well wishes or know the best thing to say to someone in the hospital.

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The truth is, the most important part is you say something and share your love and support. Consider the following get well wishes for the person in your life recovering from a heart attack. 

Get Well Wishes After a Family Member's Heart Attack

Hearing news of a loved one’s heart attack will surely stir up worry and anxiety for you, but sending well wishes should only show confidence in your loved one’s recovery. Choose a message that fits your relationship with your family member and sends comfort. 

1.“Thinking of you and sending all the healing and positive vibes your way!”

A straightforward message will do the trick. Letting your loved one know you’re thinking of they are enough in most cases! 

2. “I have always known your strength. Thinking of you now and always!”

After a heart attack, doctors oversee your loved one and may prescribe changes in lifestyle and medications. A great way to send well wishes: Providing support and reminding your loved one that they are strong enough to get through it all is a great way to send well wishes. 

3. “We’re all rooting for a speedy recovery!” 

Send a quick and sweet message from the entire family to offer support during this hard time. 

4. “Please don’t worry about anything other than getting better. We are handling the day-to-day tasks at your house and everything is under control. Rest and get well!”

Take care of the day-to-day chores and stress for your loved one who needs to recover. Offering to take care of things shows your support and love more than anything else. 

5. “We’re here if you need us. Remember, you can lean on us during this time and we’re more than happy to help.”

Some people aren’t keen on depending on others or showing vulnerability. Be the one to bring it up and insist on helping to assure your loved one that it’s okay to be vulnerable right now. 

6. “We’re praying for your quick and successful recovery every day!”

If your loved one is a religious or spiritual person, they’ll be pleased to hear you’re praying for hthem. 

7. “I can’t wait to squeeze you again! Feel better!”

This lighthearted message is a nice way to show you care and wish your loved one a quick recovery. 

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Get Well Wishes After a Friend’s Heart Attack

A friend can be just as close to you as family. Well wishes to friends can be just as loving, but remember to keep it positive! 

8. “Get well soon! I miss having you around!”

Throw in a mention of your weekly hangout or plans to make it even more personal. 

9. “How are you feeling? I am here for you and love you so much!”

Open a dialogue to allow your friend to talk through this scary situation and share thoughts and feelings. 

10. “I can’t be there in person, but I promise my heart is right there with you. Wishing you well!”

For the long-distance friendship, a get well message means the world. 

11. “I promise this is temporary. We’ll be up to our usual hijinks soon enough!”

In hard times, it can help to remember everything is temporary and look forward to better days. 

12. “I will save you the stress for the coming weeks and stop texting you my live reactions to “The Bachelor.” Get better so we can hang out!”

Go the silly route with a shout-out to your weekly texting reactions to your sports games or reality shows.

13. “You’re growing stronger every day. Keep pushing! We’re here to support you every step of the way!”

It takes a lot of physical and mental strength to overcome a heart attack and fully recover. Remind your loved one that when he feels weak, you’re there for every step. 

14. “Let me know what you need and I’ll send over a care package!”

Who doesn’t love a good care package? 

15. “I hate to see my friend going through this, but I know you’ll get better soon!”

It’s hard to see a friend you love struggling. Remind your friend how much you care and end on a positive note. 

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Get Well Wishes After a Colleague’s Heart Attack

Obviously, your relationship with a loved one after a heart attack is different than with a colleague after a heart attack. Here’s how you can share well wishes with a colleague.

16.  “Get well soon! We miss you at the office!”

This message is straightforward but kind. Throw in mention of lunch breaks or office parties to personalize it even more. 

17. “Take all the time you need to get better.”

Unfortunately, just because someone is sick doesn’t mean the world comes to a stop. Work continues and it’s a relief to know it doesn’t have to be a worry. 

18. “We’re thinking about you all the time. The office feels empty without your contagious laugh!”

Make your sick colleague feel more like a friend by sharing why you miss them around the office. 

19. “Don’t worry, I’m watering your plant!”

Similar to responsibilities at home, the colleague may be leaving things unattended at work. It’s nice to let them know it’s being taken care of. 

20. “Sending a card from all of us at the office to brighten your day. Wishing you well as soon as can be!”

Bring the office together with a card signed by everyone as a boost of support and love. 

21. “You’re a part of this work family and we won’t be whole until you’re back. Get well soon!”

A nod to the place they hold in your office is a nice way to show the office misses them, and it’s not just a person missing, but a member of your work family. 

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Funny Get Well Wishes for After a Heart Attack

If it’s the right person who can appreciate a silly message, a funny message might be the perfect way to let in some comic relief during this scary and serious time!

22. “Good thing you’re recovering. You can’t get away from us that easy!”

From the crazy family or friends who want to get a laugh out of their loved one surviving this heart attack. 

23. “Sorry your body betrayed you!”

This message is sure to bring a smile to a friend or loved one’s face. How dare your heart do this to you?

24. “Please just listen to me this one time and take it easy so you can get well!”

Here’s a funny message you can use! 

25. “I knew that sports team would give you a heart attack one day!”

For the sports fanatic with the not-so-great team.

26. “Does this mean I need to change my eating habits, too? I’ll just hide my snacks.”

This heart attack will probably require changes to diet and lifestyle — but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to give up the donuts, right? 

27. “Was this your way of getting out of hosting game night?!”

Make a joke about this heart attack as if it could be planned or coordinated around something they didn’t want to do! 

28. “You almost gave me a heart attack when I heard the news! Get better!”

When you heard the news, I’m sure you felt a lot of emotions all at once. 

29. “Your heart kinda stinks but that’s okay. I still love you!”

Make a silly joke about your friend or loved one’s heart with a sweet ending that confirms your unconditional love. 

30. “I think it’s time for you to get better — I’m bored!”

This is clearly a silly way to get a laugh out of your loved one, who wants to feel better just as much as you want them to! 

Send Your Support 

Whether you want to be serious or funny, you can send your heart attack get well wishes in a sweet message that shows your love and support.

A get well gift is also a nice way to aid their recovery. The most important part is you show up with a card, text message, email, or care package to show your love and support.

If you're looking for more ways to show you care, read our guides on how to say get well soon mom and how to send a funny get well message.

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