16 Ways to Say, ‘Heaven Gained an Angel’: Poems + More


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When others grieve a profound loss, sometimes it helps them imagine their friends or loves as part of heaven’s newest angels. Thankfully, there are several poems, quotes, and messages out there to help ease their pain.

Gift Ideas to Pair with Your Message

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Scroll through the list below for ideas on what to write in sympathy cards or type on social media pages. Or search through the poems for something to read at a memorial service. Just keep in mind the audience and the relevance.

‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Messages for a Sympathy Card

‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Messages for a Sympathy Card

If you’re sending cards along with flowers or sympathy gift baskets to the family, take a look at these short messages.

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1. “There must be Borrowed Angels, here in this life / They come along, into this world, and make this world bright / But they can't stay forever / Cause they're heaven sent / And sometimes, heaven needs them back again.” Kristen Chenoweth

Kristen Chenoweth’s message is an excerpt from “Borrowed Angels,” which works as a funeral song about angels. Write the short passage in a card to accompany a small gift or along with some flowers for a friend or coworker who’s lost someone near and dear. 

2. “It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels, but because they do not expect holiness from one another, but from God alone.” – William Blake

Deeply religious family and friends will appreciate the words of William Blake as he explains the holy hierarchy of devils, men, angels, and God. Blake recognized that men often anticipate too much from one another, whereas angels have the perfect vision for expectations of holiness.

If it works, include any additional words or thoughts stating that their loved one is now one of the chosen few who experience that holiness.

3. “The worst thing a parent can go through is having to give their sweet Angel back to heaven.” – Toni Kane

Losing a child falls no shorter than devastation. If you know the family well, be sure to leave some sorry for your loss messages throughout their social media pages, but don’t forget to send them a very personal card, too. 

Family members will often read those intimate cards repeatedly as they continue to search for any kind of comfort available to them. 

4. “When it comes to leaving earth for heaven, there’s nothing to worry about. God wants you home so much that He’ll send His angel to meet you. And don’t be surprised if the angel is wearing a big smile.” – Larry Libby

Help others to visualize angels greeting and guiding home loved ones after they’ve passed with this passage. Give them a short break from their grief to imagine the journey alongside an angel to return to a place where they’ll be greeted and loved.

While the quote doesn’t explicitly say that heaven gained an angel, you can certainly include some additional words to supplement Larry Libby’s message.

‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Poems to Share on Social Media or at a Memorial

‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Poems to Share on Social Media

Sharing poems on social media or at a memorial can have a meaningful effect on readers or those in attendance.

5. “Heaven Got Another Angel” – Gordon True

Gordon True’s tribute to a lost love is both touching and beautiful. Here’s a small excerpt:

Heaven got another angel the night you left this world behind
Heaven got a little better the day that it took you away from me
I'm missing you tonight
I'll see you again sometime
For now, I'll close my eyes
And dream of heaven tonight

The poem will work for social media and a memorial, but make sure there’s some tissue as it can bring a room to tears.

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6. “Heaven’s Gained Another Angel” – AnnieBirnie

Anniebirne’s poem, “Heaven’s Gained Another Angel,” is written from the perspective of a long-lost love. That means it’ll work for that person who lost touch with their old flame many years ago. 

However, given its sensitive nature and timing, it’s best to post the poem on your page instead of any family pages. Take note that while it may bring you closure, the timing could be wrong for grieving people.

7. “God Took Another Angel Home” – Christina Wallace

Christina Wallace’s poem takes place in a hospital room as the family watches their loved one slip away. As it often is, loved ones hold on long enough for their goodbyes and until their heart can’t beat anymore. These are just a few of the lines from it:

God was calling you home. He needed 
another angel to help pour out the rain.

Tears have fallen, hearts were shattered,
but it was time for you to fly home.

Though a short ten lines, the poem will fill up the empty spaces of any room with imagery and emotion.

8. “Angel in Heaven” – Brie Carter

As the poet takes you on her journey of sorrow, you’ll learn that the subject of “Angel in Heaven” is about the loss of a beloved grandfather. 

Sitting beneath a tree, she cries out to God for answers. Soon, she begins to hear her grandfather’s voice. He calms her by saying that this was God’s will and that he was chosen to be home with Him.

9. “Heaven Has a New Angel” – Mark Petro

Some say that a dog’s only fault is how short-lived their lives are...

your pain is gone 
your stay was short 
your memory will last forever 

you've touched so many 
loved by all 
there for us we were about to fall 

a whisper of an angel your words will be 
the glory of an angel your light shall be 
our new guardian angel you will be 

Heaven has a new angel

10. “My Angel in Heaven” – David Hedges

When lovers must part, an emptiness remains inside the one left behind. Still, certain feelings comfort them, such as the feeling of being watched over and loved from afar. But in the absence of love, what’s left is a longing for the little things, like holding hands. 

It’s sweet and telling that the poet, David Hedges, misses the one who now fills his heart but in absence. 

Popular ‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Quotes

Popular ‘Heaven Gained an Angel’ Quotes

Short, sweet quotes often say so much more in just a few words than entire poems. Take a look.

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11. “Half my heart is in heaven with my angel.” – Anonymous

This quote will work for children or partners. Use it in conjunction with photos displaying times of great joy, laughter, and love. Share it on social media and welcome comments from those who would offer you support.

12. “Angels sail back to God on a sea of joy.” – Terry Guillemets

Terry Guillemet’s words evoke a kind of effortless journey in returning to God. With just a few words, you can imagine the full, billowy sails of a ship sailing across a limitless blue ocean. 

It works best if you’d like to caption any photos from days at the beach or out on the boat. 

13. “I believe in Angels because I have some in heaven.” – Toni Kane

There’s two-part built-in confidence in Toni Kane’s quote. First, she’s sure that there are angels in heaven. And second, she is certain that her lost friends or loved ones have become part of heaven's team.

14. “Angels descending, bring from above, echoes of mercy, whispers of love.” – Fanny J. Crosby

Some believe that angels come down to earth to collect loved ones for their journey to heaven. It’s also during that journey where loved ones are thought to receive their wings

15. “You may have lost a loved one, but heaven gained another angel.” – Anonymous

Dear friends and siblings who lose lifelong partners will need to read pick-me-ups throughout the days, months, and years following their loss. 

Reach out to a friend on social media and let them know this quote made you think of them.

16. “The heavens declare the work of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” – Psalm 19:1

Many view the meaning behind Psalm 19:1 as exulting the work of God. There, in the celestial firmament, they believe, is where God displayed great wisdom and skill. Man, living among the terrestrial parts, must wait to know the fullness of that skill until he’s perished.

Celebrating Angelversaries

Angelversaries are quickly becoming known as the day of a loved one’s passing. They, too, are acknowledged and celebrated as much as one’s birthday. 

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to celebrate an angelversary or support loved ones through their loss, join Cake today. We’ll guide you through the many ways to be present in their lives in times of great need.

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