14 Hobbies for Retired Men to Help You Relax & Enjoy Life


Have your family members, coworkers, and friends been asking you what you plan to do during retirement? 

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Some people make a retirement bucket list. While this is a good idea, such a list might not give you an idea of how you will spend the long, unscheduled days ahead of you. You may also have a handful of projects in the back of your mind that you would like to complete, but after those are done, how are you going to spend your time? 

Here are some suggestions for hobbies you or your loved one might want to consider to relax and enjoy life. 

Indoor Hobbies for Retired Men

Are you not a particularly outdoorsy guy? There could be many reasons for this.

Perhaps you have mobility issues, and getting around outdoors is challenging. Maybe you are allergic to grass, plants, and mold, and being outside makes you become a sneezy, wheezing mess. You could live in an area with challenging weather, or maybe you just never developed an affinity for being outdoors. 

Regardless of why you would rather spend time indoors, here are some retirement hobbies you might consider.

1. Research your family history

As people age, it is common to become more reflective about their early lives. Some of these reflections lead people to think about the history of their family.

You may consider organizing what you know about your ancestors in such a way as to share with your kids and extended family members. Besides collecting and organizing names and dates, see if you can find photos, immigration documents, birth certificates, and other memorabilia of interest.

You may even decide to travel back to the homeland of your ancestors. If you do so, make sure you check for senior hotel discounts

Tip for getting started: Sign up for a family history search website. This will enable you to connect with long lost cousins who have a similar interest in your shared ancestors.

2. Repurposing furniture

If you have a large garage or workspace, you may consider spending your retirement buying old pieces of furniture and refinishing them or repurposing them for sale. You may be able to find such pieces from an estate sale or garage sales. Perhaps you may be able to find some discarded relics on your area’s big trash pickup day.

Once you have refurbished a piece of furniture, you could sell it through an online marketplace.

Tip for getting started: Peruse Pinterest and home decor websites to see what items are appealing to modern buyers. Discover what colors and patterns are popular.

3. Reading

Even if you haven’t voluntarily read a book in 50 years, it’s never too late to become a reader. Ask your friends for suggestions of books. You may find that you enjoy it more than you would have thought. 

Tip for getting started: If you struggle with being able to sit still and focus long enough to read a book, you may consider trying to listen to an audiobook. It may take a while to get used to, and you may find yourself having to relisten to sections periodically. 

4. Bowling

Do you want to play a sport, but you aren’t crazy about spending time outside? Why not gather up a few friends and join a bowling league? Bowling will get you out of the house periodically and allow you to reconnect with your fellow senior citizens. Even though it may not be a great form of aerobic exercise, it will at least get your body moving.

Tip for getting started: Buy your own bowling shoes when you first get started. You will want your own bowling shoes because it might get a little pricey to keep renting out shoes. Also, you probably just want your own shoes.

Outdoor Hobbies for Retired Men

Have you spent most of your life working indoors? Maybe you look forward to retirement to finally get some time out in the sun and the wind. Here are some outdoor hobbies to consider, but also make sure to check your favorite retirement magazines for more ideas. 

5. Gardening

There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. Considering making gardening your passion when you retire. 

Even if your back yard is the size of a postage stamp, you can still grow quite a bit of produce in a small amount of good soil. Imagine how happy your friends and neighbors will be when you share the physical fruits of your labor with them.

Tip for getting started: Instead of creating the long, straight rows reminiscent of your grandparent’s garden back on the farm, look into square-foot gardening or patio gardening. These methods are easier for urban or suburban areas.

6. Hiking

Perhaps your current form of exercise is walking your dog around the block. Instead of sticking to paved trails, why not branch out a bit and look for hiking trails available in your area? There are a lot of impressive trail systems scattered about the country — some in unlikely places. And if you are lucky enough to live near a national or state park, you may have lots of trails to explore.

Tip for getting started: Look for free trail apps that are available on your smartphone. Such apps will tell you about trail difficulty, the distance, and whether or not there are facilities along the route.

7. Kayaking 

Do you love being outside, but your knees or hips keep you from participating in most outdoor activities? Perhaps you would like kayaking.

Whether you choose to paddle around a local lake lazily or you decide to navigate around the waterways near you is up to you. 

Tip for getting started: It’s relatively inexpensive to rent a kayak or a canoe. The benefit of renting your vessel is that you don’t have to worry about storage and transport. 

8. Raising chickens

Do you like the idea of having farm-fresh eggs without living out in the country? You don’t have to live on a farm to raise chickens anymore. Drive outside the city limits to visit your local farm store for supplies or order the chicks through the mail.

Tip for getting started: Check for the laws regarding chicken ownership in your local area. Most urban areas do not allow you to have a rooster, so you will still have to rely on your traditional alarm clock to get up in the morning.

Hobbies for Retired Men That Don’t Currently Have Hobbies

Maybe you never had the luxury of developing a hobby as a young person. Perhaps you worked too many hours or spent all your time with your children’s activities. Now that your schedule is opening up, you may be nervous about all the unscheduled time ahead of you. Here are some new hobbies you may want to consider.

9. Writing your memoirs

Perhaps one reason that you don’t have any hobbies is that you have had other experiences. Consider writing about what you have seen and done in the first part of your life.  

Even if you feel as if you have had a rather mundane life, your children will one day appreciate being able to read about the details that you recorded — especially if any of those memories are about them.

Tip for getting started: Writing your thoughts and memories may not feel natural at first. Don’t worry about using perfect grammar or having exact accounts of the story. Dedicating yourself to writing every day will make it easier over time.

10. Model trains

If you have never had a hobby before, why not start a long-term project? Model trains may fit that bill. Travel to your nearest hobby shop and talk with someone who knows about setting up model train sets. 

Tip for getting started: You need to have quite a bit of space to set up a model train. An unused basement or large extra bedroom should work.

11. Beer brewing

Do you love visiting local breweries? Why not take your love of beer to a whole new level? Buy a beer brewing kit and create the concoction of your dreams.

There may be classes to teach you this skill in your local community as well.

Tip for getting started: There may be a local brewery or home brewing workshop in your local area that teaches you the skill in a social setting.

Luxury Hobbies for Retired Men

Have you been careful with your money all your life? Maybe it’s time to enjoy your bounty. Here are some hobbies that you can spend serious money on or do on a budget. 

12.  Learn a musical instrument

Do you always regret quitting guitar lessons when you were 12? Or maybe you played the trumpet in your college band, and you find that you miss it. Retirement is a great time to pick up an instrument. You may get so good that you decide to join a band. 

Tip for getting started: If you are serious about your new hobby, consider taking multiple lessons a week. 

13. Birding

Why is it that when people age, they begin to notice and admire birds? You may have spent most of your life oblivious to these creatures, but then one day, you woke up to admire a beautiful cardinal outside your window. And then you are hooked.

Once you have learned all there is about the birds in your area, travel the world to check different specimens off your list. You may find yourself in rain forests and jungles participating in your new hobby. 

Tip for getting started: Purchase high-end binoculars and camera lenses to give you the most from this new hobby.

14. Yachting

Has the open sea always called you? Why not buy a luxury yacht? Imagine your days out in the open sun and your nights looking up at the stars.

Tip for getting started: Even though you may want to be captain of your vessel, you may consider hiring a more experienced first mate.

Enjoy Life in All Ways

You have worked hard throughout your life, so your retirement should be about you. Don’t feel bad for spending your free time the way you wish.  

Even though you may enjoy the new freedom that your life brings, don’t forget to take responsibility for your own end-of-life planning. Make those difficult decisions now, so your family members won’t have to plan your funeral and so you can enjoy every last moment with your loved ones.


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