Horse Grave Markers: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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Only other horse people understand how devastating it feels to lose an equine friend. Only fellow riders can understand the depth of grief that comes with losing an animal. Like you, they understand and connect with this quote: “While time will fade, these hoofprints… the ones left on your heart... will never disappear.”

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If you recently lost a horse, you may be searching for memorial items that will keep the memory of your beloved animal alive. Why not commission a grave marker, headstone, or memorial stone to honor your deceased horse?

Let us help you take a look at a selection of horse grave markers. You can choose from many different types and styles. We will also give you an idea of the approximate cost, what to write on a horse headstone, and where to buy one.

What’s a Grave Marker for a Deceased Horse?

A grave marker usually involves a stone, plaque, or sign that marks the burial spot of a horse. Sometimes grave markers may mark the site where the cremated remains of a horse were scattered. Others may purchase a grave marker (or headstone) as a commemorative item, displaying it even though the body is not present at the site.

As you consider purchasing a grave marker or headstone for your deceased equine, consider the reason for your purchase. The design and wording of a stone that sits at the site of your horse’s burial may be different than the one you would place outside your barn to commemorate the life of a fantastic animal.

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How Much Do Horse Grave Markers Typically Cost?

The average price of a horse headstone varies tremendously based on the size of the stone and the materials used. Plan on spending at least $50 on a customized piece that celebrates the life of your animal.

Some spend hundreds or thousands on memorials for their animals. 

Different Types of Horse Grave Markers

You can look into many different types of grave markers for humans, and that’s the case for a horse. Consider a few options before purchasing one.

If you plan to bury your horse on your land, will you be upset to leave the gravemarker behind if you no longer own the land? Are you willing and able to maintain the gravestone and the site?

You might consider purchasing a marker or memorial stone that you can easily move. Having a movable option might also be important if you make changes to the landscape or add other structures to the property.

Will the grave marker be exposed to the elements? If you opt for a memorial item to commemorate the animal’s life, you may want to purchase a less expensive piece to display inside the barn or house. 

If you will bury your horse or scattering the cremated remains at a pet or horse cemetery, talk with the cemetery staff about the type of grave markers allowed. Some may only allow flat stones, which are easier on the landscaping crew. Others may require that you use their own vendor. 

Take a look at some basic types of grave markers. 

1. Bronze grave markers

Bronze grave markers, or metal plaques with raised lettering, usually adhere to a piece of granite or other durable stone. 

The prices of bronze grave markers vary depending on the size and the complexity of the design or lettering on the grave. They begin at around $500 and go into the thousands.

2. Granite grave markers

You can purchase granite grave markers in any shape or size and can engrave them with intricate designs. You can purchase them as flat stones or upright headstones.

Granite headstones vary in price, depending on size and complexity. They begin at around $300 and can cost thousands for larger, more complex pieces. 

3. Metal grave markers

Looking for a more affordable piece to commemorate your horse’s life? You may consider a metal grave marker sign. You can get these customized with your horse’s name and image. Metal grave markers also tend to have a “western” appearance that may appeal to some horse owners.

4. Commemorative plaque

If you don't plan to mark your horse’s physical remains, you may consider ordering a custom-made plaque to hang in your barn or home. 

5. Memorial stones

Another less expensive option could involve a memorial stone. You can still customize these movable items. 

6. Wooden cross

Although you can purchase wooden crosses online, you might consider making one as a do-it-yourself project. A wooden cross with burnt lettering would make a lovely tribute to an animal that spent its life out on the range. 

7. Memorial diamond

Most people don’t think of diamonds as memorial items, but you can certainly have them made from animal or human cremated remains or hair, done by companies such as Eterneva. You can remove the carbon from these items to grow a diamond. 

The cost of a memorial diamond depends on the size, color, and cut of the stone, and the price starts at $3,000. Growing a diamond is a slow process, but it would make a beautiful commemorative item and family heirloom.

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What Can You Write on a Horse Grave Marker or Headstone?

What message do you want to share with the world about your beloved horse? You may find it difficult to express your sorrow in words, so consider searching for poems about horses or quotes about the loss of a horse.

Why not borrow from others' suggestions as you formulate your own emotions into words? Others have ordered the following words written on their own horse grave markers.

As you choose what you want to say on your horse’s grave marker, note that you'll pay per letter for the message. 

A Creature Without Equal

Was your horse a magnificent creature? Celebrate this by declaring it on the grave marker.

Forever in Our Hearts

While this is a phrase commonly used on human headstones, it can also make sense on a horse's headstone.

Until We Meet Again

The concept of the rainbow bridge is popular. Share a message similar to this if you know your horse is waiting for you on the other side.

A Beautiful Animal with a Beautiful Soul

Horse lovers not only admire their outward beauty, but they also become connected to their animals in other ways. Share this message if you connect with your animal spiritually.

If Love Alone Could Have Kept You Here, You Would Have Lived Forever

Many people probably feel this way about the death of their pets. 

You Smiled With Your Eyes, Laughed With Your Tail, and Loved With Your Heart

Did you feel that your horse communicated with you in special ways? Use this message on your animal’s grave marker.

In Loving Memory of a Faithful Friend

This is a beautiful and straightforward sentiment for a headstone.

No Longer By Our Side But Forever in Our Hearts

Your horse may have been your faithful companion for years. 

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Running Wild and Free in the Sky Above Me

This rhyming message may appeal to you. 

In Loving Memory of Prince, 2000-2018

You may opt for a short, simple message that includes your horse’s name. 

Until One Has Loved a Horse, a Part of One’s Soul Has Been Unawakened

This message is based on the famous quote by Anatole France. The actual quote is, “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul has been unawakened.” 

Where Can You Buy Horse Grave Markers Online?

When selecting a monument for your horse, you may want to first turn to the local companies that make their living making headstones for people.

If you choose to bury or scatter your pet’s ashes at a pet cemetery, you may also want to consult with the cemetery staff about the marker. The cemetery may have rules about the type of stones or may recommend a company that offers a discount. 

Otherwise, take a look at these websites where you can buy a grave marker for your horse. 


Etsy offers a lot of customizable products. Consider purchasing a gravestone for your horse from an artisan. Look at the examples and reviews before ordering. 


Are you surprised that you can buy headstones on Amazon? Plenty of independent retailers use Amazon to sell their specialty items. And yes, you can have the headstone personalized!

Online headstone companies

You can find many online headstone companies. Check out All Headstones, Rome Monuments, and King Custom. All of these online companies seem to have a special section on their websites dedicated to horse headstones or grave markers. 

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s never easy to say goodbye to an equine friend. While we hope that this article has helped you think about purchasing a grave marker for your horse, we have other resources available.

You may be interested in learning about other horse memorial items to help you in your grief. Learn more through ideas available online, commission a custom-made piece of horsehair jewelry to honor your horse, or have an artist create a portrait based on a photograph of the animal. You could also hang some wind chimes, plant an apple tree, or donate to a favorite horse charity to remember your animal.

While you can purchase or commission your items online, you might also consider creating something while you grieve. Make a slideshow of your favorite photos and set them to your favorite songs, write a poem to express your feelings, or make a photo collage to hang on the wall.

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