19 Personalized or DIY Horse Memorial Gift Ideas


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Do you know a friend or family member who recently lost a horse? Most people who lose animals experience grief, but losing a horse may be especially difficult. Your friend's relationship with his horse may be decades-long and based on a connection from work, competition, or pleasure.

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Since most pet memorial gift ideas are focused on dogs and cats, we would like to help you figure out a gift to give to someone who recently lost a horse. Here are some jewelry gift ideas and memorial gifts you can display either inside or outside. You can personalize some items. You may also be able to create some of these items yourself if you enjoy crafting. 

You should be able to find products similar to those described with a simple online search. Here are some horse memorial gifts to consider.

Horse Memorial Jewelry Ideas

Consider giving a piece of jewelry to your friend who recently lost a horse. Here are some ideas you can search online.

1. Charm bracelet or necklace

There are many different charms you could give a horse lover, such as a horse head, galloping stallion, horseshoe, cowboy hat, or boots. To show that the piece is in memory of a horse that died, add a wing or broken heart charm. 

Charm bracelets and necklaces come in a wide variety of styles. You can also purchase clear lockets and charms inside. This style would enable your friend to add several strands of the horse's mane.

2. Memorial diamond

Some people opt to put their animal's cremated remains in urn jewelry or create a memorial diamond out of their pet's ashes.

For example, companies like Eterneva allow you to send in a horse's cremated remains and choose the color and cut of the diamond. From there, your friend can set the diamond on an existing necklace or new piece of jewelry.

3. Horse hair locket

Perhaps your friend or family member kept a clipping of the horse's mane or tail. A small segment of this hair could be bound decoratively and placed in a clear pendant. You can create this item yourself, but there are also online companies that will do this for you.

Some artisans specialize in creating braided bracelets or necklaces out of the horse's mane or tail. They may include a personalized charm with the horse's name and the phrase "in memory."

4. Horse pendant

Consider purchasing a horse head or galloping horse pendant on a chain. You can find one that depicts the looks of the horse that died from online retailers that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

5. Photo pendant necklace

Search for an online company that will create a pendant from the photo of a horse. These pendants are then cut into the shape of the animal and placed on a chain. 

6. Horse keychain

Your friend may not wear necklaces or bracelets and would appreciate having a horse-related keychain. Personalize the keychain with the name of the horse as well as the dates of its lifespan. 

7. Rainbow bridge bracelet

Many companies make rainbow bridge bracelets. Find one that will add a horseshoe charm for a friend who is grieving the loss of a horse. 

Horse Memorial Gifts You Can Display Indoors

Perhaps your friend doesn't enjoy jewelry. Instead of buying something that your friend will not wear, why not purchase a memorial gift that can be displayed indoors?

If you have problems finding a keepsake gift appropriate for a horse lover, you may broaden your search to sympathy gifts not related to animals. 

Here are some memorial gifts that your friend can display inside the home. 

8. Portrait

One of the most thoughtful gifts to give to a horse lover is a portrait or drawing of his or her favorite animal. Even if you may not be artistically talented, you may be able to find someone on Etsy to complete the portrait or drawing. 

Look through the artist's online portfolio to try to find someone with the appropriate style for your friend. 

Do you need a photo of the horse for the portrait? Look through your friend's social media account to find the necessary image.

9. Engraved horseshoe

Find someone who will engrave a horseshoe with the name of the deceased animal. Add the line "in memory" or "forever in my heart." Embellish the piece with dried flowers or other decorative items, and add a piece of leather to the top to make it easy to hang. 

10. Plaque

Design a beautiful plaque for your friend to display on his or her wall. This plaque can include a photograph or etching of the horse. Besides adding the name of the animal, consider including a horse loss quote or poem. If you can't find a generic poem online, consider writing one in honor of the horse that died. 

11. Photo frame

One of the most beautiful memorial gifts that you can give to someone in mourning is a personalized photo frame. Search for a horse or western-themed frame for someone who lost a horse. If a picture is available, include one with the frame. Consider printing the photo in black and white. 

12. Framed horse poem

It’s hard to know what to say when someone loses a pet. Poets can articulate those complicated feelings beautifully. Search for an appropriate horse poem online, and figure out a way to attractively display the words. 

13. Collectible

You should have no problem finding a horse-related collectible online or at your favorite gift store. Search for one depicting a winged horse (not a pegasus, but a horse that has earned its heavenly wings.) 

Horse Memorial Gifts You Can Display Outdoors

If your friend is a horse lover, he or she must be an outdoor lover as well. Here are some memorial gift ideas that can be displayed outdoors.

When purchasing a memorial gift, consider spending the extra money to get the item personalized. 

14. Barn plaque

Even though you may want to purchase an indoor plaque, why not find an item you can hang in the horse barn? Your friend or family member may want to dedicate a stall for a beloved horse.

15. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are popular gifts for people in mourning. Why not purchase wind chimes for your friend or family member who recently lost a horse? You can personalize wind chimes with words, photos, or images. 

16. Stepping stone

Some people enjoy working on outdoor projects, such as memorial gardens, to celebrate the life of a beloved animal or person. If your friend is starting such a project, contribute to it by purchasing or making a stepping stone. The stone can be decorative more than useful, and you can personalize it with the name of the horse.

If you're looking for something smaller and tangible, companies like Parting Stone create beautiful, handheld cremation stones to help someone grieving keep their loved one close by.

17. Apple tree

Were apples your friend’s horse’s favorite treat? Why not purchase an a apple tree for your friend to plant in memory of the animal? Consider adding a plaque to the tree once it matures. 

18. Memorial bench

Do you think that your friend would like a spot to sit and reflect? Purchase a memorial bench. Look for a seat designed with a horse theme. Add a personalized tag to the bench that includes the name of the deceased animal.

19. Metal yard sign

Artisans can craft a beautiful display made out of metal depicting the image of your friend's horse. Add the horse’s name to the sign, and the horse's image can have a subtle halo above its head. 

Your friend can add this sign outside the barn or to the entrance of the pasture. 

Other Sympathy Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Horse

You may struggle to find something appropriate for your friend who lost his or her horse. Instead of worrying that the item is not suitable or doesn't match your friend's style, consider your friend's emotions and buy a gift based on those.  

Your friend is probably struggling with grief, so bring gifts that can bring comfort. Drop by with fresh-cut flowers or a beautiful house plant. Bring your friend dinner or a baked item. 

Besides bringing a gift, listen as your friend or family member shares memories about the horse and look at photos or videos of the animal.

Treat your friend how you would want to be treated if you were grieving. It shouldn't matter whether the grief is from the loss of an animal or a human because those feelings may be the same.

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