16 Different Types of Horse Urns for Ashes


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For horse owners, equine friends often become like another member of the family. When these dear friends pass away, many people decide to cremate their horses and keep their ashes to remember them by.

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Since horse cremation has grown in popularity, urn choices have also become more widely available. So, whether you’re looking for an urn for your horse or an urn for a horse lover, you’re bound to find a unique urn to honor their memory.

How Much Do Horse Urns for Ashes Typically Cost?

Like most funeral goods, the cost of urns varies depending on the type of material, degree of craftsmanship, and size of urn. This is the general range of prices you should expect to find.

  • Metal Urns: $30 to $100
  • Wood Box Urns: $50 to $500
  • Bronze Sculpture Urns: $200-$400
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, and Specialty Urns: $200 to $900
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Where Can You Buy Horse Urns for Ashes Online?

Horse cremation is becoming more popular and thankfully, your choices for horse urns are growing. Whether you need an urn for a horse lover or an urn for a horse, you’ll find plenty of options in these stores.

Horse urns for horse lovers

Urns for horse lovers come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Browse through these companies to find the options listed in the article below. 

Etsy: This online collection of shops provides a wealth of resources for horse lovers. Numerous urns are available along with cremation and horsehair keepsakes.

Urns Northwest: This online storefront provides a wide variety of urns to hold human ashes. The selections are perfect for horse lovers and they come in a number of different styles and shapes.

Amazon: Numerous horse urns and urns with horse themes can be found in traditional urn shapes, boxes, and specialized resin molds.

In the Light Urns: If you’re looking for an urn with a southwestern flair, this online storefront might have what you need. There are several options ranging from traditional urn and box styles to sculptures.

Horse urns for horse ashes

Urns for your horse need to be extra large to hold all of their ashes. The stores below will specify whether the urn is large enough for all of their ashes or whether the urn is for a keepsake amount. Always check sizing before ordering.

Agape Pet Services: This brick-and-mortar and online retailer offers several options for keeping your horse’s ashes. They also offer cremation services along with cremation keepsakes. Their four physical locations include North Carolina, Maryland, and two in Virginia.

Memorials.com: This online storefront carries two types of horse urns including a traditional wood urn and a box urn with space for pictures and a miniature horse on top.

Spirit Pet Urns: This store has a collection of handmade ceramic urns for all your horse’s ashes. Two of the options feature a horse carved into the lid, and one option incorporates hair from your horse into the carving.

Pet Tributes: Here, you can access several options for horse and pony urns including wooden boxes, wicker urns, wood chests, and smaller specialized urns that hold a keepsake amount of ashes.

Horse Urn Ideas for Human Ashes

For horse lovers, the enjoyment of everything equine is apparent in every part of life. When a horse owner passes away, it only makes sense that they would want to be remembered by their passion for these beautiful creatures. Thankfully, there are plenty of urns made for horse lovers. If you can’t find what you want, you could design your own urn for a custom option that uniquely reflects your loved one’s passion for horses.

1. Bronze horse sculpture keepsake urn 

Bronze sculptures work well as an urn for those who would like a way to honor their loved one without it looking like a traditional urn.

Sculpture urns can be made using a specific design such as a standing or jumping horse, a horse head, or a horse and rider. Keepsake urns have enough space to place a small amount of ashes and are ideal if multiple family members are sharing ashes.

2. Wood clock urn with 3D relief

This is an especially unique urn. There is enough space to hold a full amount of cremains inside the hollowed-out wood box.

The outside features a clock and a 3D relief of a horse and rider. The urn is perfectly discreet. Guests and visitors to your home wouldn’t know they were admiring an urn if they happened to compliment your beautiful mantle clock.

3. Wood urn with picture

Wooden urns such as these can easily be customized by adding a picture of your loved one and their special horse (or horses) to the front.

Most companies offer the option of customizing the top of the box with an engraving of your choice to include your loved one’s name and dates along with a quote, a phrase, or a verse.

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4. Wood urn with 3D relief

These urns combine the beauty of a wood grain box with the artistic feature of a 3D relief on the side to create a one-of-a-kind urn that is sure to evoke emotion.

The 3D relief will vary depending on the company you choose but options include a cowboy scene, a horse and rider scene, horses in a pasture, and a mother horse with a foal.

5. Metal urn with 3D metal relief

This classic urn is simple and adorned with a 3D metal relief of a horse on the side. These look like urns and are fitting for any spot in the house. Most companies can customize the metal color and offer the ability to personalize the urn with the name and dates of your loved one.

6. Horse raku urn

Raku urns are made out of pottery and are individually crafted by hand. These can be simple with a single horse on the side or more complex with an entire scene painted out. The lids might be pottery or wood, and either option can be customized by the artisan potters.

7. Barn urn

For a unique urn that incorporates a love of horses and the farm or ranch, custom urn companies will create an urn that looks like your family barn.

You can have the company place your family name or the name of your loved one over the barn doors. The urn is large enough to hold all the ashes of your loved one, or you can have a smaller version made as a keepsake urn so you and your family members can share the ashes.

8. Horse keychain keepsake urn

Keychain urns have space for a very small amount of ashes so you can keep your loved one with you wherever you go. Many sellers offer keychain urns with horse charms and colored charms to represent your loved one’s birthstone.

Horse Urn Ideas for a Pet Horse’s Ashes

Horse urns are becoming more available as horse cremation grows in popularity. There are many types now accessible online and they can often be customized. If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, though, custom pet urns are the best for creating a unique, one-of-a-kind tribute for your beloved horse.

9. Porcelain urn with horse carving

For a special urn that doubles as a piece of artwork, look for artisan-made urns from ceramic or porcelain. You can often request a horse carved into the urn or, for especially talented artisans, carved like a statue on top of the lid. These pieces make for a stunning tribute to your equine pet.

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10. Wood urn with horse statue

These wood urns are large enough to hold an entire horse’s ashes. Depending on the company, you can request a specific horse statue in memory of your horse.

Options you’ll find include grey, dapple grey, white, bay, chestnut, and mustang horses. To further personalize this type of urn, consider having a horse loss quote engraved on the side or the top of the box.

11. Bronze horse head keepsake urn

These types of urns only hold a small amount of ashes, referred to as a keepsake amount. Though this wouldn’t hold all of a horse’s ashes, it would still make a perfect horse memorial gift. Keepsake urns are perfect if multiple family members are sharing the ashes, as well.

12. Etched wooden box urn

This is a large urn that is made to hold all of your horse’s ashes. Boxes that are etched can often be customized, so be sure to include the name and dates of your horse, along with a special quote or saying.

13. Horsehead sculpture urn

If you love the idea of a bronze sculpture but would rather keep all of your horse’s ashes in one place, look for a sculpture of a horse head large enough to house all the cremains. Many companies offer size options for all of a horse’s cremains and smaller keepsake amounts.

14. Wicker urn

If you want a biodegradable eco-friendly urn for your equine family member, a wicker urn is your best bet. These can be buried, used in scattering ceremonies, and complete a green cremation process.

15. Leather chest urn

These urns are made to look like old-fashioned steamer trunks. Leather chest urns are ideal if you want an urn that you can hide in plain sight and display without guests knowing what is inside. The chests are designed to hold most horse sizes.

16. Bronze statue keepsake urn

Look for bronze statues of a single horse, multiple horses together, and even horses in dressage and show jumping. Keepsake urns or small urns are best for splitting up and sharing the horse’s ashes between several family members. This works especially well if more than one child was especially fond of the horse.

Remembering your Horse or Horse Lover

An urn is a unique way to honor a beloved pet that has become like family or a family member with a tremendous love of horses. Choose an urn that best represents their individuality, unique personality, and one-of-a-kind spirit to pay them proper tribute.


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