How Much Does Cremation Cost in Colorado?


If you’ve recently lost a loved one, the cost of cremation or other burial services is likely on your mind. While it’s certainly worth some stress, doing your research and finding sources of support can help you focus on your grieving process — not expenses. 

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Understanding what’s involved in the cremation process and included in the cost of cremation in Colorado can help you make the best decision for your family and your late loved one.  

In this article, you’ll learn about the average cost of different types of cremations in Colorado, popular crematories in Colorado, as well as charities and other assistance programs that can help you cover costs.   

Average Cost of Cremation in Colorado

In addition to deciding between a traditional cremation and a direct cremation, you may also still be deciding between cremation and burial. There are pros and cons for each. For example, cremations are often more affordable, while burials are more acceptable to some religious groups. 

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Traditional cremation

Traditional cremation does not typically occur right away. They typically come after an embalming process for a viewing or funeral, and the family must also rent a casket. After that, the family chooses an urn or another container. 

Traditional cremation is the most expensive cremation option, with nationwide averages of about $5,000. However, according to Tulip Cremation, the average cost of cremation in Denver is $1,420. And, research from publicly available pricing shows significant variance around this number, with direct cremation cost in Denver running as high as $3,140 and as low as $499.  

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is when the body is cremated a few days after death, typically no sooner than 48 hours. No embalming process is completed, as there’s no need to preserve the body for a longer period of time or make it presentable for a funeral. 

Therefore, direct cremations do not allow for viewings or open casket funerals. However, direct cremations are more affordable than traditional cremations and, of course, burials. They are the most affordable form of burial aside from donation. 

With direct cremation, you don’t have to pay for a funeral service, a casket, or embalming. You only pay for the cremation service, as well as any urn or box you choose for storing the ashes. 

For example, a free option in Colorado, called Science Care, is a donor organization that still allows families to have a service. If this doesn’t sound right for you and you’d prefer a direct cremation, these typically cost several hundred dollars. However, in Colorado, basic cremation prices can be as low as $599, according to Colorado Cremation Services.

Popular Crematories in Colorado

If you’re looking for popular crematories in Colorado, searching online on your own is a great start. That being said, if you run into any roadblocks, you may want to ask friends or family members if they recommend any companies. You can also reach out to your church or funeral home if you’ve selected one yet. 

Colorado Cremation Services: A Basic Cremation

Colorado Cremation Services offers a basic plan that includes everything needed with no hidden costs, starting at just $599, according to the site. They also own their own crematory, so your loved one is never brought to an offsite facility. You can arrange cremation services from this organization through a convenient online form.

Kramer Cremations & Funerals

Kramer Cremations & Funerals is another top option in Colorado. However, their most affordable plan advertised starts at $899 according to their website. You have the option of calling the company or starting the process online. 

Northern Colorado Crematory

Northern Colorado Crematory is a cremation-only facility. They’re dedicated to meeting the unique needs of cremation customers. In fact, they offer 24-hour support from customer service representatives via telephone if you have questions. You must contact this company directly for pricing information

Griffin Funeral Companies

Griffin Funeral Company offers varied cremation package options that range in price from about $600 to more than $2,000. So, it’s important to speak with a representative to ensure you’re getting the package you want and that you can afford it.  

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Easy Cremation

Easy Cremation lists one price of $1,395. However, there are other end-of-life services included in this cost, such as five certified copies of the death certificate, notification to Social Security, a cremation container, an urn, and a free online obituary.

Return to Nature Funeral Home

Return to Nature Funeral Home offers direct cremation for $980, as well as some eco-friendly alternatives to typical cremations. The price includes a biodegradable cremation container, a tree planted “In Honor Of” in a national forest, recycled and biodegradable paperwork, as well as a biodegradable cremation urn, according to their site.

Horan & McConaty 

Horan & McConaty lists their cremation packages without prices on their site. However, it’s easy to determine what each package entails. The site also offers tons of free information about Colorado-specific services and assistance programs. 

All-States Cremation 

All-States Cremation offers a simple cremation for $1,395 with additional options that allow you to customize the package. The site also offers to refer families to agencies who can help with expenses if you’re in need. All-States Cremation also offers payment plans and assistance with filing life insurance claims. 

Charities, Nonprofits or Government Programs That Help With Cremation Costs in Colorado

Losing a loved one in addition to having to stress about proper arrangements is enough to make anyone overwhelmed. If you’re concerned about covering cremation and other expenses in Colorado, there are charities that help with funeral costs as well as other programs. 

In some cases, you may not have to pay anything out of pocket for your loved one’s cremation. However, it may not hurt to reach out to a few of the following organizations as soon as you’re able to ensure timely payment and that you can secure as much help as possible. 

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral And Burial Reimbursement Program

According to Colorado Cremation Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced a new program to provide financial assistance to families for certain COVID-19 related funeral expenses, which began in March of 2021. 

The FEMA COVID-19 Funeral and Burial Reimbursement Program pays up to $9,000 in expenses for funeral, cremation, and interment costs. Families that have lost multiple family members may even qualify for higher reimbursement amounts. FEMA accepts applications for Funeral Assistance through a dedicated call center.

County assistance

According to their website, Colorado Cremation Services offers assistance for those who qualify for county vouchers. If you qualify for financial assistance through your county, you may qualify for a completely free cremation. This organization works with your county to ensure the bill doesn’t fall on you, as it can cause enormous stress on top of already losing a loved one.

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Colorado Department of Human Services

Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) offers Burial Assistance, according to their site. The program can provide financial assistance to help pay for burial, funeral, and/or cremation costs. The amount offered will vary based on whether someone receives help from SSI or Medicaid, but CDHS may pay $1,000 or more to the family.


You can set up a GoFundMe for all kinds of causes, especially funerals. Outreach is the important factor, here, so it’s important to share your fundraising page with as many people as you can. Remind them that every little bit helps (because it’s true).

Final Farewell

Final Farewell helps families provide affordable funerals for children. In addition to financial assistance, they also provide advice and guidance. This donation-based site has helped families from all religions and backgrounds. 

The TEARS Foundation

The TEARS Foundation directly pays funeral homes up to $500 for costs. However, they’re specifically dedicated to helping pay for funerals for babies up to one year of age. They also cover funeral costs for fetuses after 20 weeks’ gestation. 

Funeral Consumers Alliance

The Funeral Consumers Alliance doesn’t pay for funerals outright but it does help people find low-cost burial options. This organization partners with churches and funeral homes all over the country to offset funeral costs for low-income families.  

Other ways to pay for a funeral without any money

It might sound out of the question, but yes, there are other ways to pay for a funeral without any money. For example, belonging to certain ethnic or religious groups or being a veteran qualifies you or a loved one for funeral assistance. It’s also important to understand your loved one’s insurance policy and benefits. 

With all of the crematories listed above as well, it’s important to be open about your desire to save money. The company may be able to work with you and provide an additional discount or refer you to a specific charity or organization that can help, aside from county services.  

Rest Easy, Colorado

With the cost of cremation in Colorado on your mind, it may be difficult to rest easy, let alone think that your late loved one can. However, doing your research and asking for support, such as from local churches, funeral homes, and even crematories, paying for a proper cremation and funeral is very possible. You may also be interested in learning more about prepaid cremations


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