How Much Does Cremation Cost in Indiana?


Are you planning to cremate the body of a loved one in Indiana? There are many reasons this is becoming a more and more popular option in recent years.

Some people choose to cremate loved ones because they have learned it may be better for the environment than a traditional burial. Others do so because their loved ones made it clear prior to their death that they wanted to be cremated instead of buried.

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Regardless of your specific reason for choosing to cremate, if you are planning a cremation, you may be asking yourself, “How much is cremation in Indiana?” This is entirely understandable. Although cremation is often more affordable than burial, you still need to consider your budget when putting a loved one to rest in this manner.

This guide will help answer your questions. It will also list various crematories in Indiana that may serve your needs, as well as charities that help with funeral costs if you’re struggling to pay for your loved one’s cremation.

Average Cost of Cremation in Indiana

There’s no way to definitely answer the question “How much is cremation in Indiana?” A wide range of factors can affect what the cost of cremation may be. That said, one of the most significant factors impacting the cost of cremation is whether you decide to organize a traditional cremation or a direct cremation.

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Traditional cremation

Some people mistakenly assume that they don’t have the option of organizing a traditional funeral or memorial service if they choose to cremate a loved one rather than burying them. That’s not the case. A traditional cremation involves planning some form of funeral ceremony before performing the cremation itself.

Thus, a traditional cremation is typically more expensive than direct cremation. In Indiana, traditional cremation costs between $2,695 and $7,195 on average. Be aware that just as the cost of cremation can vary on a state-by-state basis, it can also vary depending upon which part of Indiana you reside in. For instance, cremations in Indianapolis tend to cost more than cremations in parts of the state with a lower cost of living.

Direct cremation

Direct cremation involves cremating a body shortly after the deceased has passed away. It does not involve any type of major service or ceremony. As a result, it’s more affordable than traditional cremation. In Indiana, the average cost of direct cremation ranges between $1,395 and $3,495.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to immediately arrange a loved one’s service after they pass away. Some families choose to arrange memorial services or celebration of life services weeks or even months after a passing. This can help them save money to organize a service that genuinely honors a lost loved one. It can also allow them to mourn before planning a service, which may help them eventually plan one that’s more celebratory in nature.

The main point to remember is that you can still organize a ceremony for a loved one even if you choose direct cremation.

Popular Crematories in Indiana

Doing your research will be part of planning a cremation. You need to look into your various options to find a crematory whose services you can afford in a location that is convenient for you and your loved ones. That said, the following are options worth keeping in mind. They’ve all cultivated positive reputations among their customers over the years.

Cremation Society of Indiana

The Cremation Society of Indiana has been serving the state’s residents since 1981. It offers a number of packages and options designed to help customers plan cremations that they can afford while also paying respects to their loved ones as they intend to.

Indiana Memorial Cremation & Funeral Care

Indiana Memorial Cremation and Funeral Care primarily serves customers in the central areas of the state. The team here states that their goal is to offer affordable cremation services to residents of Indiana. They do so by operating independently instead of as part of a large corporation.

Like many other Indiana crematories, Indiana Memorial Cremation and Funeral Care offers numerous plan options to serve both customers who prefer direct cremations and those who prefer traditional cremations.

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Legacy Cremation & Funeral Services

This Indiana crematory serves residents of Indianapolis and its suburbs. This is an option you may consider if you know you or a loved one wishes to eventually be cremated.

That’s because, at Legacy Cremation and Funeral Services, you can purchase a cremation plan now, which can potentially save you or your loved ones money. Purchasing a prepaid cremation plan often helps families limit how much they have to spend on a cremation or funeral because it allows them to lock in the current price before it increases due to inflation. 

Charities, Nonprofits or Government Programs That Help With Cremation Costs in Indiana

Although cremation may be more affordable than burial in many instances, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an option that fits everyone’s budget. If you plan to cremate a loved one but don’t know how you will pay for their cremation, the following charities, organizations, and government programs may be able to offer the financial assistance you need:

The Burial Assistance Program

Despite its name, Indiana’s Burial Assistance Program may be able to help you pay for a loved one’s cremation. This program serves those who fall into certain categories of Medicaid. Check the program’s website to learn if you qualify for benefits.

Be aware, this program only works with certain funeral homes. Thus, only the funeral home can file for benefits on behalf of the deceased. You might need to research whether your choice of funeral home works with the program before deciding it's the right one for your loved one’s funeral if you plan on seeking financial assistance through this government resource.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program helps families make certain purchases when they have children and are currently facing difficult financial situations. Although the funds that the TANF program offers to families must only be used to make specific types of qualifying purchases, the program usually allows families to use TANF money to cover funeral expenses. The official website of Indiana’s TANF program will help you better determine if you are eligible to be a participant.

The VA

The way in which you seek financial assistance for a cremation in Indiana may depend on whether your deceased loved one belonged to certain groups. For example, the VA sometimes offers financial help to the families of deceased members of the armed forces. If your loved one served in any branch of the military, depending on how they passed away, you may qualify for certain VA death benefits.

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The Funeral Consumers Alliance

The Funeral Consumers Alliance is a somewhat unique entry on this list. This group doesn’t exactly provide direct financial assistance to those who work with it. However, it does help to connect families with funeral, burial, and cremation services providers who offer affordable rates, discounts for families in need, and flexible payment plans.

Consider enlisting the organization’s help if you are having difficulties finding a funeral home or crematory in your area whose pricing matches your budget.


There are some instances in which FEMA will offer financial help to those putting loved ones to rest. FEMA offers such help when a person dies of a cause that the government has declared to be a natural disaster or similar event. 

An example of this practice is FEMA helping pay for the funerals of those who have died of COVID-19 in areas with high infection rates. That said, even if your loved one did not die from COVID-19, there remains a possibility that their cause of death does qualify you for access to FEMA benefits. Contact the agency for more information.

Social Security

If your loved one worked in a job that Social Security benefits insured, you might be able to collect said benefits. You could use them to pay for your loved one’s cremation. This overview from the U.S. Social Security Administration will tell you more about what you need to know.

Religious groups

No one can guarantee that your church or other such religious institution will assist with paying for a cremation. That said, when they have the funds to do so, it’s not uncommon for religious institutions to help their members pay for funerals and related services.

Are you a member of a local church or similar religious institution? If so, it’s worth contacting the institution to ask if it offers any help with the cost of cremation in Indiana. Again, there’s no guarantee it will, but there’s also no harm in checking.

How Much Does Cremation Cost in Indiana? The Answer Varies

Paying for a loved one’s cremation or burial can seem like a challenge for a number of potential reasons. However, it’s important that you remember financial assistance is available if you wish to cremate a loved one but have reason to believe you will struggle to pay for the service on your own.

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