How Much Does Cremation Cost in Michigan?


In the past few years, cremation has become the most popular option in the US. This is due to rising funeral costs across the board. As more people look to keep costs down, cremation becomes a more popular choice in every state. However, that doesn't mean the cost of cremation is consistent. With that in mind, how much does cremation cost in Michigan?

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Each state has its own factors affecting the price of cremation. It's essential to understand the different pricing structures, as well as what you can expect from different places in the US. In Michigan, cremation costs vary depending on your specific wishes, your location, and the resources you use. 

As both prepaid cremation and direct cremation continue to rise in popularity, now is the time to explore your options. Education is key when making decisions related to end-of-life plans and final resting places. Whether you're planning a loved one's final wishes or your own, let's explore how much cremation costs in Michigan. Most importantly, how does this compare to other states, and how can you prepare?

Average Cost of Cremation in Michigan

First, compared to the national average, Michigan has very competitive prices when it comes to cremation. Though it's cheaper to choose cremation compared to burial, that doesn't mean it's affordable. Depending on the type of cremation you choose (traditional vs. direct), the cost varies greatly. In Michigan, the average cost of cremation rests at around $1,900

This cost includes the price of a memorial service or viewing, embalming, and casket. For those who wish to have a low-cost service, a direct cremation is significantly more affordable. Compared to the burials which run families over $5,000, it's easy to see why more people are choosing cremation than ever before. Though there are a lot of benefits to both cremation or burial, it's important to explore all of your options. 

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Traditional cremation

First, a traditional cremation is the most common type of cremation. When you think of cremation, you most likely are thinking of this type. A traditional cremation is when the body of the deceased is transported to a funeral home or mortuary prior to cremation. It might be held for anywhere from several days to weeks prior to the actual cremation. 

In addition, it's common for traditional cremations to involve a viewing. During a viewing, the body is present at the funeral service. Many families opt to have their loved ones cremated prior to viewing, and they might be presented in a traditional casket. All of these services and resources cost additional funds. This is why traditional cremations in Michigan can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the family's wishes. Luckily, this isn't the only option. 

Direct cremation

For families hoping to save funds with their final arrangements, a direct cremation is a great option. A direct cremation is when the body is cremated quickly after death, limiting the need for preservation or additional resources. Though there might be a simple viewing before the cremation, this is optional. Most bodies are cremated in a simple alternative container. 

Because this is a fast, flexible option, it's also the most affordable. In Michigan, most direct cremations are around $700. Compared to traditional cremations or other final arrangements, this is one of the most affordable choices by far. The family can always have their own memorial service without the body present, creating a meaningful sendoff for loved ones. Again, it's all about versatility. 

Popular Crematories in Michigan

Like all big decisions, it's often helpful to shop around. The most popular crematories in Michigan are known for their commitment to service. From transparent pricing to honoring families in their moments of need, don't be afraid to shop around to find what you're looking for. 

Michigan Cremation and Funeral Care

First, Michigan Cremation and Funeral Care is all about celebrating life's greatest moments. Their plans are created for those who only want cremation, and their pricing is designed to ensure you pay for only what you need. Direct cremation begins at just $595, ensuring families of all backgrounds can afford a low-cost sendoff. Based in Greenville and Grand Rapids, there's a reason so many families trust this provider. 

Cremation Society of Michigan

Next, the Cremation Society of Michigan is for those who wish to pre-arrange their cremation service or arrange an immediate cremation for a deceased loved one. You can complete all of your planning entirely online. For those planning ahead, you can become a member with a low-cost, one-time payment. As a member, you have access to lower-cost cremation services. 

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Cremation Services Only

For those who want cremation only, Cremation Services Only serves the entire state of Michigan. By making the process as simple as possible, Cremation Services Only is there for those in their hour of need. While cremation prices depend on the location of the deceased, all arrangements can be made online. 

Cremation Society of Mid-Michigan

Created for those who want a simple, dignified sendoff, the Cremation Society of Mid-Michigan prides itself on its honesty and commitment to service. The first cremation society in mid and northern Michigan to provide direct cremation exclusively, this is a simple option for anyone within the service region. Pre-arranged direct cremations start at $950, though immediate-need arrangements are also available. 

Central Michigan Cremation

Next, Central Michigan Cremation offers a low-cost alternative to traditional funerals. With the option to hold a private memorial service, family viewing, or celebration of life, this is one of the most comprehensive providers of final cremation sendoffs. With the option to pre-plan or pay for an immediate-need cremation package, it's easy to see why many Central Michigan families choose this provider. 

Jansen Family Funeral and Cremation

Lastly, the Jansen Family Funeral Home believes families should have access to clear information about final costs online. With direct cremation packages starting at $1,195, families also have the option to add on a memorial service. Based in Columbiaville, MI, the Jansen Family Funeral Home serves families throughout the state of Michigan. 

Charities, Nonprofits or Government Programs That Help With Cremation Costs in Michigan

Though it's true choosing cremation over burial is more affordable, it's still a costly investment. This means that many families struggle to make ends meet in these difficult times. Luckily, there are many charities that help with funeral costs. From nonprofits to government programs, these Michigan-specific resources are here to help. 

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Michigan Department of Human Services

To begin, the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) provides financial assistance for funerals and cremations for those who qualify. This is only for low-income individuals or families. It covers the costs associated with cremation, burial, or donation to medical school. Your application for assistance through the DHS must be submitted within 10 days of the cremation.

Department of Veterans Affairs

If your loved one was a veteran or an active service member, he or she might qualify for aid through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This includes burial assistance or a cremation stipend. If a veteran passes at a VA hospital in Michigan, you can seek benefits through the hospital directly. These veteran death benefits are to help serve families in need. 

Social Security

The national Social Security Department also offers a one-time, lump-sum death payment. This goes to an eligible surviving spouse or child after the death of a loved one. Your funeral home can assist with accessing these benefits through Social Security. In some cases, additional monthly benefits might be available. 

Whole body donation

Michigan residents can also donate to a qualifying medical school in the state. Whole-body donation is when the body of the deceased is used for medical training, education, and research. This does a world of good, and it also includes a cremation free of cost. One of the most well-known whole-body donation programs in Michigan is operated through the University of Michigan's Department of Medicine.

Children's Burial Assistance

Lastly, the Children's Burial Assistance group is a non-profit that helps families honor their deceased children with a cremation or burial. With access to grief resources and a nationwide network of aid, this is a wonderful organization. The Children's Burial Assistance program has helped over 900 families in need since 2009.  

Plan a Cremation in Michigan

Ultimately, it's important to fully understand your options when it comes to making final arrangements. If you're planning a cremation, you've never had more options than before. While this is good news, it also means families need to be fully educated about what's right for them. This guide pulled back the curtain on final arrangements so you know the cost of cremation in Michigan compared to the rest of the country. 

Whether you're planning for yourself or a loved one, knowledge is power. Everyone deserves a cremation that's meaningful and special. This comes in all shapes and sizes, so now is the time to consider what's right for you. By talking to your loved ones, you can make sure you're honored when the time comes. 

If you're a Michigan resident and ready to start preparing your own end-of-life planning documents, Cake has Advance Care Planning forms you can download. To help ease your planning, we have all the documents you need in one place.

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