How Much Does Cremation Cost in Washington State?


Did you know the cost of cremation is different in every state? While you can find similar averages, each state has its own standard rates and practices when it comes to the cost of cremation. With the costs of funerals going up across the county, it’s important to understand these prices so you can plan in advance. With that in mind, how much does cremation cost in Washington state?

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While its true cremation is more affordable than burial, that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its own fluctuating prices. Depending on the type of ceremony, timeline, and add-ons, this can cost several thousand dollars. Though you can invest in prepaid cremation, you still need to know what to expect. 

Knowledge really is power, especially in the funeral space. There is a lot of mystery around the prices of services after death. By becoming aware of your options, you can keep your options open to plan the right sendoff for yourself or a loved one. In this guide, we’ll answer this question once and for all: How much does cremation cost in Washington state?

Average Cost of Cremation in Washington State

Though the price varies by city, region, and add-ons, you can look at the average cost of cremation in specific states. In Washington state, you’ll find the most expensive prices around Seattle. Other parts of the state might be more affordable, but the average cost of a cremation in Washington is $1,800. 

This cost varies depending on the type of cremation. A traditional cremation will be more costly, while a direct cremation can be significantly more affordable. This is good news for families looking to customize the experience and pay for only what they need. You’ll see prices ranging from $690 to $4,000 for cremation in Washington state. 

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Traditional cremation

First, the type of cremation most people are familiar with is traditional cremation. A traditional cremation is when the deceased is brought from their home or hospital to a funeral home. Then, the body is typically embalmed or prepared for a funeral viewing. At the viewing, the family visits with the deceased one final time. 

After several days or weeks, the body is finally cremated at a crematorium. Because this is a drawn-out timeline, a traditional cremation is more costly than a direct cremation. Additionally, it’s common for the family to purchase a special casket just for the cremation or the viewing, though these can also be rented. All of these extras and preparation steps cost the family between $1,200 and $4,000.  

Direct cremation

On the other hand, a direct cremation is a much faster process. The body goes directly from the hospital or home to the crematorium. Each state has its own laws about cremation or burial. While some states allow the body to be buried within 24 hours, Washington state is not one of them. 

In Washington, the person cannot be buried or cremated until the death certificate has been filed with the local registrar. Sometimes these can be filed the same day, but it can take up to three business days. Once you receive the death certificate, you are free to continue with the final deposition. For a direct cremation, there are no additional steps taken. The body is not embalmed or placed in a special casket. It is cremated as quickly as possible, keeping the costs low for the family. 

Because this is a quick process and uses fewer resources, it’s also very affordable. In Washington state, direct cremation starts at just over $600. While you can add other services, like a small viewing or funeral service, this is entirely optional. More families are choosing direct cremation as a way to keep costs low. 

Popular Crematories in Washington State

If you’re choosing between cremation or burial, it’s helpful to shop around. When you explore the different offerings and prices, you determine what’s most important to you. Here are some of the most popular crematories in Washington state to start your search. 

Western Cremation Alliance

First, Western Cremation Alliance is an affordable alternative to traditional cremation. For families who want something simple yet dignified, this is a great solution. The Washington Cremation Alliance services counties in western Washington and Oregon, including the greater Seattle and Portland area. With services starting at $694, it doesn’t get more affordable than this. 

Smart Cremation

Next, Smart Cremation is a cremation provider that operates nationally. Based in Puyallup, WA, they serve the entire state. Begin planning from the comfort of home, or make immediate arrangements for a recent loss. Their cremation packages have no hidden costs, and it’s easy to get a free quote without committing to anything. 

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Heritage Cremation Provider

Another option is Heritage Cremation. This is a family-owned and operated company that has served the Washington region for two decades. Cremations start at $695 and go up to $1,395, depending on your needs. Available 24/7, this is a trusted provider of cremations throughout the country and Washington state. 

Tulip Cremation

Based in Tacoma and Seattle, Tulip Cremation works with Washington hospitals, medical examiner’s offices, and hospice facilities to take care of those in their final stages of life. They understand the unique needs of pre-planning as well as creating a dignified final sendoff for your loved one. Serving the Snohomish, Pierce, Skagit, Thurston, King, and Lewis area, Tulip lets you pay for only what you need. 

Funeral and Cremation Care

Finally, Funeral and Cremation Care is the lowest-cost provider in Washington state. Their packages for direct cremation cost under $600, though they have less flexibility or add-on options. They also specialize in aqua-cremation starting at $1,495. Their full-service locations are available in Bellevue, Kennewick, and Vancouver, Washington. 

Charities, Nonprofits or Government Programs That Help With Cremation Costs in Washington State

Did you know there are charities that help with funeral costs? It’s true, and these are designed to make it more affordable for families in need. Everyone deserves a final sendoff they’re proud of, regardless of income. These charities, nonprofits, and programs are here to help with cremation costs in Washington state. 

People’s Memorial Association

First, the People’s Memorial Association has been a leader in funeral education and advocacy since 1939. Based in Seattle, Washington, this is an organization that fights for accessibility in funeral plans for all. This organization offers cremation financial assistance to directly offset the cost of cremation for those in need. If you think you qualify, send an application directly through their website. 

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Washington State Homicide Victim’s Family Benefit

If your loved one was a victim of a crime, they might be eligible for financial help with their funeral or cremation via the Crime Victims Compensation Program (CVCP). This is offered through the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Science Care

Another option is to donate your body to science through a resource like Science Care. This platform pairs patients with programs that accept whole body donations. In Washington state, this includes the University of Washington and Washington State University medical centers. Once donated, the bodies are used to conduct research, education, and more. After use, the bodies are cremated and returned to families free of cost. 

The TEARS Foundation

The TEARS Foundation has helped families in Washington since 2002. Created to help families who lost a young child, these support funds are used to fund burials, cremations, and funeral services. Though nobody wishes to lose a child, the TEARS Foundation reduces this financial burden for families facing tragedy. 

FEMA Reimbursement

The federal government often helps families in need when it comes to national disasters. This doesn’t just apply to weather or natural events. Recently, FEMA announced they would reimburse families for funeral costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Review the latest FEMA requirements to determine if you qualify for this service. 

Veterans Benefits

Lastly, if your loved one was a veteran, they might qualify for financial assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA provides up to $300 in reimbursement toward cremation services, as well as headstones or burial markers. In some cases, these benefits are also available to military spouses as well. 

Access an Affordable Cremation in Washington

Ultimately, cremation is becoming a more affordable, accessible option across the country. In Washington state, more people are choosing cremation than ever before. This is a cost-effective, sustainable choice, and it reduces the burden on the family. That being said, it’s still far from inexpensive. 

Whether you’re pre-planning or making arrangements for a loved one, remember you’re not alone. This guide shares the average cost for cremation in Washington state, but you have a lot of options. Everyone deserves a compassionate, meaningful sendoff.

If you’re facing a recent loss, our interactive checklist is here to help. Follow its steps for guidance through each stage of this process. Knowledge really is power, so make a plan today. 

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