How to Cancel a Kindle Unlimited Subscription: Step-by-Step


As we increasingly turn to digital services and subscriptions to simplify life, we might end up forgetting about a subscription or two. Unfortunately, forgetting isn’t an excuse, and you might find yourself paying for services months after you stop using them. This is just one reason why canceling unused accounts or services is so important. 

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When it comes to canceling a Kindle Unlimited Subscription, the process is simple, straightforward, and fast. Whether you need to cancel your own account or the account of a deceased relative, you’ll be glad to know that Amazon made it as easy as possible.

Steps for Canceling a Kindle Unlimited Subscription for Yourself

Cancel your own accounts if you want to get a jump on tidying up unused subscriptions or subscriptions you no longer see yourself using. By doing this yourself, you’ll be able to clean up your digital afterlife within a few minutes and leave far less for someone else to do later. It’s always easier to cancel your own account than to have a relative do it for you after you pass away. You might even want to consider deleting your Amazon account while you’re at it.

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Step 1: Log in to your account

When canceling any subscription, logging into your account is always the first step. This is also the reason why it’s best for you to tackle this job instead of a relative who may not be able to access your account.

If you’re unsure how to log in to access your Kindle Unlimited account, simply log in to your Amazon account. From here, you can access all Amazon-related products and subscriptions including your Kindle Unlimited.

Step 2: Go to “Your Account”

Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, you’ll want to access the main dashboard that has all account options. For this, go to the welcome tab that says, “Hello, Name” and click it. This action automatically directs you to the account page where you can access account items such as your gift card balance, orders, and more.

Step 3: Locate “Memberships and Subscriptions”

Once you’re on the account page, scroll down to the “Memberships and Subscriptions” category. The first option in this category is Kindle Unlimited, followed by other subscriptions.

Note: If you need to cancel an Audible subscription, you need to visit the Audible page.

Step 4: Click “Kindle Unlimited”

Click on the Kindle Unlimited option under “Memberships and Subscriptions.” This will take you to your Kindle Unlimited dashboard where you’ll see how much time remains on your subscription, payment methods, and other information related to your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Step 5: Select “Manage Membership”

Once you select this option, you’ll be directed to the page where you can extend, cancel, or change your membership status.

Step 6: Click “Cancel Membership”

Click the option to cancel your membership. A second box will pop up asking you to affirm that you want to cancel your membership. Click “yes” to proceed with canceling your membership. 

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Step 7: Check the cancellation date

Your Kindle Unlimited subscription will remain active until the next billing date. Once the next billing date rolls around, the subscription will be canceled and you won’t have access to any items checked out with Kindle Unlimited.

Steps for Canceling a Kindle Unlimited Subscription for a Deceased Loved One

You might need to cancel a loved one’s digital accounts as part of your executor duties. If so, Amazon makes the cancellation process simple and straightforward. If you have all the account information necessary, you can follow the steps above to cancel the account as if it were your own. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Call or chat with an associate

Amazon makes it surprisingly simple to contact an Amazon associate. You have two options if you want immediate cancellation: phone or chat. You might encounter a short wait time either way, but Amazon is excellent about making sure someone is available to talk with you as quickly as possible.

To call: Navigate to the Help and Customer Service page. Scroll to the bottom and click “Contact Us.” Click the “We can call you” option and follow the on-screen prompts to set up a phone call with an Amazon associate.

To chat: Go to the Help and Customer Service page, click “Contact Us,” and then click the “Start Chatting Now” button. A new screen will pop up and an Amazon associate will be with you shortly. 

Step 2: Explain what you need

If you’re chatting, you can get the chat started by explaining that you need to cancel your deceased relative’s Kindle Unlimited account. When an associate is available, they’ll read your message and be ready with your next steps.

If you’re on the phone, you’ll need to wait until an associate is available to explain your situation.

Step 3: Provide email and billing address

In order for an Amazon associate to close down your loved one’s Kindle Unlimited subscription, you’ll need to provide account information. The two items you need are the email and billing address associated with the Kindle Unlimited account.

If you aren’t sure of their email

Did your loved one have multiple emails and now you’re unsure of the email associated with the account? If so, the associate can run several emails through the system to see which is correct.

If you aren’t sure of their billing address

If your loved one had more than one billing address, the associate can run multiple options to match it up with an account.

Step 4: Confirm cancellation

Once the associate has their account information, they can look up the account and cancel it while you’re on the phone or chatting online. A confirmation email will be sent to your loved one’s email on record.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling Kindle Unlimited

Do you have a question or two about canceling your Kindle Unlimited subscription? Wondering about refunds, cancellation policies, or other subscriptions? Here are answers to three of the most commonly asked questions that just might answer what you’re wondering about.

Can you get a refund after canceling a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

The answer to this question is yes and no. It basically depends on how much you’ve used the service and what type of subscription you signed up for.

If: You signed up for a trial and never used it, realizing a few months later, you can call Amazon’s customer service line or use the live chat option to request a chat. They’ll review your case and determine whether a refund can be issued.

If: You signed up with a prepaid subscription such as a gift or a bundle package, you will receive no refund for unused months.

Can you cancel Kindle Unlimited at any time? 

Yes, you can! You are allowed to cancel your service subscription at any point; however, the subscription is officially canceled in the system at the next billing date. You will not be billed, and the subscription will be finished.

How do you cancel a specific magazine or newspaper subscription on Kindle Unlimited?

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions are handled a bit differently than Kindle Unlimited. To cancel these, you’ll need to navigate to the Magazine Subscription Center from your account page. 

Once at the Magazine Subscription Center, scroll down to your list of subscriptions and click on the one you want to cancel. Select “cancel subscription” and follow the on-screen instructions for the magazine or newspaper you selected. 

Note: Some magazine and newspaper subscriptions do not allow cancellation. Those subscriptions are non-refundable, and your only choice is to stop the subscription from renewing at the next billing date.

Tidying up Subscriptions

Whether you never used Kindle Unlimited after the free trial or you used it like a bookworm and you’re ready to call it quits, canceling the service is an easy and straightforward process. Canceling your own subscription is always the best way to go about it. If you want to keep enjoying your unlimited digital library, just be sure to leave information behind so the executor of your will can cancel it for you later.

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