How to Cancel Your Amazon Fresh Subscription: Step-By-Step


Do you have an Amazon Fresh subscription that you’re looking to delete? Maybe you want to delete your account or the account of a loved one who recently passed away. When a loved one dies, they normally leave behind a handful of tasks that must be managed. This can include managing funds, transferring stocks, or ending subscriptions.

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You or your loved one may have an Amazon Fresh subscription that you’re looking to cancel keep reading to find out how. 

How to Cancel An Amazon Fresh Subscription

Amazon Fresh is a delivery service for groceries that allows members to order instantly from the Amazon mobile app or online. It saves you time and energy by allowing you to order what you need and have it delivered to an address of your choice.

Are you canceling your subscription because your grocery shopping habits have changed? Or maybe you’re no longer satisfied with the perks that are offered. Whatever the case is, the steps to close your Amazon Fresh account are simple and straightforward.

It only takes a few simple steps to delete your Amazon Fresh account. It can be beneficial to keep all of your accounts updated, especially before any upcoming billing dates. It’s important to keep that in mind whether you have a monthly, annually, or weekly paid account. Staying on top of different subscriptions can help manage fees and payments. 

Note: Amazon Fresh is now free for Prime subscribers as of late 2019 for those who have the option available in their region. No cancellation is necessary if you already have Amazon Prime.

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Step 1: Head to Amazon 

Make sure to first check your account by heading online to your Amazon account page, which is located on their website. Going there will also explain the benefits and background of your account. Once you’re ready to delete your Amazon Fresh subscription, head to their website and log in. 

Step 2: Go to your account information

The next step in processing your request, after logging into your account, is to navigate over to your account settings. All these options are located in the top right corner of the website. Once you see the menu, scroll down and look for the Amazon Fresh add-on. 

Step 3: Proceed with the cancellation

Finally, click to end your Amazon Fresh membership. Alternatively, your request can be processed by heading over to Amazon’s customer service. Make sure to type a related subject line, like “Request To Delete My Account” and explain your request in the body copy. Include your fresh account details with your request. 

You can also restart your account by navigating over to the settings page on Amazon’s website.

Get additional help

When you reach out to a customer representative, you can bring up any questions you have in mind. Any specific details related to your account should be notated beforehand, including your account username and password. 

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Amazon Fresh Subscription

This task is manageable whether you’re handling it for yourself or your loved one. Executor duties need to be handled for the deceased. If you’re the one responsible for a deceased loved one you’re probably responsible for other tasks like re-organizing their expenses, managing personal accounts, and moving around finances. 

You may be wondering if it’s possible for you to cancel your loved one’s Amazon Fresh subscription for them. Once you cancel their Amazon Fresh subscription, this change will be in effect immediately. 

Step 1: Follow the same steps above

Much like the steps listed above, you can navigate over to check out your loved one’s Amazon account to see what you need to do by sorting through their available Prime Membership subscription or their Amazon Fresh add-on.

Step 2: Find more assistance through Amazon

By reaching out to Amazon’s customer service you can find support to help with the cancellation of your loved one’s account. You can head online at any time to find more answers. 

If you don’t have access to the deceased’s account password, check to see if they own a password manager that holds this information.

If you decide to call Amazon’s customer service they will ask that you provide them with the deceased’s account information including their email and other account data. If you are handling more financial information, they may ask for a copy of the death certificate.

Keeping a copy of their death certificate around can help take care of many other executor duties. It’s easy to discover more about getting your loved one's death certificate or inquiring about your death certificate for future planning. Additionally, this may provide you with comfort or support in a time of healing and moving forward by having a duplicate record of your loved one’s death certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions: Delete Amazon Fresh Account

You may have made an Amazon Fresh account because it offered great benefits when it comes to your grocery shopping experience. Keep reading to discover answers to frequently asked questions concerning your Amazon account.

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Will a cancellation fee be charged when I cancel my Amazon Fresh subscription?

Your account won’t be charged if it is canceled before the upcoming billing period. It’s always safe to be sure to manage your account beforehand to avoid any unwanted charges. Amazon doesn’t charge for this service, so you won’t be charged regardless.

You can find more additional questions on Amazon’s website. Check them out online to find solutions to any other problems you might have.

Can I temporarily pause my account?

You can utilize your Amazon Fresh account as often as needed. If you don’t want to cancel it, you can pause it until you’re ready to begin using it again. 

How soon will my Amazon Fresh subscription be canceled?

After going online to update your Amazon account and deleting the Fresh subscription, the change will be immediately processed. You have the option of restarting your current account or creating a new Amazon account.

Managing the Cancellation of an Amazon Fresh Subscription

Whether you’re managing your Amazon Fresh account or your deceased loved one’s account, handling these duties efficiently can provide more time back for yourself once you've finished. Once you decide that your Amazon account isn’t helpful to you or a loved one anymore, it’s vital to cancel or at least pause it. You can escape any further alerts, potential fraudulent activity, or previously scheduled charges from being processed to your account by keeping current with any changes or updates. 

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