How to Cancel a Curology Subscription: Step-by-Step


Curology is a customized skincare subscription with products targeted to your needs. Their unique service is dermatologist-led and curated to provide you with a skincare routine that clears acne, reduces wrinkles, and addresses other skin issues you may have. Formulas are based on your answers so you receive a product that is uniquely “you.”

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As great as many find Curology’s products to be, the service isn’t for everyone, and you may find that you’re ready to cancel your subscription and move on. Thankfully, the Curology team makes canceling your account simple with few hoops to jump through.

How to Cancel Your Own Curology Subscription

Canceling your own Curology subscription just takes a few minutes of your time thanks to the simple steps below.

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Choose to pause or cancel

Curology has an option to let you pause a subscription if you don’t want to cancel altogether. It’s important to understand the difference since pausing simply means you skip a month of product shipment. When you unpause, your regular customized skincare routine will show up at your door on your scheduled subscription day.

When you cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer be subscribed to your personal products, and no more shipments will arrive. If you want to pick your subscription back up, you’ll need to go through the start-up process all over again.

Log into your Curology account

To pause or cancel your subscription, you have to log in. There’s no other way around it, so if you’ve forgotten your password, then you can reset it during the login process. If you don’t remember which email you used, you might need to contact customer service so they can help you out.

Navigate to the payment page

After you log in, you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click on this and choose “Payments.”

Choose to cancel

Scroll down to the bottom of the Payment Page and you’ll see a button that says, “I want to cancel.” Click this button.

Answer follow-up questions

To help improve the service, a pop-up window will appear asking you to answer a few questions about why you’re canceling. There are no right or wrong answers. Just answer honestly, and you’ll be finished with this section before you know it.

Be sure to proceed all the way through with the follow-up questions and any other prompts that may appear. This section needs to be completely filled out before you can submit your cancelation request. 

Check for a confirmation email

Once your account is canceled and the subscription deactivated, Curology will send an email to the address on your file with confirmation of cancelation. If you don’t receive this email, send the Success Team an email at and they’ll provide you with confirmation that your subscription is canceled.

Don’t ignore this step. Curology’s help page specifically states that if you don’t receive a confirmation email, then your subscription hasn’t been canceled. All canceled subscriptions will receive a confirmation email.

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A special note

Canceling your Curology subscription will put an end to all future shipments and your card will no longer be charged. However, if a shipment has already been purchased, charged to your card, and sent for processing, canceling will not undo these actions. To avoid this, be sure to cancel at least two days before your next shipment and billing date.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Curology Subscription

Canceling a deceased loved one’s Curology subscription requires a few extra steps but still shouldn’t take too much time. 

If you have their account info and you can log in, then you can proceed through the cancelation steps as if you were canceling your own subscription. If you are missing a few pieces of the login puzzle, keep reading for instructions to contact support and close their account.

Gather personal and account info

Before contacting customer support, you need to gather several pieces of information together. These documents include:

  • A death certificate copy
  • Proof of your relationship/executorship
  • Their billing address
  • Their email address
  • The last four of their credit card number on file with Curology

If your loved one has multiple emails they use for accounts, check to see if they use a password manager. If they do, they might have their Curology account information listed there. If not, search their email inbox to determine which email address is used for Curology correspondence.

Getting a death certificate copy can be done in two ways. First, you can ask the funeral home director to request multiple copies when they submit information for the first copy. Second, you can request copies through the state’s Office of Vital Records. Just be sure to contact the vital records office in the state where your loved one passed away.

Documentation such as a death certificate copy and proof of executorship are items you’ll need when someone dies in order to carry out your executor duties. Be sure to have several physical copies of a death certificate on hand for bank account closures and dealings with financial institutions. For digital accounts such as Curology, a single copy is enough since you’ll likely be asked to scan and email it.

Contact Curology

After you’ve gathered the above information, it’s time to contact Curology. To do this, you can call support at 877-273-1777 or submit a support ticket. If you want to avoid the back-and-forth nature of emailing, calling their support number will be the fastest method, though either way works.

Provide Curology with your loved one’s info

Whether you’re on the phone or submitting a support ticket, you need to provide the customer service team member with as much information for your loved one’s account as possible. This includes information such as their billing address and the last four of their credit card on file. Billing details will help the support member look up your loved one’s account. 

While you’re on the phone, a customer service representative will assist with locating your loved one’s subscription and putting your cancelation request through. Depending on how much information you can provide, they may request copies of their death certificate and proof of your relationship or executorship emailed to before canceling the account. You can fulfill these requests while remaining on the phone with the support team.

Check for a confirmation email

If you’re on the phone with Curology, they’ll confirm cancelation before you hang up. They’ll also send a confirmation email to your email address and the address on file for your loved one. This email confirmation is proof of cancelation, so it’s a good idea to keep it with your loved one’s records for proof if you happen to receive a surprise shipment the next month.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cancel a Curology Subscription

Here are answers to several of the most frequently asked questions about canceling a Curology subscription. 

How do you cancel Curology after your free trial?

Canceling a free Curology trial is just as simple as canceling a paid subscription. During the trial, you have thirty days to try out your free trial products. If you decide not to continue it with full-size subscription products, simply cancel your trial before your 30 days ends and you won’t be charged for a subscription.

Can you get a refund if you cancel a Curology subscription?

Curology has a generous 90-day money-back guarantee. If you try the products for a month or two and decide the products aren’t for you, you can contact and request a complete refund of all money paid to Curology for your products, including shipping and handling. This request must be made within the first 90 days from the day that you sign up for a subscription with Curology. 

Note: The 90-day guarantee only applies to first-time Curology users. 

Do you have to pay a cancellation fee to cancel?

There are no cancellation fees to cancel with Curology. If a shipment has just been processed, you will be required to pay for it, since it’s already processed and on its way to your door. Beyond this, however, there is nothing you’ll need to pay after you cancel.

Canceling Unused Subscriptions

Canceling unused accounts and subscriptions can be a labor of love when there are numerous hoops to jump through. Thankfully, the Curology team makes canceling a subscription easy and fast. Sit down to get this done, and you’ll move on with the rest of your day in no time.

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