How to Cancel Disney Plus: Step-by-Step


Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo: That’s the magic word you need to say to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. If that doesn’t work, keep reading. We’ll give you the steps to cancel Disney Plus for all of you going through life without fairy godmothers. 

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The process of canceling your Disney Plus account is relatively simple, especially if you purchased your subscription through the Disney Plus website. Of course, it becomes a bit more complicated if you don’t know how you signed up for Disney Plus, but it won’t be impossible to cancel. 

The process of canceling the Disney Plus subscription of a deceased loved one is a bit more complicated, but we will give you the contact information of who to connect with to get this task done.

How to Cancel Your Own Disney Plus Subscription

As long as you know your Disney Plus login and password, you can cancel your Disney Plus subscription in a matter of minutes. In addition, storing your login credentials with a password manager may help if you are forever resetting your password. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for canceling your Disney Plus subscription. 

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Step 1: Log into your Disney Plus account.

Visit and click the login button in the top right-hand corner. 

Step 2: Select your profile.

Once you have logged into your account, the following screen asks you to select your profile. Choose the profile of the account holder. 

At this point, you might be reminded of all the great content available on Disney Plus and change your mind about canceling. Disney offers Star Wars movies, animated classics, and new content. 

Step 3: Select your account.

Once you have selected your profile, you will be able to access your account. You can see how much you pay for your subscription from this page. 

Step 4: Click on “Cancel Subscription.”

Disney makes things pretty easy for those wishing to cancel their subscription. Click “Cancel Subscription” to start the process. 

Step 5: Confirm your choice by selecting “Complete Cancellation.”

This step finalizes the process.

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Step 6: Enjoy your subscription until the end of the billing cycle.

Even after you select “complete cancellation,” you can still enjoy the content on Disney Plus until the end of your billing cycle. Disney Plus will not give you a prorated refund for the days left of your subscription. 


Some users purchase their Disney Plus subscriptions from other types of accounts. The Disney Plus website provides links to instructions that will walk you through the process if you bought your subscription through Roku, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. 

Here are the links:

Disney also wants to make sure that you understand that the proceeding instructions tell you how to cancel the streaming service offered by Disney. However, this will not delete your Disney account that can be used to purchase other Disney-related items, including tickets to their theme parks. 

Your Disney account will be uninterrupted even if you no longer wish to have Disney Plus streaming in your home. 

If the reason you are deleting your Disney Plus account is that you feel that you are inundated with too many emails and marketing messages, you can adjust your account preferences. Simply log in to your account and select “Manage Your Registration Account.” 

Disney Plus can also be bundled with Hulu and ESPN+. The way you purchased the bundle may affect how you cancel your account.

For example, if you are billed by Disney, you can cancel your Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle through the preceding steps. However, if you are billed for your Disney Plus streaming service by Hulu, you need to cancel the bundle from your Hulu account page. 

Here are the steps to manage your Hulu account:

Step 1: Log in to your Hulu account.

This may be the same login and password as what you used for your Disney Plus subscription.

Step 2: Select a profile.

You might need to select the profile of a person who is responsible for the account. 

Step 3: Select “Account” from under your profile in the top right-hand corner. 

A “Manage Your Account” page will pop up when you make this selection.

Step 4: Select “Cancel Your Subscription.” 

This option is at the bottom of the page. 

You will also have the option of canceling Disney Plus but keeping your Hulu subscription. 

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Disney Plus Subscription

There are a lot of things to do when someone dies. After the funeral is planned, one of the first tasks that needs to be done is to go through the steps to get a death certificate. You’ll need a death certificate to transfer assets to the beneficiaries (which is one of the duties of the executor). Some financial institutions and mortgage companies may require a certified copy of the death certificate to close accounts, while others may simply make a copy of the document.

Thankfully, no death certificate is needed to close smaller accounts - like your Disney Plus Subscription. In fact, if you know your loved one’s login credentials, you can complete the process in a matter of minutes. However, you may need to connect with the Disney Plus customer service department if you don’t.

Option 1: Repeat the preceding steps.

If your loved one saved their Disney login and password, you might be able to cancel their Disney plus subscription without too much of a fuss. Simply repeat the proceeding steps.

Keep in mind that your loved one’s Disney Plus subscription may be accessible to the end of their service agreement. This means that if you know your loved one’s login and password, you could enjoy watching some of your favorite Disney shows and movies until the subscription expires.


Option 2: Reach out to the Disney Plus customer service team.

Disney Plus offers live support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For assistance from a customer service rep, click one of the two support options: Live Chat or Call Us.

Explain that your loved one recently passed and that you wish to cancel a subscription to Disney Plus so that their credit card is not charged at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

You also have a third option to cancel subscriptions of a deceased loved one. The social security administration will inform the credit agencies of your loved one’s death. This means that the accounts in their name will be frozen. If your loved one used a credit card or debit card to pay for their Disney Plus subscription, and the account was in their name only, the charge may not go through. 

Once Disney doesn’t receive the payment, the service will be terminated. You may find that this method is the easiest way to cancel subscriptions for a deceased loved one. After all, you may not have any idea of what other subscription services your loved one purchased before their death. 

There’s a Lot to Do When a Loved One Dies

We know how hard it is to tie up loose ends when a loved one dies. You might have big projects to complete, such as selling a house (and all the items inside). This might be an even more complicated process if you struggle to get time off work or live far away from the deceased's home.

If you are struggling right now because your to-do list seems unending, take a deep breath. You will get through your list. The most important thing to worry about right now is the grief you are experiencing from the loss of your loved one. Pay attention to your feelings and the feelings of those around you.

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