How to Cancel a Forever 21 Credit Card: Step-by-Step


Do you feel a bit too old to be Forever 21? Then you might be ready to say goodbye to your Forever 21 credit card. We have read all the fine print on the credit card agreement to teach you how to close your account.

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Please forgive us if this is an obvious statement. You can’t close a credit card account simply by cutting up your card. Even though it isn’t the case with Forever 21, some credit card companies charge you annual or monthly dormant fees for accounts you aren’t using.

Are you ready to close your Forever 21 credit card account? Here’s how it’s done.

How to Cancel Your Own Forever 21 Credit Card

Some people close little-used store credit card accounts to simplify their lives or because they no longer shop at the store. If this describes you, here is how to contact the Forever 21 customer service department to close your account.

If you know that you plan to close any credit card account soon, quit using the card. Tell your authorized users to stop using it as well. Then pay off the balance if you have one on your account. You might also want to take care of any needed returns for purchases made on your store credit card. 

Finally, before you close the card, make sure you have utilized the rewards on your account. You might lose the rewards when your account is closed, so you might as well enjoy a discount on some leggings or sweatshirts from the store.

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Option 1: Call Forever 21 customer care.

The customer care phone number is 1-866-512-6286. Those who are hearing impaired can call 1-888-819-1918. Explain that you wish to close your account and ask for an emailed or mailed confirmation that the process was completed. Keep this confirmation in your records.

Option 2: Send a message through the Forever 21 website.

Click on the Forever 21 Secure Message Center. This link requires you to log in to your account. 

Do you have a difficult time remembering your passwords and are concerned about keeping your data secure? Consider using a password manager. A password manager encrypts your passwords and other data to ensure that your information is secure. 

Forever 21 makes it relatively easy to close a credit card account. However, if you need more information, the Forever 21 website has a chatbot that will help you navigate the website efficiently.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Forever 21 Credit Card

We are sorry if you recently lost a loved one. We know that you are probably overwhelmed with all there is to do following their death, and we understand that your grief may make it especially difficult to complete these tasks. 

If you are new to funeral planning and your loved one didn’t leave behind an end-of-life plan, you may be interested in utilizing some of the resources found on Cake’s website. For example, you can read about burial vs. cremation, how to pick a headstone, and options of what to do with cremation ashes. 

Cake also has a post-loss checklist, which provides you with a list of things you need to complete following the death of a loved one. Included on this list is notifying your loved one’s credit card companies about the death. Here are the options for connecting with Forever 21. 

Step 1: Call the number on the back of your loved one’s credit card.

The number for Forever 21’s customer service team is 1-866-512-6286. Those who are hearing impaired can call 1-888-819-1918. Explain that you wish to close your deceased family member’s account. 

Hopefully, you have access to your loved one’s wallet or purse. As soon as you are able, start calling the numbers found on the back of every credit card to notify the companies about your loved one’s death. This will decrease the likelihood of fraudulent activity on the account. 

If their purse or wallet is not available, access your loved one’s bank statements or look through their important papers. The next of kin is allowed access to their loved one’s credit report, which will make it easier to connect with companies that the deceased interacted with and perhaps owned money. 

You might have to provide a copy of your loved one’s death certificate to close the account. The customer service team member will give you instructions on how to send it to the company. They will also provide you with the account balance so that the executor of the estate can pay off the account before the deceased’s assets are distributed. 

(As a side note, the staff of the funeral home may also assist you in ordering copies of your loved one’s death certificate. These documents may be necessary for closing the accounts of your loved one and transferring assets to the beneficiaries.)

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Step 2: Ask for an emailed or mailed confirmation that the account closing process was completed. 

Of course, keep this confirmation in your records.

We know that you are probably overwhelmed with planning end-of-life services for your loved one, and taking care of your loved one’s financial obligations is the last thing you want to do when grieving the loss of someone you love. However, this (hopefully) quick call is worth making if you can reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

When a person dies, typically the funeral home you hire to help you with your loved one’s services will notify the Social Security Administration. This organization, in turn, notifies the leading American credit agencies. When the credit agencies are informed, they put a flag on your loved one’s social security number so that no new accounts can be opened in the deceased’s name.

Make sure the staff of the funeral home or cremation provider completes this step. If not, you need to do it as soon as possible. While notifying credit agencies may keep criminals from opening new accounts, it won’t necessarily keep their current credit cards from being used – which is why you need to call Forever 21. 

Even if you are an authorized user of your loved one’s Forever 21 credit card, quit charging to the card after the death of your loved one. The deceased’s account will need to be closed once the balance is zero. If you desire, you can apply to have an account in your name. 

Talk with the Forever 21 customer service member if you are a co-owner of your loved one’s credit card account to see what steps are necessary to keep using the credit card. 

All of the tasks we have described so far can be done by the next of kin. However, there are specific tasks the executor of the estate performs. The executor of the estate will use the assets of the deceased to pay off any debts. When this process is completed, they will distribute the remaining assets among the beneficiaries. 

Yes, there’s a lot to do when someone dies. Unfortunately, these tasks have to be done amid extreme sadness and overwhelming grief. We know it’s not easy. In fact, this is one reason we provide these resources. 

Is Your End-of-Life Organized?

Sometimes, making arrangements for a loved one’s end-of-life services and handling their estates will inspire individuals to organize their own lives. If you had difficulty planning your loved one’s funeral because you didn’t know their end-of-life wishes, make it easier on your family by creating a funeral plan with Cake.

However, don’t stop there. Create a will or a trust. Leave your financial documents organized and easy to find. Tell your family and close friends where your records can be found. 

No one likes to think about their death. However, it’s inevitable. So make it easy on your family by organizing your end of life. 

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