How to Cancel Frontier Internet


Are you trying to figure out how to cancel Frontier Internet service? There are many reasons you may want to switch to another provider. For example, maybe you’re unhappy with the quality of the service you’re currently receiving, or perhaps you’re moving to a new area that Frontier Internet doesn’t serve.

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In another case, you might need to cancel Frontier Internet service for a loved one who recently passed away. Canceling such accounts and services is often among someone’s executor duties.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to cancel Frontier Internet service. Whether you’re canceling Frontier Internet for yourself or a loved one, this guide will help you better understand the process.

Steps for Canceling Your Own Frontier Internet Service

Frontier Internet operates the same way any profit-driven business does. Frontier’s goal is to retain customers.

Thus, Frontier doesn’t necessarily allow you to cancel your service by logging in to your account and following a few basic steps. However, because the company cannot make you continue being a customer, canceling your Frontier Internet service can nevertheless be relatively simple if you do some basic prep work.

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Step 1: Gather basic information

Frontier Internet will require you to provide certain information about your account to prove you are who you say you are. This is natural. The company won't close an account when there is a question regarding the person's identity requesting the cancellation.

Begin the process of canceling Frontier Internet by gathering such info as:

  • Your basic identifying information (name, date of birth, etc.)
  • The address associated with your account
  • Your account number

You can sign in to your Frontier account to find your account number if you’re unsure of what it is. You can also search for old emails from Frontier if you haven’t deleted them. One of them may state your account number. Your account number should also appear on any bills you have received from Frontier.

(Tip: If you find it challenging to remember your various passwords for all your online accounts and subscriptions, strongly consider using a password manager tool. This kind of tool will prevent future headaches and frustrations.)

Step 2: Draft a written explanation for why you are canceling Frontier Internet

Again, when you contact Frontier Internet to cancel your account, it’s highly likely the representative will push back a little bit in an effort to keep you as a customer. Don’t interpret this as them being difficult. Odds are their superiors have instructed them to attempt to retain customers.

That said, the process will typically run much more smoothly if you prepare to offer a reason for canceling your Frontier Internet service. Write out your defense so you don’t fumble for words when speaking with a representative.

The reason you offer might be objectively valid. One example of this could be genuinely moving to an area where Frontier Internet service is unavailable.

However, if you are simply unhappy with the quality of service you are receiving, you have to decide whether you want to discuss it with the representative. If you are confident you want to cancel your service and don’t want to waste time discussing what the company can do to serve your needs better, it’s perfectly fine to lie and claim that you are moving away.

On the other hand, if you believe there is a possibility the company may still be able to remedy the problems you have with your service, this may be an issue worth bringing up. The main point to keep in mind is that you need to prepare your reasoning ahead of time to avoid a drawn-out process.

Step 3: Call Frontier Internet

Once you’ve done all the prep work, all you need to do is call Frontier Internet at 1-866-786-6693. Be aware that you may need to wait for a representative to be available. Luckily, Frontier gives customers the option to schedule calls ahead of time. Consider this option if you want the process to be as quick as possible.

Step 4: Return equipment

Frontier Internet likely provided you with a modem or other equipment when you first signed up for service. You will need to return this equipment after canceling your account.

Don’t put this task off. After you’ve canceled your account, you might understandably not want to handle the additional chore of heading to a Frontier location to return the equipment the company provided you with. That said, if you wait too long to return this equipment, you will eventually incur additional fees. Avoid this by returning all equipment as promptly as possible.

A note on suspending Frontier Internet service

You may not wish to cancel Frontier Internet service permanently. Maybe you’re taking an extended vacation and want to suspend your service until you return. If so, you can call 1-877-591-2396 to begin the process of doing so.

Steps for Canceling a Deceased Loved One’s Frontier Internet Service

Knowing what to do when someone dies can be very difficult for those involved in planning the funeral, managing the deceased’s finances, and, yes, canceling their accounts and subscriptions. Fortunately, canceling Frontier Internet service for a deceased loved one should not be much of a chore if you prepare accordingly. Just follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Gather documentation

You will need to prove to Frontier Internet’s representatives that your loved one indeed has passed away and that you have the authority to close their account. Thus, you should first gather documentation proving they are deceased.

A copy of their obituary may be sufficient. However, you’ll likely find it’s much easier to cancel a deceased loved one’s Frontier Internet service if you can provide the company with a copy of their death certificate.

Not sure how to obtain one? Our guide on how to get a death certificate will help. Keep in mind that after a loved one passes, you may need to cancel several accounts and subscriptions. There is a good chance that canceling at least a few of them will require a copy of a death certificate. Thus, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the process of obtaining a copy.

Along with documentation proving your loved one is deceased, you’ll also need to gather documentation showing that you are responsible for handling their accounts. This may come in the form of a will or any other document that officially names you the legal executor of your loved one’s estate. Your attorney can help if you’re unsure how to obtain the required documentation.

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Step 2: Gather basic information

Again, don’t forget the basics when canceling any account, whether for yourself or someone who has passed away. If you can find their account number, it will also make the next step much easier to complete. You’ll naturally need to provide their full name. You should know the address linked to their account as well.

Step 3: Call Frontier

Call Frontier at 1-866-786-6693 and explain that your loved one is deceased and you are responsible for closing their account. Because you can’t transmit documentation proving they are deceased and you are the executor of their estate via phone, the representative will give you an email address. 

The next step will usually involve sending PDF copies of the necessary documentation to the email address the representative provided. After Frontier has had a chance to review the documentation and determine its validity, the process should be fairly straightforward. The company will close the account, and you will return the equipment, just as you would if you were canceling Frontier Internet service for yourself.

How to Cancel Frontier Internet Service: Preparation is Key

Always remember that Frontier wants its customers to stay. The company also doesn’t want people falsely claiming someone is deceased, so they may cancel their service without permission. As such, the best way to make canceling Frontier Internet a painless experience is to prepare thoroughly first.

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