How to End a Grammarly Premium Subscription: Step-By-Step


Are you looking to cancel your Grammarly Premium subscription? Maybe it no longer serves your best interest, or maybe it’s because your free trial ended. We’ve been there. If you’re on top of your accounts, go you! It helps to stay aware of upcoming billing cycles and things that are on your to-do list. 

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Additionally, you may be managing the accounts of a deceased loved one. Executor duties like this are typically handled when someone passes away by either a trusted loved one or an assigned official. This can include handling finances, planning funeral arrangements, and managing accounts, like a Grammarly subscription. 

These are just a few things on the list of what to do when someone passes away. Keep reading to discover how you can delete your or your loved one’s Grammarly Premium Subscription.

How to Cancel Your Grammarly Premium Subscription 

Grammarly is a cloud-based, cross-platform writing assistant that reviews grammar, clarity, spelling, and delivery mistakes. This tool uses artificial intelligence to identify mistakes and suggest replacements. It’s helpful for students, writers, job hunters, and more. If you’re writing a paper, doing homework, typing an email, or forming any sort of work that features word processing, Grammarly may be especially of use to you. 

It doesn’t take much to update or cancel your subscription, but you may not know where to start. The steps listed below can help with canceling or adjusting your Grammarly subscription.

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Step 1: Head to Grammarly’s website 

You can cancel your Grammarly premium subscription by navigating to your account page via the Grammarly website. Go online to to start. You can log in by clicking “log in” in the upper right-hand corner. A pop-up will emerge in the center, prompting you to enter your credentials.

Step 2: Log in to your premium subscription

Once you’ve logged in with your username and password on the Grammarly site, you will see a column on the left side of your page with the main menu. There will be an option titled account or “admin panel,” depending on your type of subscription. You will want to click on that link, which will bring you to your account overview.

Step 3: Cancel your Grammarly subscription  

On the overview page of your account, you will see a link that reads “subscription.” Once a new page opens up, you can scroll down the page until you see the option “Cancel Subscription” in bold red letters. Make sure to click on that and continue on. 

Step 4: Verify Your Subscription Cancelation 

A new message will pop up in the middle of the page, asking you to review the features you will be missing out on. Click yes on the bottom right to continue. They’ll ask you to select a reason for canceling your subscription. Feel free to take this moment to express how your experience went. 

Submit the form once you’re done filling it out and save your changes. As a reminder, the plan will be good until your billing cycle ends. More importantly, all of your work will still be available if you need to go back and review it. 

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Get additional assistance

If you need more assistance, you can reach out via Grammarly’s ticket submission service.  They encourage you to search on their support page prior to submitting a ticket. When submitting a question for their support ticketing service, make sure to take pictures of what specific issue you are having.

Grammarly will send an automated reply to your email once they have received the ticket. You can check for any updates to your request in the top right corner by clicking on your account icon and selecting “My activities.”

You won’t be charged any further fees once your Grammarly premium subscription is canceled. You will receive a confirmation email from Grammarly to your email address when everything is finalized.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Grammarly Premium Subscription

Do you have a deceased loved one who still has a premium subscription to Grammarly? Below, you can find information to help cancel your loved one’s subscription with ease. 

Step 1: Complete the same steps above

The process listed above also works in this case. You can head online to update your loved one’s Grammarly account, cancel their subscription, and delete the account as well. 

You will need the username and password to your loved one’s Grammarly account. If you don’t have access to your deceased loved one’s password, try checking to see if they had a password manager. If that is the case, you may be able to access their password manager with a secret key and/or master password provided in their end-of-life documents. 

Step 2: Find additional assistance through Grammarly

By following the steps above you can manage this cancelation through the Grammarly website. That said, if you run into any problems, you can go to their help page and find more resources like frequently asked questions.

If you choose to put in a request to Grammarly’s customer service, make sure that you provide them with specific details like the deceased’s login information (email address and password). You may not need to give them a death certificate, which is the legitimate document that proves the death occurred, but it doesn’t hurt to keep a scanned copy at the ready.

In general, having your loved one’s death certificate handy can help you to manage other executor tasks. You can find out more about getting a death certificate by speaking to the funeral home director that helped your family or a state’s vital records office. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cancel a Grammarly Subscription

There are a variety of different apps and websites built to help users in some form. Grammarly was created to help people with writing and grammar. If you still have some concerns before canceling, consider reading some frequently asked questions about ending your Grammarly premium subscription.

Can you cancel a Grammarly Premium subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. It will end once your billing cycle is over. You can still access old files or restart your subscription at any time. You don’t need to explicitly state a reason to cancel your subscription, but they like to ask before you pull the plug so to speak.

Do you get a refund if you cancel a Grammarly subscription?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund when canceling. Grammarly’s premium subscriptions are non-refundable, as stated in their terms and agreements. They will also not charge you any additional or prorated fees if you cancel before the end of your subscription term. If you purchased your subscription through Apple, you can contact them to ask about a refund. 

You can learn more on the Grammarly website about any other potential cancelation charges or fees. Make sure to visit online for any additional questions about this matter.

Can you cancel your subscription on an iPhone or Android?

You can cancel your Grammarly subscription on your iPhone or Android. You can cancel by visiting the Apple app store or Google Play store on your phone. Go to your subscriptions in your account settings and click to cancel once you locate the Grammarly subscription. 

Permanently Canceling a Grammarly Subscription 

With so many options available, it’s normal to decide that you no longer want to deal with Grammarly. Or perhaps your loved one used it before they passed and now it’s time to end the subscription.

Regardless, hopefully, the steps listed in this article may be of help with your or your loved one’s subscription. Managing their accounts can prevent any fraud from occurring or unwanted payments from processing. 

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