How to Cancel a JCPenney Credit Card: Step-by-Step


There are many reasons you might sign up for a store credit card. If you’re a frequent shopper of a particular store and you want to earn extra rewards, a store credit card could be a smart move. However, these cards can also be risky if you’re not careful. Typically accompanied by a high interest rate and fees, you might eventually want to cancel your store credit card. One common type of store credit card is the JCPenney credit card. 

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Issued by Synchrony Bank, a JCPenney credit card helps you earn 2x rewards when you shop in-store or online. If you’re a frequent JCPenney shopper, this could be a great deal. However, it’s important to be mindful of your credit card usage and financial goals. This is also true if you’re managing an account on behalf of a loved one. 

If you’re looking to cancel your JCPenney credit card, you’re in the right place. This guide shares the step-by-step instructions for canceling your account with confidence. 

How to Cancel Your Own JCPenney Credit Card

If you’re ready to cancel your own JCPenney credit card, you’re in luck. The process is relatively easy, and you can cancel your JCPenney card at any time. Here’s what you need to do. 

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1. Pay the final balance

The first step is to pay the final balance on your JCPenney credit card. You can’t cancel a credit card account if you still owe money. This means you’ll need to make a final payment online, by visiting a JCPenney store, or by mail. If you’d prefer to transfer your balance, you can do so with a qualifying transfer card or personal loan. 

2. Redeem any rewards

Before you cancel your card, you should also redeem any remaining rewards. You might be eligible for coupons or money towards your next JCPenney purchase. If you’re planning a purchase, use these rewards before you lose them. You will no longer earn extra rewards once your account is closed. 

3. Contact JCPenney customer service

When you’re ready to close your account, you’ll need to contact JCPenney customer service. This is the only way to close your account. Call their support team at 1-888-527-7937 and let the agent know you wish to cancel your account. They’ll direct you to the right department. The customer service team is available between 7 AM and midnight (Eastern time) Monday through Friday. 

Before you call, make sure you have access to your account information, credit card number, and your own personal information. You’ll need this to verify your identity and cancel your account. If you have any special privacy questions assigned to your card, make sure you know this information as well. 

4. Keep an eye on your accounts

Next, keep a close eye on your account statement for up to 90 days. Keep track of any confirmation number you receive after closing your account and take note of any changes. It’s normal for your credit score to be affected by closing a credit card account, so keep this in mind when you begin. 

Finally, delete your JCPenney account from your password manager. If you have the physical card, destroy it securely. You can cut it up or shred it, but make sure your personal information is safe. 

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s JCPenney Credit Card

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, it’s a good idea to close their credit card accounts as soon as possible. While it’s intimidating to know what to do when someone dies, this is an important step in protecting their identity. To close a deceased loved one’s JCPenney credit card, follow the steps below. 

1. Check the account balance

To begin, you will need to check the account balance on your loved one’s JCPenney card. If there is a remaining balance, this needs to be paid by the estate before you can close the account. It’s important to note that nobody else is ever responsible for this account balance if they’re not a joint account holder. 

It’s part of the executor duties to ensure the account is taken care of. The remaining balance is paid directly from the estate. No credit card company should ever pressure next of kin to pay this balance on behalf of the deceased. 

2. Notify the bank

Next, you will need to notify the JCPenney credit card services as soon as possible. Managed by Synchrony bank, there is a special department just for notifying the bank of a death. Unfortunately, it’s common for scammers to target accounts of the deceased, so the sooner you can do this, the better. 

Contact the same customer support number as above during business hours (1-888-527-7937). Let them know your loved one is deceased, and you’re hoping to close their account on their behalf. They will transfer you to the right department. 

3. Prove your identity

From there, you’ll need to prove you’re authorized to close the account. To do this, most banks require a death certificate or court documents. Knowing how to get a death certificate is an important part of the post-loss checklist. Once you’ve proven your identity, keep track of any confirmation or updates about the closed account. 

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4. Destroy your loved one’s credit card

Last but not least, destroy your loved one’s JCPenney credit card to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Even if the account is closed, it could still be used for identity theft. Shred or cut up the card to make sure it’s no longer usable. 

If there are additional authorized users on the account, destroy these cards as well. Save any account records and statements for up to 90 days to make sure there are no new charges to the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling a JCPenney Credit Card

It’s normal to have questions about how to cancel a credit card. This can be a lengthy process, and many banks are in the business of keeping customers for as long as possible. These frequently asked questions are specifically related to the JCPenney card process. 

How can you remove an authorized user on a JCPenney card?

An authorized user is someone who’s approved to use your account. They typically have their own card, though the burden of payment falls solely on the account holder. You can remove an authorized user on your JCPenney card at any time by contacting customer support at 1-888-527-7937.

Is there a fee or a penalty to cancel your JCPenney card?

There is no fee or penalty to cancel your JCPenney card. However, you need to have the full balance paid in full before you can cancel. If you miss a payment, you might face late fees or higher interest rates. 

Similarly, it’s important to note that closing a credit card can impact your credit negatively. Closing accounts is generally frowned upon, so it’s a good idea to talk to a credit or financial professional to determine if this is the right move for you. 

Protect Your Credit Rating with These Steps

Do you have a JCPenney credit card? If so, you might decide it’s time to close this account. With JCPenney closing stores across the US, this is a common question. Luckily, it’s straightforward to cancel this credit card in a timely fashion with a single phone call. The same is true if you’re managing a credit card for a deceased loved one. 

It’s important to be in control when it comes to your credit cards. In today’s world, you can’t be too vigilant about your identity and your financial future. If you’re considering closing an account, make sure you follow these clear steps above. While having a store credit card can sometimes be worth the savings, you should always consider the big picture. How does this affect your financial goals?

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