How to Cancel Mediacom for You or a Deceased Loved One


Whether you’re ready to move on from one cable service to another, you’re finished with a trial period, or you’re simply tired of paying another monthly bill, there will come a time to cancel your services. While it’s important to make sure you’re not racking up fines or penalties when you do cancel, cancelation is generally available regardless of when you want to pull the plug.

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If you or a deceased loved one has a Mediacom account, you’ll find this to be one of a few services that provide multiple ways to cancel services. Use the steps below to say goodbye to the cable, internet, phone, and TV provider.

How to Cancel Your Own Mediacom Service

Canceling services such as cable, internet, and phone services tend to get a bad rap because of the many hoops a company makes you jump through. Thankfully, when it comes to Mediacom, the steps are simple, and they provide several ways to cancel services.

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Email Mediacom

One way to cancel your services is via email. This is a great option for busy people who don’t mind waiting a few days for cancelation approval. In order to cancel your account, you’ll need to provide them with your account number and a written request to cancel services.

Send your cancelation request and account number from the email associated with your account to

A customer representative should contact you within 24-48 hours and request confirmation of your desire to cancel services. Once you reply to this email, they will cancel your services and send a confirmation email.

Note: You may receive a final bill for any amount you owe including early termination fees.

Call Mediacom customer service

Mediacom is excellent at providing multiple contact routes. Calling the company is one of the fastest methods for canceling your account.

Call 1-877-481-2225 to speak with a Mediacom representative in the Customer Retention department. This is the department that handles service cancelation.

When talking with a representative, you will need to provide them with your account number or phone number associated with the account. You’ll also need to successfully answer security questions so they can verify your identity. 

Once these steps are completed, they will request a reason for cancelation, ask you to confirm that you want to cancel services, and cancel the account. They will also inform you of any early termination fees that apply prior to canceling.

Talk to Mediacom via live chat

Like many companies, Mediacom has jumped on the live chat bandwagon. This is great for busy people who want to multitask and do other things while taking care of this to-do item. 

Open up a chatbox and enter the reason for your chat - your request for service cancelation. A bot will direct your chat to a live agent right away. 

The live chat agent will request your account number and reason for cancellation. They will then ask you to answer security questions to verify your identity. 

They will advise you of any early termination fees and process your cancelation request while you’re chatting with them. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file for proof of cancelation.

Visit a Mediacom store

If you want to cancel your services in person, you can do so at any Mediacom location. When there, you’ll need to request cancelation, share your reason for canceling, and show proof of ID. They’ll also ask you security questions to verify your account.

If early termination fees apply, they will tell you prior to canceling your services. 

Return equipment

After your account has been canceled through one of the above methods, you’ll need to return their equipment. If you don’t return it, you’ll probably find an extra expense on your final bill because they’ll charge you for it. 

You can return it in one of three ways, and only the first option is free.

  • Take it to a nearby office 
  • Purchase pre-paid return boxes from Mediacom
  • Ask for a technician to pick up your equipment 

If you’re planning to cancel services in person, take your equipment with you to avoid having to take another trip later on.

Check for cancelation confirmation

When services are canceled, you’ll have your confirmation number and email as proof of confirmation. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your credit card statements for the next month or two. Be sure no extra charges are being sent through and that the cancelation process is completed. If you continue to be charged, you’ll need to go in person or call and show proof of cancelation to receive a reimbursement of charges.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Mediacom Service

Canceling a deceased loved one’s Mediacom services doesn’t have to give you a headache. Thankfully, as the executor, you should have a pretty easy time with this. You’ll need to know how to get a death certificate and collect some information, but that’s about it. Mediacom employees are very helpful with navigating you through this step as you figure out what to do when someone dies.

Collect information

To cancel your loved one’s services, you’ll need to visit a Mediacom location and provide them with several documents including:

  • Your loved one’s account number
  • Their billing address and phone number associated with the account
  • A billing statement
  • Proof of your executorship
  • A copy of your loved one’s death certificate

If you can’t find their account number, check emails from Mediacom, billing statements, or your loved one’s password manager. You should be able to locate an account number in one of these places.

Visit a Mediacom location

Go in person to a Mediacom location with the documents you’ve collected. Explain to a representative there that you need to cancel your loved one’s services due to their death. They will request the documents you’ve brought and will take copies of them for their records. 

Pay final bills

If your loved one has a final statement that needs to be paid, you can do this at the same time. Payment can be made using your credit card. You can then get reimbursed by the estate.

Return equipment

All equipment should be returned to the Mediacom location you visit. If equipment isn’t returned, Mediacom will send an equipment fee in a final bill.

Check for confirmation

You will receive a cancelation confirmation in print and in your email. Keep this for your records.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cancel Mediacom Service

Still have a question or two about canceling your Mediacom service? Keep on reading.

How do you return your Mediacom equipment after you cancel your service?

You can return equipment three ways. Only the first has no associated charges.

  • Go in-person to a store
  • Purchase pre-paid shipping boxes from Mediacom
  • Request a technician to pick up your equipment

How much does it cost to cancel Mediacom service?

If your account is in good standing and you cancel your services within 90 days of signing up for services, there is no early termination fee. You can also request reimbursement for monthly rental fees for the equipment when you return it as long as it’s in good working condition.

If you’re past the initial 90-day window, several early termination fees may apply.

One-year contracts: The fee is up to $120 depending on where in the year you cancel services.

Two or three-year contracts: The fee is up to $240 depending on where in the contract you cancel services.

Relocation with retained services: Relocation to another Mediacom location with continued Mediacom services results in a $49 transfer fee.

Relocation without retained services: Relocating to an area without Mediacom services results in an early termination fee based upon your contract terms.

Relocation exception: If you’re a member of the armed forces and are relocating because of active duty orders, you will not be charged if you provide written proof of moving orders, return the equipment, and pay outstanding amounts.

How do you pay a Mediacom bill for a deceased loved one?

You can pay a final bill by having your credit card charged for the amount and having the estate reimburse you.

Canceling Services Quickly

Canceling services is often a task no one relishes, but thanks to Mediacom’s many ways to reach out, you should be able to mark this off your to-do list in no time. Whether you’re canceling for a loved one or yourself, Mediacom has made the process simple, straightforward, and fast.

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