How to Cancel an Old Navy Credit Card: Step-by-Step


Are you trying to simplify your life by getting rid of some of the credit cards you don't use very often? We would love to help. We have read the fine print of the credit card agreement to learn how to cancel your Old Navy credit card. 

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Our apologies if this seems obvious, but the act of cutting up a credit card and not using it does not close your account. In fact, some credit card companies charge a monthly or yearly dormant fee or yearly annual fee. To avoid fees, you need to sever your ties with the credit card company. This isn't necessarily the case with the Old Navy credit card, but it is true for others. 

Here's how to cancel your Old Navy credit card.

How to Cancel Your Own Old Navy Credit Card

The Old Navy credit card doesn't have an annual fee. However, you might still wish to simplify your life by cutting back on the number of credit cards in your name. Here's how to close your Old Navy account.

If you know that you are going to be closing your Old Navy credit card account within the next several months, stop using it and pay off your balance. You might not be able to close the account until the balance is at zero. 

Also, if you wish to return any of the store's products that you bought using the store credit card, you might take care of that task as well. You might also want to familiarize yourself with the Old Navy rewards system so you can use up any credits before severing ties with the credit card company.

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Option 1: Log into your Old Navy account

Like most credit card companies, you need to log in to your account to manage the settings. Here's the link to access your account

Do you dread logging into your online accounts because you can't remember your passwords? Consider using a password manager. A password manager makes it easy to remember your password. It also encrypts your passwords and other data, so you know your information is secure. 

Option 2: Call the Old Navy customer service department

Old Navy's customer service line is 866-450-5294. If you want to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card, call this number and follow the instructions from the customer service team member. 

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Option 3: Send a letter

You may close your Old Navy account at any time by sending a letter to the address shown on your billing statement. Include your contact information and account number. Make sure you receive confirmation that the account was closed. 

The address that is listed under the terms of service for the credit card is as follows:

Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 965003
Orlando, FL 32896-5003

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One's Old Navy Credit Card

Our condolences go out to you if you recently lost a loved one. We are proud to offer articles such as this one to help those struggling with all there is to do when a loved one dies

While canceling your loved one's Old Navy credit card may not feel like a high-priority matter, you should notify the deceased's creditors after their death to limit the likelihood of fraud. The next of kin can do this. 

Notifying credit card companies isn't necessarily a duty reserved for the executor of the estate. (One of the primary duties of the estate's executor is to use the deceased's assets to pay off any creditors. Once this is completed, the executor distributes the assets to the beneficiaries.)

Some funeral homes will notify the Social Security Administration about the death of your loved one. The SSA then sends notice to the top credit agencies in America. These agencies flag your loved one's social security number so that no one tries to open an account using the identity of your deceased loved one. 

Check to see if the funeral home offers this service. If they don't, you might need to notify the Social Security Administration about the death of your loved one and order the death certificates necessary to close your loved one's accounts.

While notifying the credit agencies may reduce the likelihood of fraud, it does not keep people from charging on an already established credit card. Please understand that you should stop using your loved one's credit card after their death as well. 

If your spouse recently died, you might wonder if you can use their credit card to continue charging to their accounts. Talk with your attorney if you have questions about this scenario.

Generally speaking, if you are a joint account owner, you can continue using the credit card. However, if you are listed as an authorized user and the account was in your loved one's name, you should immediately stop using the credit card.

Once you have received copies of your loved one's death certificates, you can gather up the deceased's financial statements to help you determine what accounts need closing. Unfortunately, there aren't any special instructions available on how to close your loved one's Old Navy credit card account, but we have found the customer service number to help you with the process.

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Step 1: Call the Old Navy customer service department

Old Navy's customer service line is 866-450-5294. Call this number and follow the instructions from the customer service team member. You might need to provide a copy of the death certificate when closing the account.

The estate is still responsible for the balance on the account. In fact, the Old Navy credit card terms of use states: "You are in default if you make a late payment, do not follow any other term of this Agreement or become bankrupt or insolvent. If you default or upon your death, we may (a) request payment of the full amount due right away, (b) take legal action to collect the amounts owed, and/or (c) take any other action allowed."

Once the deceased's assets have been sold, all creditors must be paid before the beneficiaries divide up the remaining assets.

You can also write to the Old Navy credit card customer service department at the following address:

Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 965003
Orlando, FL 32896-5003

Include your loved one's name, contact information, and a copy of their death certificate. Ask that their account is closed. Make sure you receive written confirmation that the account closure was completed.

Step 2: Ask for confirmation

Ensure that your loved one's account was actually closed by asking for confirmation to be sent to you. If it is emailed, print out the document and keep it in a file with all of your loved one's financial information. This documentation might help you if fraud occurs under your loved one's name or social security number. 

We Are Here for You

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Some of you may have never lost a close loved one before now, and you may be reeling at all the decisions that need to be made. We hope that Cake has helped you navigate this part of life that has been thrust upon you. 

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