How to Cancel a Sears Credit Card: Step-by-Step


There are a lot of websites that discuss what happens to your credit score if you cancel a credit card. While we certainly do not aim to advise on what is best for your financial situation, we would like to help those ready to cancel their Sears credit card account. 

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There are many different reasons why you may wish to cancel your Sears credit card. Perhaps you want to live on a cash-only system because you have gotten in trouble with credit cards in the past. Maybe you hope to simplify your life by limiting the number of accounts in your name. Or perhaps the Sears in your town closed, and you have no use for a Sears credit card any longer.

Whatever the reason may be, we would like to help you through the process. We will also give you some information on what to do if your loved one passes while having a Sears credit card in their name. 

How to Cancel Your Own Sears Credit Card

Are you ready to sever ties with Sears? Please realize that your account doesn’t immediately disappear when you stop using your Sears credit card. Forgive us if this is obvious, but cutting up your credit card isn’t the same as closing your account. 

Here are some contact options for reaching out to the Sears customer service department to help you with this process.

If you know that you will soon be severing ties with Sears, quit using the card. Then, pay off the balance. If a reward system is connected with the credit card, you might also consider cashing in those rewards. In fact, it would probably make the process go more smoothly if you complete any necessary returns on purchases made with your credit card before canceling the account. 

Here are some options on how to contact Sears customer service. 

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Option 1: Call Sears customer service

The phone number for Sears customer service is 800-669-8488. Explain that you wish to close your credit card account. You will likely be asked to provide either your account number or social security number. 

Option 2: Log in to your Sears credit card account

Once you have logged into your Sears credit card account, click “Manage Account.” From there, follow the instructions on how to close the account.

If you need additional help, the Sears credit card website has a chat feature. Even though there isn’t a real person chatting with you on the other side, this tool helps you navigate their website to find the instructions you need to cancel your account.

Pro tip: Do you dread having to log into your online accounts because you can’t ever remember your account logins and passwords? Do you avoid using your computer or phone’s automated password feature because you are concerned about privacy issues? If so, consider using a password manager for your online accounts. A password manager encrypts your passwords and other data, so you know your information is secure. 

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Option 3: Write to Sears

Some prefer to close their accounts using written correspondence. If you wish to close your Sears account, write to the address on your billing statement. Include your Sears account number, name, address, email, and phone number. 

If you complete the process through the mail, make sure you receive confirmation that the act was completed.

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Sears Credit Card

Did you recently lose a loved one? If so, we are sorry for your loss. We are sure you are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. 

First, funeral planning takes priority. If your loved one left behind instructions on the method of disposition and final resting place, you will have an easier task of planning for your loved one’s services. 

Second, you need to complete the necessary steps to obtain copies of your loved one’s death certificate. These will be required to close bank accounts. You might not need original copies for every account, however. Sometimes copies of the document will work. 

Next, you need to prioritize your loved one’s financial accounts and begin notifying companies about your loved one’s death. Unfortunately, this needs to be done sooner rather than later for credit card companies. Some criminals look for death notices and complete fraudulent activities under the deceased’s name or social security number. 

Typically, most funeral home staff notify the Social Security Administration as soon as a death occurs. The Social Security Administration then notifies the leading credit agencies in America so that your loved one’s social security number is flagged. This will limit the likelihood that criminals can open new accounts in your loved one’s name.

However, the credit card companies that your loved one interacted with may not be notified about the death until you call their customer service department.

Finally, the executor of the estate will perform their duties. This means they will use the deceased’s assets to pay off creditors. Once all accounts have been paid in full, they will divide the remaining assets among the beneficiaries. 

Are you at that step in the process where you are notifying the credit card companies that your loved one died? Here are the steps for completing this process.

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Option 1: Call the number on the back of our loved one’s credit card

Hopefully, you have access to your loved one’s wallet so that you can quickly determine what credit cards they were currently using. If so, begin calling the number on the back of each credit card to explain that your loved one passed. 

You may have to provide copies of your loved one’s death certificate to close the account officially. And, of course, if your loved one had a balance on the account, the credit card company will likely ask for the balance to be paid. 

Option 2: Write to the Sears credit card company

If you can find a printed statement within your loved one’s financial documents, write a letter to the company notifying them of your loved one’s death. Include their name, address, and account number. Give your contact information as well. Also, include a copy of the death certificate.

Make sure you receive confirmation that the account has been closed. Keep this confirmation so if there are any fraudulent activities on the account, you can prove that your loved one’s estate should not be responsible for any new debt. 

However you choose to close the account, please do not use your loved one’s credit card after they pass unless you are a joint owner of the account. Being an authorized user does not give you the right to use a deceased person’s credit card. 

If you wish to open a new account in your name, your deceased loved one’s account will be closed. Then, you’ll have to fill in the required documents to open an account in your name. 

Consult with an attorney in your state if you have questions about the terms of your specific accounts. Laws vary by state and situation.

We Are Here for You

We know you are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done following your loved one’s death. This time may be incredibly stressful if you aren’t aware of your loved one’s end-of-life preferences. To make things easier for your survivors when you pass, consider creating an end-of-life plan through Cake. 

When a person dies without making prior funeral arrangements, some families tend to emotionally overspend. In their grief, they pay more for items and services because they “want nothing but the best for their dad.”

To keep that from happening when you pass, create an end-of-life plan. Also, make things easier for your next of kin by creating a will or trust and naming an executor of your estate.

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