How to Cancel Verizon for You or Someone That Died


Do you have a Verizon contract you’d like to cancel? Or has a loved one passed away, and canceling their Verizon contract is one of your duties when managing their digital afterlife? Either way, you may not know how to cancel Verizon. Don’t worry if that’s the case. As we will explain, canceling a Verizon contract does involve a few steps, but in general, it’s not very difficult.

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You may also want to keep this information in mind if you’re about to start end-of-life-planning for a loved one. Because canceling a Verizon contract on their behalf requires having certain documents and information on hand, the process will be much easier if you prepare accordingly. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Cancel Your Own Verizon Contract

Perhaps you feel unsatisfied with Verizon’s service or maybe you’re moving to an area Verizon doesn’t serve. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, you want to know how to cancel your own Verizon contract. Prepare yourself with any relevant information you have handy regarding your account and follow these steps:

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1. Gather information

You need to have your account information ready when you start the process of canceling a contract with Verizon.

Make sure you know your account number, login information such as your username, your password and/or account PIN, and any other general information a Verizon representative might ask about, such as when you first signed up with Verizon.

2. Call Verizon

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to cancel a Verizon contract online. You have to either go to a Verizon store or call Verizon’s cancellation line to start the process. The number is 1-844-837-2262. Verizon is available Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.

Not being able to cancel a Verizon account online may seem inconvenient. However, Verizon requires customers to either call them or stop by a Verizon store in person when canceling their accounts to help confirm their identity.

Note: Verizon naturally doesn’t want to lose customers. Thus, it’s not uncommon for Verizon representatives to try to entice those asking to cancel their contracts with offers and deals.

This may not necessarily be the case when you reach out to Verizon. However, you should at least be prepared for the possibility of it happening.

3. Return equipment

Depending on the services you purchased from Verizon, you may have some Verizon equipment that you need to return once you’ve cancelled your contract. If your phone is leased, you will have to return it.

That also includes any modems, routers, hotspots, or other internet connection devices that you have purchased or rented. Make sure you do so by the deadline to avoid any late fees.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Verizon Contract

Cancelling your own Verizon contract is a relatively simple process. However, if you’re wondering how to cancel a Verizon contract for someone who has died, you may understandably assume the process will be more complicated.

That is not necessarily the case. Cancelling Verizon for a deceased loved one isn’t quite as easy as canceling Verizon for yourself, but it’s also not particularly difficult. Just follow these steps.

1. Determine your role

Cancelling a deceased person’s Verizon contract may be among your executor duties. That means you’ll need to provide Verizon with documentation indicating you’re the executor of your loved one’s estate.

If someone dies without a will, there won’t officially be any executor. However, when the estate goes to probate court, a judge will be able to name an administrator, who has essentially all the same responsibilities as an executor. The laws and customs determining who will be an administrator when someone dies before naming an executor vary from one state to another.

If you are selected as an administrator, you will receive a document from the probate court judge called a letter of administration. As a result, you may need to confirm you have the right to cancel a deceased loved one’s Verizon contract if you’re not sure who is responsible for doing so.

2. Gather information

Verizon will need you to provide the name of the deceased, their account number, the phone number associated with the contract (if you’re canceling a Verizon Wireless contract), and either the account PIN, or the last four digits of the deceased’s social security number. In addition, you may have to establish your relationship to the deceased and also provide a death certificate.

Consider this whenever you’re setting up an account with a company such as Verizon. With so many accounts for a range of services, you may want to use password managers and similar tools to ensure you never lose track of important documentation and information.

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3. Know who you’re calling

You have to call the right Verizon customer service department to cancel a contract. If you’re canceling a Verizon Wireless contract, call 1-800-922-0204. If you’re canceling a contract for Verizon television, phone, or Internet you will have to call 1-800-837-4966.

These numbers are different from the number you’d call to cancel your own Verizon contract. Because that process is more common, it has its own number.

A note on Device Payment Agreements

When you contact Verizon to cancel the contract of a deceased loved one, you may learn there is an outstanding Device Payment Agreement. Verizon allows you to resolve this by either returning the device or buying out the loan. If you’re unable to do either, Verizon states they may request additional documentation.

Canceling Your Verizon Contract: FAQs

Do you still have more questions about how to cancel a Verizon contract? If so, the following answers might help:

Can you cancel an individual line in a family plan on Verizon?

Yes. The process is the same as canceling any Verizon contract. You either need to call Verizon or go to a Verizon store.

How much does it cost to cancel your Verizon plan?

If you choose to cancel a Verizon contract early, you may pay an early termination fee. The maximum fee is $350. For every month that you keep your contract, the fee reduces by $15.

Can you cancel your service at any time?

Yes. Also, if you cancel a line of service within 14 days of accepting Verizon’s Customer Agreement, you won’t incur a termination fee.

How to Cancel Verizon: Easier Than You Think

Whether you’re handling a loved one’s digital assets after death, or you simply no longer want to keep your own Verizon contract, there are numerous reasons you may choose to cancel a Verizon service one day. While doing so may not be as simple as signing into your account online and clicking a few buttons, it’s still not particularly complex.


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