How to Cancel a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card: Step-by-Step


Credit cards can be an important way to earn rewards and loyalty points with your favorite brands and retailers. However, these credit cards can also be a slippery slope, especially if they’re costing you long-term. This is often true for store credit cards, like the Victoria’s Secret credit card. Canceling a Victoria’s Secret credit card isn’t always easy, but it might be the right step to protect your financial wellness. 

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Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading brands for women’s intimate wear, sleepwear, and athletic wear. While having a Victoria’s Secret credit card (known as an Angel Card) earns you some perks shopping both in-store and online, it’s not right for everyone. Whether you’re cutting down on your credit card usage or managing a loved one’s accounts, here’s how to cancel a Victoria’s Secret credit card. 

How to Cancel Your Own Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you’re canceling your own Victoria’s Secret credit card, it’s easier to begin this process. However, you need to take each step carefully to make sure you protect your identity and your credit history. To delete your Angel Card, read through the steps below. 

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1. Pay your balance

To begin, you need to pay your balance. Before you can cancel your Angel Card with Victoria’s Secret, you need to pay your balance so it’s $0. If you’re struggling to repay your Angel Card, it’s important to look at your big-picture finances. You might transfer your balance, use a credit card repayment card, or ask family for help. 

2. Gather your personal information

Before you contact Victoria’s Secret, gather your personal information. To close your account, you need important things. You can access this information through your Angel Card account. Make sure you have this easily accessible:

  • Personal information (name, phone, social security) 
  • Bank account associated with your Angel Card account
  • Credit card number and information

3. Contact Customer Care

Next, contact the Customer Care Team at Victoria’s Secret by phone. You can’t cancel your Angel Card online or through your bank. You’ll need to contact their service team directly. Contact the service team at 1-800-695-9478. Once you’re connected, let the representative know you’d like to cancel your Angel Card. 

4. Share why you’d like to cancel your card

When you talk to the Victoria’s Secret representative team, they will likely ask you why you wish to cancel your card. It can help to have an idea of why you want to cancel it before starting the call. Be firm on the phone, letting them know that you’d like to immediately cancel. They might encourage you to consider keeping it, but be persistent. 

5. Ask about charges

Sometimes there’s a charge to cancel your credit card account. This depends on your particular agreement with your lender. Ask about these clearly and write down any confirmation number. It’s important to keep track of anything they tell you so you can understand what to expect. 

6. Review your statement

One of the final steps is to review your bank statement associated with the account. Check this not just immediately after cancelling but also up to 60 days after. If you see any other charges related to your Victoria’s Secret account, contact the customer support team again. 

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7. Destroy your card

Last but not least, destroy your credit card. Once you’ve closed the account, you no longer need to keep this card in your possession. In fact, holding onto it can risk your identity and financial security. Cut your card into small pieces and throw it away securely. From there, remove your credit card information from any password manager tool. 

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

What happens if your loved one passes away while still owning a Victoria’s Secret credit card? It’s common to handle these financial accounts after losing a loved one, but it can also be confusing. Knowing what to do when someone dies is tricky. Follow these steps below to cancel a deceased loved one’s Victoria’s Secret card. 

1. Find all names on the account

First, check your loved one’s credit card account to determine what names are associated with it. It’s common to have a joint account holder, and you’ll need to know this if you plan to cancel the account. If it’s not shared with anyone, continue to the steps below. 

2. Notify the card issuer

Because the card could face additional fees or interest, it’s important to let the card issuer know about the death of the cardholder as soon as possible. Call the customer support team (1-800-695-9478) and ask to speak with deceased account services. This is usually a dedicated line, and they can transfer you to the right department. 

To notify the card issuer, you might need to provide documentation. Most banks accept a death certificate or other notification from the courts. You also need to be authorized to act on your loved one’s behalf. Learn how to get a death certificate so you’re ready for anything. 

3. Handle the account balance

Before the card can be closed, the balance needs to be zero. This is resolved through the estate, and repayments are carried out under executor duties. You are never expected to pay for a loved one’s credit card balance out of your own funds. 

4. Redeem any rewards

If your loved one has any rewards on their account, you can redeem them if you’re an authorized representative of the estate. You will likely only be able to use these rewards for the Angel Card once the balance is paid in full from the estate. 

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5. Cancel recurring payments

Another important step is to cancel any recurring payments. If the deceased had automated, recurring payments set up through their bank, cancel these. Just canceling the credit card will not stop the payment from being processed. You can cancel these with the service provider. 

6. Safely dispose of the card

Last but not least, safely dispose of your loved one’s card. You should run the card through a shredder or cut it into small pieces. Unfortunately, the recently deceased are often the target of identity theft, so you want to keep this information safe. Keep a copy of all confirmations for your records. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Canceling a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Canceling any type of credit card can be tricky, so it’s important to understand this process. Here are the most common questions about canceling a Victoria’s Secret credit card. 

Can you cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card if you don’t have the card on you?

Yes, you can cancel your Victoria’s Secret credit card even if you no longer have the card in your possession. As long as you can verify your identity, you can close any accounts associated with your name or your loved one’s name. This is common if you’ve lost your card and you no longer want a replacement. 

Is there a penalty to cancel your card?

There is not usually a penalty to cancel your card, though it could have other implications for your credit. There is usually a change to your credit rating if you cancel a line of credit. In addition, you will need to pay the full balance of the card and any late fees prior to canceling your account. 

In some cases, it doesn’t make financial sense to close your credit card, even if you’re no longer using it. Having an older line of credit, even if rarely used, can be useful for your credit score. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to talk to a financial professional or credit specialist if you’re unsure what course of action to take. 

Close Unused Store Credit Card Accounts

Overall, it’s a good idea to close any store credit card accounts you don’t need or use if the damage to your credit will be minimal. These cards generally carry higher interest rates, so they’re considered riskier investments. However, in some cases, they can be valuable if you take full advantage of your rewards. 

Are you trying to close a Victoria’s Secret card? Known as the Angel Card, these guides above walk you through the process of canceling this card for yourself or a loved one. 

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