How to Permanently Cancel a Zipcar Account: Step-by-Step


Do you feel that Zipcar is no longer the right choice for your transportation needs? Let us help you cancel your Zipcar account. We have read the fine print on Zipcar’s website, and we will tell you how to complete the process.

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You may want to cancel your own Zipcar account, or you may want to delete your deceased loved one’s online presence by canceling their account. Regardless of your reasons for severing ties with Zipcar, here are the step-by-step tips on how to get rid of your car-sharing account. 

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How to Cancel Your Own Zipcar Membership

As in most situations, there is a lot of fine print involved in ceasing a relationship with a business entity. While canceling a Zipcar account is a pretty straightforward process that can quickly be completed from their website, we will give you some of the finer details in the following steps.

One thing to remember is that you have to go through the entire process to begin a new account once your account is canceled. This means you will have to supply Zipcar with your driver’s license and wait for approval before you can regain access to their fleet of cars. 

Step 1: Sign in to your Zipcar Account.

Don’t remember your account password? Consider using a password manager on your computer. This will eliminate your need to write out a list of account numbers and passwords that can be accessed by criminals. Of course, make sure your computer is password protected before utilizing such a service. 

Step 2: Submit a request to close your Zipcar account.

Once you have logged into your Zipcar account, click on the link found in step two of this webpage to close your Zipcar account. 

Fill out all the requested information and submit the form. Save any confirmation that you receive.

Step 3: Understand that your account will be closed at the end of the day.

There may be a lag time on some websites before an account is officially closed. Zipcar’s account closing instructions say that the action won’t be completed until the end of the day.

Set a calendar reminder for yourself to log in the next day to ensure that your access has been eliminated. You don’t want hackers to gain access to your dormant Zipcar account.

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Step 4: Understanding refunds.

If you cancel your account within the 30-day time period, you may be able to receive a refund for your membership fees. If you’ve had your account for longer, sorry, you’re out of luck.

Step 5: Pay your remaining balance.

Plan to have your credit or debit card charged when you close an account with a balance.

Step 6: Be aware of additional expenses.

Zipcar will still charge your credit or debit card if they receive notification for charges connected with the car at a later date. These charges may be from toll roads or parking tickets that you obtained while using the vehicle. 

How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Zipcar Membership

Canceling online accounts is not typically part of the duties of the executor of the estate, but every situation is different. Family members who wish to be thorough with their loved one’s digital afterlife may choose to close accounts such as this. 

In most cases, as soon as the credit or debit card connected with the account is canceled, there may be no need to contact the company to let them know that the account holder has died. There may be an exception to this rule if there is a credit on the account or you are requesting a refund for services that your loved one did not receive. 

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Step 1: Contact Zipcar’s customer care.

Unfortunately, Zipcar tries to force users to log in to their accounts before getting access to their customer care department. If you are canceling the account of a deceased family member, you may not have their login information that would enable you to do this. 

Instead, try calling Zipcar’s customer service number at 866-494-7227.

Also, unfortunately, there is nothing in the fine print of Zipcar’s contract that gives the family members of the deceased information on obtaining a refund on behalf of their loved ones. Hopefully, your interaction with the customer service representative over the phone will help you close your loved one’s account.

Cancelling Zipcar: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions to ask regarding your Zipcar account? Let’s see if we can help. 

Does it cost anything to cancel a Zipcar membership?

It doesn’t cost anything to cancel a Zipcar membership, but you should be aware that you won’t be refunded any of your membership fees either. However, if your account is less than 30 days old, you may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund. 

What happens after you cancel a Zipcar membership?

You will immediately lose access to Zipcars as soon as the membership is canceled. The additional drivers on your account will also lose access to the Zipcar fleet. 

If you would rather, you can simply remove drivers from the account instead of closing it entirely. 

Your Loved One’s Digital Afterlife

There’s a lot to do after someone dies. High on your list is planning the end-of-life services, contacting your loved one’s employer, and canceling debit and credit cards. After all the necessary tasks are completed, you may consider taking care of your loved one’s digital afterlife.

Talk with other family members about what they wish to do with your loved one’s social media and email accounts. If you have access to your family member’s cloud accounts, try to determine what you would like to access before those accounts disappear. 

Finally, you may want to contact companies you know your loved one had an account with, such as Zipcar. To find a list of such businesses, consult your loved one’s credit card or debit card statements. 


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