How to Permanently Close a Starbucks Account: Step-By-Step


There are so many accounts and subscriptions we use on a daily or weekly basis. We might not realize how vital they are to our lifestyles and when it comes time to end a service it can be a very touchy subject. It can be a big step to decide whether to end a membership or not. We begin memberships because they are useful at one point in time, but eventually, you may have decided that they’re no longer beneficial.

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Likewise, closing accounts for any relevant subscriptions can be difficult, especially for a loved one that has died. Having to manage the steps that follow death may feel stressful or demanding. Knowing what to do when someone dies is vital here, like which steps are next and what needs to be done.

Chief among those steps is closing any accounts that a loved one may have opened. So whether it is for you or a loved one, there is a Starbucks account that you’re looking to close down. This article will help you understand how to permanently close it.

How to Close Your Own Starbucks Account

Ending your own Starbucks account is very similar to the steps you’ll have to take for the account of a loved one.

People close accounts and end subscriptions every day for multiple reasons. Maybe you’re moving, changing a pattern, changing your eating habits, or simplifying your expenses. A customer service representative will be available to help you with this. You also can find information on the official Starbucks website. This may help to clear any confusion and answer questions you may have regarding this topic.

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Step 1: Open the Starbucks app

The Starbucks Rewards program allows you to rack up stars every time you purchase anything from the store. Eventually, you can gain discounts and rewards like free drinks, food, and snacks. The Starbucks Rewards program also has a smartphone app that allows you to purchase drinks and food through your account. If you have it on your phone, make sure to open the app and tap on the “person icon,” which gives you access to your account information.

Step 2: Check your account balance

You might have a card connected to your account to load it up, or use a gift card. Take a moment to make sure you’re ready to end your account, including any balance or stars that are connected. According to Starbucks, you will not get any rewards or stars refunded to you, so make sure that you are willing to give those up.

However, any money that has been preloaded to your account will be refunded via check.

Step 3: Delete your account

Within the app, you can scroll down while in your account settings to delete your account. The option is the last one listed in the section labeled “Help & Policies.” Once you have selected the option, a new message will show up with a button below saying “request account deletion.”

Step 4: Fill out deletion form

Once you have tapped on the button, a form will pop up with required information to fill out. If you do not have any money left in your account, all you need to provide is your name and email address. For those who wish to get any remaining funds reimbursed, you will need to provide your physical address in order for Starkbucks to mail you a check.

Once you have filled out the necessary information, tap on the submit button at the bottom. A final message will pop up asking you to check your email for a confirmation message regarding your account deletion. Check your inbox for a message from Starbucks Customer Service and tap or select the “confirm email” button.

After that, you are all done.

How to Close a Deceased Loved One’s Starbucks Account

Some people have the added responsibility of being executors of their loved one’s will. If this is something that you are taking on, it is important to know all of the executor’s duties before taking on this responsibility. This includes handling their estate through managing their debts, legal documents, updating creditors, and distributing assets.

One such possibility may include the deletion of any relevant accounts they have opened, including your loved one’s Starbucks account. You may need some personal information about your loved one. Also, you may want to be prepared to explain the situation with the customer service representative about why it is that you’re closing the account. Don’t be afraid to be upfront or honest about your circumstances.

You might need to provide your loved one’s password, however, if you don’t have it, Starbucks customer service should still be able to help. If they used a password manager, you can access it by either logging in online with their information or accessing it on their phone/computer.

Step 1: Understand your options

If you have their information handy, you can delete your loved one’s account through the Starbucks app by following the same steps above. Just make sure that you check the balance to receive any reimbursements for money loaded onto their account.

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Optional: Call, email, or chat with customer service

In the event you can’t delete their account, you can reach out to customer service and ask them to delete your loved one’s account. If you choose to call them, the main Starbucks line is 800-782-7282. You can also chat with them online through the Starbucks Help website. They ask you to fill out a form, select a help category, and state your question before launching the chat.

Lastly, you can also fill out a form on their Help website and send a message to start an email correspondence with Starbucks customer service.

With all these options, you may want to have the following information handy:

  • Account holder’s name
  • Email address
  • Birthday
  • Phone number

You might be required to provide them with a death certificate. If you are the executor of your loved one’s will, it is important to know how to get a death certificate.

Once you delete their account, their information will become unavailable to Starbucks.

Closing A Starbucks Account Indefinitely

We use subscriptions and accounts like Starbucks so often, it can be a huge transition to cancel an account. Especially, if you or your loved one made use of it on a daily or weekly basis. We build habits and routines in our day-to-day life and when someone close to us dies, their schedules also go with them. It may be time to cancel accounts for the deceased to stop notifications, billing, and potentially fraudulent activity. 

It can be hard to embrace this change but canceling an account should be a simple process. Make sure to check your available resources like articles and FAQs, in addition to calling the Starbucks customer service line.

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