How to Permanently Delete a Blendr Account


Are you looking to delete your Blendr profile? Or maybe you have lost a loved one who has a Blendr account that needs to be deleted. Although deleting your profile may not be the toughest task to complete on your to-do list, it may be important to get it done quickly. This can prevent further notifications from coming to your profile and will remove any personal information off of their site. 

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Blendr is a free dating app to use, however they do offer credits and premium accounts to become more visible to others around you. They match you up with people around your location with similar interests. You can edit your location and profile details as much as you want. You or your loved one may have a Blendr profile that you’re looking to delete; if so, keep scrolling to learn more.

How to Delete Your Own Blendr Account

Maybe you’re deleting your Blendr account because it’s not as useful as you’d thought or it isn’t as compatible with your lifestyle as you’d hoped. Keep reading to learn how to delete your account. You can additionally find support by reaching out to customer service with a help request. There are more frequently asked questions and articles on the Blendr website. 

Blendr is a dating site to meet new people and friends. They help connect you with people in your area and give you a platform to chat with them. The site was made to be as intuitive as possible and it offers users lots of information on how to use the site best. Once you sign up, they ask that you add a nice selfie and share a few words about yourself to connect with other users.

Users spend most of their time in the “Encounters” section, where they vote on other members. If they find a match here they begin chatting with them. They have a nearby section as well, where users can search for different users in their region or city. Head to their website to learn more about the app. Follow the below steps to delete your Blendr account.

Step 1: Head to their website 

Your Blendr account can be deleted by first heading over to your specific account details. The Blendr site allows members flexible memberships, therefore you can delete them whenever. To begin your changes, go online to

Step 2: Log in to your Blendr account

Once you’ve made it to Blendr’s website, log in to your account. It may be connected to your Facebook page.

Step 3: Go to settings

After logging into your account, head over to your settings page. 

The settings will include information like your location, profile details, about section, and more. This is where you’ll cancel your account. 

Step 4: Delete your Blendr profile

Next, click to delete your profile to delete your account. 

Step 5: Verify your action to delete

They’ll have you confirm the decision to delete your Blendr profile. Lastly, click delete and you’re done. 

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Request To delete your profile

If you’re still having problems managing this, another way is to put in a request to the Blendr help page. In your request, they’ll want you to choose a subject that your problems fall under. This can be the “report a technical issue” option.

Other options include: ask a general question, help with payment, report safety concerns, or request your data. Try to be as specific as possible. You’ll also need to provide your name and correct email address.

Once your profile is deleted, you will no longer be able to access it. You can go on your phone to the Blendr mobile app to complete this as well. You can request to receive a confirmation email once your profile has been deleted. 

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Blendr Account

This section will help you if your loved one has a Blendr profile that you’re looking to delete. Below are the few steps needed to delete your loved one’s Blendr account. Once you delete their profile, it will no longer be active under their app. This will stop any further communication and remove their information from the site. 

Step 1: Follow the steps above

If you have access to your loved one’s password, deleting their account is simple. Just like the steps listed above, you can go to the Blendr website to check out your loved one’s profile and make any necessary edits. You can see when they joined and if there are any important messages or alerts. You can also access more information about your loved one’s account by going to the Blendr website or putting in a help request.

Step 2: Contact Blendr’s customer service 

If you need additional assistance to delete your loved one’s profile, you can reach out to Blendr’s customer service support by putting in a request. You’ll need to provide your loved one’s name and email so that the customer service representative can better support you. You can also reach out to them via Facebook or Twitter for help. 

If you don’t have their password, check to see if they kept a password manager. Your loved one may have a password manager in their office or on their phone. You won’t need to provide Blendr with any serious documents, such as a death certificate.

However, you may need one for other tasks on your executor duty list. It’s simple to learn more about getting a death certificate for yourself or the deceased, which are just a few of the things you might need to do when someone you love dies

Frequently Asked Questions: Deleting a Blendr Account

Although your account might’ve been beneficial at some point, now you’re ready to delete it. You might still have a few lingering questions or confusion on the topic. Below are some frequently asked questions about deleting your or your loved one’s Blendr profile.

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Is there a fee charged when profiles are deleted?

If you have a free account, there will be no fee. If you have a premium account, once you cancel you will no longer be charged. You can learn more on their website about any specific inquiries related to cancellation charges. Make sure to reach out to them with any further questions about cancellations.

Can I temporarily deactivate my Blendr account?

You cannot temporarily delete your page. However, you can create a new account if you’ve deleted your account previously. Within 28 days of deleting your profile, you will receive a confirmation email from Blendr with a reactivation link. If you use the link, you’ll be able to sign back into your profile. If it’s been longer than 28 days, you’ll need to make a new profile. 

How long does it take for a profile to delete?

After deleting your profile, the change is processed immediately. Any notifications like friend requests or messages from others will stop the moment you cancel. 

Permanently Deleting A Blendr Account

Whether you’re deleting an account for yourself or a deceased one, hopefully, this helps. Managing tasks like this only takes a few steps. Once you’ve decided to delete the account, it can be done on the Blendr site. If the account is premium, acting quickly can help prevent any further charges.

A useful tip is to check out all available information from Blendr. Visit all the resources on the program’s website for more information.

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