How to Permanently Delete a Christian Mingle Account


Christian Mingle is a popular online dating site and app that serves to help people with strong Christian values find romantic partners who share their beliefs. Perhaps you’ve turned to this service to find love.

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Maybe you’ve been successful and thus no longer have use for Christian Mingle. Or, you might simply feel the service isn’t as helpful as you expected. It’s also possible a loved one or close friend with a Christian Mingle account has passed on, and managing their various digital accounts is among your executor duties.

These are all potential reasons you may want to know how to delete a Christian Mingle account. Keep reading to learn more. Whether you’re deleting your own Christian Mingle account or the account of someone who has died, this guide will help.

How to Delete Your Personal Christian Mingle Account

Deleting your personal Christian Mingle account is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is follow these steps:

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Step 1: Go to your profile

Start deleting your Christian Mingle account by logging into your account and visiting your profile page.

Step 2: Click on your photo

Next, click on your Profile Photo. You can find this in the top right corner of your profile page.

Step 3: Choose “Profile Display Settings”

Choose “Profile Display Settings” from the list of options. After you’ve done so, click “Permanently Delete Profile.”

Step 4: Confirm

Christian Mingle will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete your profile. Confirm that you do, and the process is complete!

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How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Christian Mingle Account

Knowing what to do when someone dies can be challenging depending on the nature of your responsibilities in the aftermath of their passing. For example, you may be responsible for managing their digital accounts, such as a Christian Mingle account.

There are a number of potential ways to delete someone’s Christian Mingle account after they die. Options include the following:

Option 1: Follow the steps above

Sometimes, two people who are close share login information for certain accounts with one another. They may do so if they want someone to easily delete their accounts should they pass away.

Usually, two people who share this type of information are romantic partners. It’s not likely someone whose accounts you’re managing shared their Christian Mingle login info with you before their passing. If they were looking for a romantic partner with a dating service, they probably weren’t close enough with anyone to entrust them with such information. People tend to reserve that level of trust for romantic partners and spouses.

However, your circumstances may be unique. If you do have the Christian Mingle login information of the deceased, you can delete their account easily by following the same steps you would follow when deleting your own account.

Option 2: Get their email

If someone trusted you to handle their digital accounts after their passing, they may have at least provided you with their email login info. Or, as executor of their estate, you might have been able to acquire this information from their email provider.

You can use this information to delete their Christian Mingle account. Just go to the sign in page for an account. As with all such pages, there will be a “forgot my password” link you can click on to get a new password.

Click on it, enter the email address of the deceased, and check their inbox. You’ll find an email with a new password. Use it to access and delete their account.

(Tip: To keep track of passwords, use a password manager tool.)

It’s also worth noting that Christian Mingle allows users to link their Apple and Facebook accounts with their Christian Mingle accounts. On the login page, you’ll find the option to sign in with Apple or Facebook.

The deceased may have used this method of signing in often. Try these options. If they are still currently signed in to one of those accounts, you may use this method to access their account and complete the deletion process.

Option 3: Contact Christian Mingle support

You always have the option of sending a message to Christian Mingle’s support department if all else fails. Prepare ahead of time by gathering documentation showing that the deceased has passed away and that you have the authority to delete their account. For more information on this subject, read our guide on how to get a death certificate.

It’s also helpful if you have any documents showing the deceased would have wanted their account deleted, such as a will. That said, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have this type of documentation. As long as you can prove the deceased has passed away, Christian Mingle’s support team will generally help you remove their account. They understand there is no reason for a profile to remain on the platform when the person who used it has died.

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FAQs: Deleting a Christian Mingle Account

Do you still have some questions about deleting a Christian Mingle account? The following may address them.

How can you hide your profile on Christian Mingle?

You might not wish to delete your profile permanently. Maybe you simply want to hide it when searching for matches or browsing. Is this possible?

Yes and no. You can “hide” your profile to a degree by making it so that others will not know you’ve looked at their profiles until you contact them to let them know. However, they will still be able to see your profile when browsing or searching.

To make it so that others can’t see whether your profile has visited theirs, access your Profile Display Settings the same way you would if you were preparing to delete your account. You’ll find a number of boxes you can check and uncheck to determine how the platform will display your profile. Check the appropriate boxes based on how visible you wish your profile to be.

If you’re using the Christian Mingle app, you can access Profile Display Settings by first clicking the three horizontal bars at the top of the menu. The process is basically the same from there.

Can you delete a Christian Mingle account on an iPhone?

The instructions in the section on deleting your own Christian Mingle account explain how to delete a Christian Mingle account using a desktop computer. The process is only slightly different if you’re using a smartphone or similar mobile device.

On a mobile device, the process is as follows:

  • Click on the three bars at the top of the menu
  • Tap “Profile Display Settings”
  • Tap “Permanently Delete Profile”
  • Confirm you wish to delete your profile

The process for deleting your Christian Mingle account via an iPhone is essentially the same as it would be using any other mobile device. The interface may be slightly different, but the overall steps are the same.

What happens when you delete your Christian Mingle account?

It’s important to know what will happen when you delete your Christian Mingle account before choosing to do so permanently. You don’t want to delete your account until you’re confident you understand how this will affect your presence on Christian Mingle.

You always have the option of creating a new Christian Mingle account in the future if you wish to do so. However, after deleting your old profile, you will not have access to any of its information. This includes photos, information about matches, and messages.

Christian Mingle’s team highly recommends saving any information from your profile that you may wish to access in the future before deleting it. They will not be able to restore your profile once the deletion is complete. Again, you can start a new profile, but you’ll essentially be “starting over from scratch” when you do so.

How to Delete a Christian Mingle Account

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to know how to delete a Christian Mingle account, the process isn’t too time-consuming or confusing. You might have to reach out to Christian Mingle directly to delete the account of someone who passed away, but they will help when this is necessary.

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