How to Delete a Classmates Account: 3 Steps


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Classmates has been a site that creates nostalgia and helps people relive their grade school and high school memories. You can spend time chatting about the good old days as well as hearing about how everyone’s lives have changed. 

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But, you might decide that you want to delete your Classmates account. Letting accounts go dormant without deleting them can put you at risk, which can be frustrating to resolve later on. Similarly, if you’re working to resolve a loved one’s estate and managing their digital assets after death, you may want to delete their account to tie up loose ends.

Here’s how to delete a Classmates account and how to move forward.

How to Permanently Delete Your Own Account

Quick note: You can skip the first step if you’re a free Classmates member and go right on to the second step.

Tip: Ensure that your digital assets are taken care of according to your wishes by making a will. You can easily create one from home with an online will maker like Trust & Will.

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1. Cancel any paid subscriptions

To delete your subscription, sign in and click the gear icon on the main log-in page and select “Account.” 

When you click “Account and Billing” under “Account,” you’ll need to re-type your password. Under Account Information, you’ll see an option to “Turn off automatic renewal.” Click this and confirming will end your subscription. 

Your previous “Next Billing Date” will adjust to the date you switched to a free subscription.

2. Go to the “Remove Member” page

When you have a free account, visit the “Remove Member” page, where you’ll request the removal of your registration. 

Classmates will confirm which account you’re deleting, as well as letting you tell them why you want to delete your account.

3. Follow the dialogues to remove registration

Once you’ve shared your reasons for leaving, Classmates will ask if you want to remove registration. You’ll need to confirm this in order to delete the account. 

At this point, your account should be ready for deletion or immediately removed.

How to Delete a Account for Someone That Died

Your loved one may have wanted their online presence removed or digital subscriptions canceled after their death. Here’s how to honor their wishes.

Tip: You can continue a loved one's digital legacy with a virtual memorial on a platform like GatheringUs. They even have specialists who can guide and support you through the planning process.

1. Start by informing classmates

The site offers a help request page, where they direct people looking to remove, update, or memorialize a deceased loved one’s account.

If you’re looking to permanently delete their account, you’ll want to specifically request that the account be shut down. Otherwise, they may simply update your loved one’s profile to show that they died.

2. Keep an eye on the account doesn’t have the greatest customer service reputation. So, you’ll need to keep an eye on the account after you request deletion. You can periodically try to log in and monitor your email to make sure the account is permanently closed.

If you don’t see progress, you can contact the service representatives to see what is happening. The more information about your loved one’s account that you have on hand, the better. This second inquiry may require a completely new conversation if they lost or missed your first request. Just be patient and carefully monitor the account until it is deleted.

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Classmates Account Deletion FAQs

If you only used for a brief time, you may be fairly unfamiliar with its inner workings. If your loved one used the site, and you are new to entirely, even logging in may be new for you. Here are some FAQs that will guide you through any tricky terminology or sign-in concerns that you might have.

How do you delete it if you don’t remember your sign-in information?

First, try the password recovery tool to see if you still receive that password link at your current email. You can also check older emails to see if perhaps one of those was your chosen email, where you’ll receive messages about 

If you still cannot recover your sign-in information, contact at their help form and explain your needs; with some alternative verification, you should be able to close your account.

What’s the difference between permanently deleting and deactivating?

Deactivating may refer to ending a paid subscription, though that isn't the term the site uses. Deleting may refer to what refers to as “removing your registration," which is the most permanent closure of the account. 

If you have to choose between these two options, if you deactivate an account, it often can be re-activated. Aim for permanent deletion or registration removal if you truly do not want to return to the site.

If you're deleting someone else's account after they've passed, it's a good idea to delete it outright. This protects their information in the future. For more help with next steps, follow our post-loss checklist.

How do I delete photos or payment methods?

Photos and albums should have a trash can icon or a “Delete” button on or near them, which will allow you to remove them from your page. For deleting payment methods, you’ll click on the gear icon again, then “Account”, and “Account & Billing.”

You’ll see a section for “Billing Information,” and that is where you add, change, or delete payment methods.

Closing Down did get a reputation for a convoluted deletion process, but they have responded with new procedures. This process may still take time, but it should be possible to initiate and resolve your request. If you are feeling fatigued while deleting someone else’s old digital accounts, you may want to also get your own digital assets sorted out. 

These assets will be more useful to you now and more organized in the future if you employ a password manager. You can also consider the option to start end-of-life planning. While it may seem a long way off, having this information at your fingertips can be helpful. Getting your account shut down is just the beginning, and you can start today.

If you're looking for more strategies and tips to help you clear out your digital accounts, check out our guides on how to find out what websites you have accounts with, how to erase your digital presence, and more about your digital legacy.


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