How to Delete a DeviantArt Account: Step-By-Step


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Whether you’re looking to commission original drawings of a character you’ve designed or want to support friends in a community of online artists, DeviantArt provides a platform for sharing of alternative, avant-garde, and otherwise imaginative artwork.

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DeviantArt is more than a platform for selling art. It’s got community-driven forums and messaging, which lets artists support each other and make new friends.

If you’ve decided that DeviantArt is no longer the space for you, the website makes it easy to take a break briefly or to remove your account entirely. With the right information, you can also request to delete an account belonging to a loved one who has passed away. They may have expressed that they wanted their profile removed if they died, and you can follow up on that desire.  

How to Permanently Delete Your DeviantArt Account

Deleting your DeviantArt account is not difficult, but you’ll want to pay attention to the steps to make sure you successfully remove your account without accidentally reactivating it.

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Understanding DeviantArt’s deactivation

DeviantArt’s definition of deactivation is to first make your account inaccessible, both to you and to anyone you interacted with on the site. All your on-site information, including journals and deviations, becomes invisible to other users. After 21 days, your art, journals, and information are scheduled for deletion. 

Your portfolio is also deleted, but old comments you’ve made will remain with your username greyed out and not clickable. So if your worry was about a comment you wanted to delete, you’re better off deleting it manually before you deactivate your account. 

Also important to consider is that, if you wanted to ‘free up’ an email address to create a new account, you’ll have a 21 day wait before a new account can be created with that same email. This might be food for thought, depending on the reason you want to delete your account. 

If all of this sounds good to you, you can move forward quickly.

Visit DeviantArt’s account deactivation page

DeviantArt explains that, if you want to delete your account, you can visit this page, sign in, and make your request. They’ll confirm what you want, but the process is very quick overall, and you’ll have your account deactivated in no time. 

Avoid reactivation during the 2-21 day window

Once your account is deactivated, you’re technically ‘done’ with the process. The biggest hurdle after that is a very specific window, the 48 hours to 21 days after deletion when you can reactivate your account. 

DeviantArt wants users to have the chance to change their minds, but if you do change your mind and reactivate your account, you’d have to re-start the 21-day clock again to finish deleting your information. The best path is to wait to start deleting your account until you’re sure that you’re ready to leave your DeviantArt account. 

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How to Permanently Delete a DeviantArt Account for Someone Who’s Died

If you have a loved one who was a gifted artist or who loved looking through the pictures and artwork around the DeviantArt community, they may have left you instructions for deleting their DeviantArt account.

Removing accounts after someone dies is a useful part of preserving their digital legacy. This is an important step in our recommended post-loss checklist, so don't overlook these smaller accounts. While it can be very difficult to delete a DeviantArt account without a username and password, you can at least submit a request and see what the help center staff say.

If you have the user info, use the process outlined above

Ideally, your friend or relative will have a password manager or another way to share important usernames and passwords with someone close to them.

That person can then note which accounts they wished to have closed upon their death. If you’re the person they trusted with this information, you can use that provided information to deactivate the account quickly and easily.

If you only have a username, submit a help request through the site

If, like many people, you only have your friend or relative’s username, you can submit a help request through the DeviantArt site. You may have to create an account just to make this request, given the fact that the site’s contact support page requires a log-in. At that point, you can request an account be deactivated by providing evidence that your loved one has passed away.

Be aware that DeviantArt doesn’t promise access to or the ability to delete the accounts of deceased relatives. Their website specifically mentions that they don’t give access to inactive accounts.

All that being said, it’s worth making the request, especially if you prefer that your family member’s art isn’t accessible via DeviantArt now that they’ve died.  

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DeviantArt Deletion FAQs

If you’re still confused about removing your DeviantArt account from the internet, here are some questions and answers that might clear things up.

What’s the difference between deactivation and permanently deleting my DeviantArt account?

DeviantArt only offers the option to deactivate your account, but after 21 days of not reactivating it, your account is permanently deleted.

How do you delete art on DeviantArt?

In your DeviantArt account, go to ‘view’ the artwork you want to delete and click the delete button on the side that pops up. It’ll check to see if you’re sure, but then it will allow you to delete immediately.

How do you delete comments on DeviantArt?

Comments on your items can be removed. You just click the ‘three dots’ icon by the comment and then click delete. You can do this for comments you make as well.

Consider Your Own Digital Legacy

When deleting any accounts online, it's important to consider how this plays a role in your digital legacy. Your digital legacy is the sum of your accounts, profiles, photos, and digital art. What do you want to stay in cyberspace when your time has come? All of this adds up to your digital legacy. 

You can stay in control of your digital legacy by creating a will. For a quick and easy solution, Trust & Will lets you make a legal will online in minutes. Otherwise, you can consult with an estate attorney about how to protect your digital legacy in your own will. 

Planning your digital legacy eases the burden on your loved ones when you die. This makes it easy for them to follow your wishes and so on. Having access to your DeviantArt (or other accounts) could be useful for planning a funeral, whether you choose a virtual funeral with GatheringUs or a traditional memorial service. 

Moving on From DeviantArt

Many people will eventually choose to use different websites, or they’ll lighten their digital footprint by deleting themselves from the internet altogether. Regardless of why you want to remove your DeviantArt account, you’ll find that deactivating your account is surprisingly simple and worth it. 

Deleting accounts can put you in the mindset of preparing for the future as you organize your information and prevent potential identity theft. Want to keep working on getting your affairs in order, even if it may be a long time before you need that information? Cake offers easy to use end-of-life planning tools to help you feel secure in the future you’re creating.

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