How to Delete a Rockstar Social Club Account: Step-by-Step


For gamers of all ages, a social club such as Rockstar takes the gaming experience and makes it even better. Not only can you connect with fellow gamers, but you can also share in-game experiences, link up to play together, track achievements, and more.

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After you’re finished and you’re ready to move on from the gaming world, however, it doesn’t pay to have your information sitting on the web waiting for a clever hacker. When you’re ready, take the time to delete unused accounts and keep your information safe.

How to Delete Your Own Rockstar Account

Deleting a Rockstar Social Club account is simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.

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Step 1: Understand what deletion means

Deleting your Rockstar Social Club account is “final and irreversible” according to Rockstar’s support page. That means, once completed, there is no undo button. If you want to sign up for a Rockstar account again, you’ll be starting from square one and a brand new, fresh account.

When you delete a Rockstar account, you don’t just remove the ability to log in. You also:

  • Lose all activation codes, keys, and access for Rockstar Games PC titles and downloadable content you’ve purchased.
  • Lose access to unused activation keys and downloadable content codes associated with the deleted account.
  • Lose access to Story Mode and Online Mode for all PC titles associated with your account.
  • Delete your level and stats for all Rockstar Games.
  • Lose access to Social Club friends and Crew memberships.

There is a lot at stake when you delete your Rockstar Social Club account, so be sure you’re ready to take this step. If you have ongoing friendships and crew memberships in the gaming world, you’ll lose access to those players and all games you’re engaged in together. 

If you’re a high-level player, it could be a good idea to notify your gaming friends and the members of your crew that you’re shutting your account down.

Step 2: Log in to your Rockstar account

To do anything with your account, you have to be logged in. This means entering your associated email address and the password you set up, plus any two-factor authentication steps you opted to use.

Step 3: Navigate to the support page

Once logged in, navigate to the main support page. On the bottom right, you’ll see a button labeled “Delete Account and Information.” Click this button.

Step 4: Submit a support ticket

You’ll be directed to a page with a blank support ticket. Fill this out by entering your email address and username associated with the account. State that you wish to have your account deleted and that you have read the terms and conditions relevant to account deletion.

After you’ve filled out the form, click the “Submit” button at the bottom and wait for an answer.

Step 5: Reply to the verification email

After you submit a support ticket requesting account deletion, you’ll receive a verification email sent to the email address on file with Rockstar Games.

The email might request that you provide identifying information such as your sign-up date, two-factor authentication code, or billing address on file. Reply with the information needed.

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Step 6: Check for deletion verification

Once satisfied, Rockstar customer service will send one final email verifying that your deletion request has been approved.

Note: It can take up to 30 days for your request to be fulfilled. Simply keep an eye on your email during this time and respond promptly to any requests for information from Rockstar Support. 

If you can’t log in

We get it. Passwords get lost, emails get changed, and life happens. So, what if you can’t log in? For that, you’ll need to contact customer support by calling 866-922-8694. A customer service representative will try to help locate your account using other information, but there are no guarantees.

How to Delete a Deceased Loved One’s Rockstar Account

Deleting a deceased loved one’s account requires a few extra steps to ensure the process goes smoothly. If you have their account information and you can sign in, you can request deletion via the method mentioned above. If you can’t sign in, you’ll need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Collect account information

Before you contact customer support, you’ll need to gather as much information about your loved one’s account as possible. This includes:

  • Their password
  • The associated email address
  • The billing address associated with the account
  • The credit card associate with the account
  • An invoice number

You’ll also need to get a death certificate copy and proof of your relationship or executorship. These documents provide Rockstar Games with proof of your loved one’s death and your legal right to request account deletion. 

When someone dies, their death certificate and your proof of relationship or executorship will be needed to close other accounts such as bank accounts. It’s a good idea to request multiple copies and obtain them before beginning your executor duties.

If you have trouble finding specific Rockstar account information, check archived emails for invoices or their password manager. These are popular places where people store things like correspondence, billing notifications, and account passwords.

Step 2: Contact customer support

You have two ways to contact customer support: by phone or by email. Either way, the process is largely the same. The benefit of calling is that you’ll complete the account deletion process faster than if you have to wait for customer support to respond to your emails.

By phone

To contact Rockstar by phone, call their support line at 866-922-8694. Once on the phone, tell the agent that you need to close a deceased relative’s account. They’ll help locate the account by requesting verification information. 

If they can successfully locate the account, they’ll ask that you email copies of your loved one’s death certificate and proof of your relationship to

Once they receive your email and attachments, they’ll complete the request for account deletion.

By email

To start the process via email, email them at In your email, state that you need to close your deceased loved one’s account. Include as much of their account information as you found. Finally, attach copies of their death certificate and your proof of relationship or executorship.

Wait for a follow-up email from the support team. They might request further documentation or ask verification questions if not enough information was provided.

Once the support team verifies your loved one’s account, they’ll process the deletion request. 

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Step 3: Check for the verification email

An email verifying account deletion will be sent to the email address you contacted them from as well as your loved one’s email address on file. Keep this email for proof of deletion and store it with papers dealing with your loved one’s estate.

Frequently Asked Questions: Deleting a Rockstar Account

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about deleting a Rockstar Social Club account.

Can you delete a Rockstar account from your phone?

As long as you have a working web browser, you can delete a Rockstar account from your phone. Simply open up a mobile web browser, navigate to Rockstar Support, and submit a request to delete your account.

What happens after you delete your Rockstar account?

As mentioned in detail above, when you delete your Rockstar account, all game activations, stats, friends, and memberships will be deleted. This action is final and irreversible, so you can’t ask them two days later to reactivate your account.

Do you need your password to delete a Rockstar account?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. If you want to delete the account via a support ticket, then you’ll need your password and email to log in. Without logging in, you can’t submit a support ticket.

To delete your account by contacting customer support, you may not need your password. You will need identifying information for your account, however. This includes items such as the associated email, your username, and other related information such as a billing address, two-factor authentication code, or credit card on file.

Game Over for Online Accounts

When it’s time to delete online accounts for yourself or a deceased loved one, make sure you have as much information on hand as possible. Providing account details will help the process to go faster and ensure swift account deletion. With Rockstar, as long as you have all the necessary info, the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

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