How to Delete Your Walgreens Account: Step-By-Step


Like everyone else, you’re probably reading this because it’s time to cancel a subscription or delete an account. You may be doing this for yourself or maybe a loved one has passed away and this is one of the tasks you will handle on their behalf. It’s pretty usual for someone to have to handle this when their loved one dies

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Handling tasks like canceling accounts is called your executor duties when you do them for the deceased. An executor may also be responsible for organizing the deceased’s expenses, personal accounts, and finances. 

Deleting or adjusting annual or monthly accounts usually only takes a few easy steps. You can avoid being unnecessarily charged for accounts that aren’t active by managing the account before the next approaching billing date (whether you have a weekly, monthly, or annually paid subscription). This can also help to prevent any notifications or further unwanted communication from whichever brand, business, or company your account is with. 

If you or your loved one have a Walgreens account that you’re looking to permanently delete, keep reading forward to learn more. 

How to Delete Your Own Walgreens Account

Maybe you’re looking to cancel your Walgreens account. Maybe you’re simplifying your monthly spending, or you’re no longer interested in shopping at Walgreens. Whatever the situation may be, the steps below will show you how to delete your myWalgreens account. You can also discover more information and get supplemental help by heading over to Walgreen’s help center.

myWalgreens is a way for shoppers to enjoy a personalized experience that makes shopping and saving easier. It gains you access to contactless checkouts, discounted prices, cash rewards, pick-up service, environmental and health forecasts. If you’re ready to delete your Walgreens account, follow the steps below. 

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Step 1: Contact customer service 

Make sure to check your account first by navigating to your Walgreen’s account page, which is on their website. Heading there will also explain the perks of this account. Once you’re ready to cancel your account, reach out to customer service by phone or email. 

Step 2: Call customer service

To process your request, you’ll have to reach out to Walgreen’s customer service. You can call them at 1-877-250-5823. Once you’re connected to someone put in a request to cancel your account.

Step 3: Email customer service

Alternatively, you can process your request by emailing Walgreen’s customer service at Make sure to include a detailed subject line, like “Request Account Deletion” and detail your request in the email. Make sure to provide them with your account details.

You can also reset your account by going to the payments and settings page on the Walgreens website.

Get additional support

Make sure that when requesting to have a representative assist you with the account changes that you bring any questions you may have. You’ll want to provide them with any details, including your account identification, unique username, and/or password. They will support you in navigating your way through Walgreen’s deactivation process.

Once your myWalgreen’s account is canceled you can always come back to it. You can request to receive an email confirmation with the change, to the account email you provided them with.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s Walgreens Account

This section will help you if your deceased loved one has a Walgreen’s account that you’re looking to end on their behalf. Below are the few steps and options to delete your loved one’s account. Once you cancel their Walgreen’s account, it will no longer be functioning. This change to their account will process immediately. 

Step 1: Follow the same steps above

If you know your loved one’s password, you’re in luck. Just follow the steps listed above. 

Step 2: Find more assistance through Walgreens

If you don’t have access to the deceased’s account password, check to see if they own a password manager that holds this information. Your loved one may have created one on their phone or in account documents. 

If you don’t have access to your loved one’s password, you can call Walgreens customer service. They will ask that you provide them with the deceased’s account information like their email and other account data. You won’t need to supply them with a death certificate for this matter.

If you need a copy of your loved one’s death certificate, it’s easy to learn about getting your loved one's death certificate. Having a duplicate record of your loved one’s death certificate is never a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions: Delete A Walgreens Account

You may have created a myWalgreens account because it offered great perks and benefits. Walgreens, like other pharmacies, offers environmental forecasts, bonus rewards, and other programs. Keep scrolling to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your myWalgreens account.

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Will a cancellation fee be charged when I end my Walgreens account?

In most cases, you won’t be charged if your account is canceled before your next billing period. It’s always safe to make sure to keep your account updated before to avoid any additional charges. Fortunately, Walgreens doesn’t charge for this service, so you won’t be charged regardless.

You can discover more about any additional inquiries on Walgreen’s website. Visit them online to find solutions to any other issues you may have.

Will I be charged for pausing my account?

You can use your myWalgreens account as much, or as little, as needed. You won’t be charged for pausing or canceling it. 

How soon will myWalgreens account be canceled?

After updating your Walgreen’s account, the change will be processed immediately. You can always restart your account or create a new one.

Deleting A Walgreens Account Indefinitely 

Whether you’re deleting your account or your loved ones, managing these tasks efficiently can give more of your time back to focus elsewhere once handled properly. Deleting annual subscriptions and accounts can be beneficial and simple.

Once you decide that the account isn’t beneficial to you or your loved one anymore, it’s important to pause, cancel, or completely delete it. You can avoid any unnecessary alerts, fraudulent activity, or already scheduled charges from being sent to you by keeping up-to-date with your Walgreens account. 

Hopefully, this article supports you in deleting your or your loved one’s Walgreens account. You can find more on end-of-life support or check out helpful information on our website.

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