21 Quick Ways You Can Make Someone’s Day Better


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Wouldn’t the world be an amazing place if everyone asked themselves how they could make just one person’s day? Maybe a friend is struggling with a breakup or a co-worker is stressed out. Maybe you simply want to let a family member know you appreciate him.

Small Gifts to Make Someone's Day Better

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So, how to make someone’s day? The best way to make someone’s day varies depending on the situation and the nature of your relationship. The ideas listed here will help you decide the perfect way to cheer someone up in a variety of circumstances.

How You Can Brighten a Friend’s Day

Friends help us get through life. That means they deserve some recognition. To show your love, consider one of these ideas:

1. Thank them for something specific and genuine.

People like to feel appreciated. You could easily make a friend’s day better by genuinely thanking them for something they’ve done for you.

Maybe they supported you during a tough time or maybe they organized a fun activity you and your other friends enjoyed. Saying “thank you for being there” may be enough to make a friend feel loved.

2. Help with a basic life task.

Instead of asking “how can I help?” offer to handle a specific task. Simply offering to bring your friend dinner could make his or her day much brighter.

3. Do something positive and productive together.

You might want to make a friend’s day because he or she is currently struggling. Help your friend stay positive by joining in on a healthy activity he or she might otherwise avoid.

For example, encourage your friend to go for a walk with you. It’ll remind your friend that you care and also give you plenty of time to chat.

4. Send a gift for no reason.

An incredibly easy but effective way to cheer up a friend is to send him or her a gift simply because you saw it and thought your friend would like it.

5. Ask if you can call to check up.

If you’re not sure how to console someone or offer get well wishes, consider texting your friend to ask if you can call. Your friend will be happy to know they’re in your thoughts.

Depending on the situation, offering to run errands, drop off a meal, or help plan a virtual funeral with a service like GatheringUs will likely be much appreciated as well.

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How You Can Make a Co-Worker’s Day Better

Work is often stressful or intimidating. Luckily, you can cheer up a co-worker who needs some reassurance in these key ways:

6. Thank your co-worker for something others overlooked.

Regardless of the specific nature of a job, many people feel others don’t fully appreciate or recognize their hard work. Thank a co-worker for contributions that others have failed to mention.

7. Tell a story of a much worse mistake you made.

A co-worker might be having a bad day because of a mistake. Help your co-worker overcome anxiety by explaining a much worse mistake you made at work.

Offer evidence that he or she isn’t the only person capable of messing up.

8. Ask for your co-worker’s advice regarding a work task.

Some employees struggle with feelings of incompetence. They might worry they’re not actually cut out for the job. Do you suspect that one of your co-workers struggles with such feelings? Ask him or her for advice on one of your own work tasks.

The fact that you’re turning to your co-worker for advice offers a confidence boost.

9. Let a co-worker know you’ve had similar experiences with your boss.

Is a co-worker feeling down because of an unpleasant interaction with your boss? You may want to avoid gossiping about your supervisor, but if your boss has a tendency to be difficult at times, tell stories about similar experiences others have had. Your co-worker may realize the interaction is typical.

10. Buy a new co-worker lunch.

This is a simple but effective way to help a new hire feel more comfortable as a member of the team.

Take your new co-worker out to lunch, pay for it yourself, and consider inviting other coworkers to make introductions.

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How You Can Make a Family Member Smile

Family members may be the most important people in your life. It makes sense that you may want to put a smile on a family member’s face from time to time. Consider doing so in these ways.

11. Insist on handling one of their daily chores.

Each family member must do his or her part to support one another. Over time, families can stop showing appreciation for the contributions every member makes.

Remind a family member you appreciate him or her by taking over a chore he or she is usually responsible for.

12. Buy flowers.

Surprise a family member with flowers — it’s a great way to remind a loved one that you care.

13. Call for no reason.

This is the type of gesture you might consider if you want to cheer up a family member you no longer live with.

For example, you could easily make your parents’ day by giving them a call for no other reason than to say you love them.

14. Give them a day off.

Sometimes one family member may have more responsibilities than other members, at least for a brief period of time.

Maybe a family member just started a challenging new job and is struggling to adapt and attend to daily chores. Help make life easier by asking for anything he or she needs, whether it’s a special meal, time to themselves, or something else.

15. Ask specific questions about their day.

Many family members talk about their days together. However, you’re more likely to boost a family member if you remember to ask specific questions. These can range from unpleasant experiences to his or her best day ever.

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How You Can Make a Someone’s Day from Far Away

You may not always have the option of being with someone when you want to brighten that person’s day. That’s okay, because we have modern tools! Consider these ideas.

16. Send a postcard or e-card.

Sending a postcard has long been one of the simplest ways to let people know you’re thinking about them.

Now, you can send an e-card if you want them to receive your message right away!

17. Ask to video chat.

Ask your friend or loved one if he or she is up for a video chat call. It’s a great way to still hear a friend or loved one’s voice and see his or her facial expressions.                   

18. Post about your friend or loved one on social media.

“Tag” someone to brighten his or her day. It’s easy — just post an old photo of a happy memory with a friend on Facebook or Instagram, tag your friend and make a quick comment about what the memory means to you.

19. Send a surprise ‘reasons I miss you’ email.

A surprise email can have a big impact on someone’s day. A friend or family member may be far away, so send an impromptu email about what you miss about your friend or family member, and what you can’t wait to do together again.

20. Ask to do something fun online.

Someone you know may be going through a difficult time and may enjoy a distracting activity. Suggest online or remote options, such as playing a mobile game together.

21. Send a care package.

Family members or friends sometimes say, “I don’t know” when you ask how you can help them through a tough time. Send a surprise care package — it’s a great way to show you love them. 

Make Someone’s Day

Making someone’s day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Can you think of other ways to make someone feel amazing?

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